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    Breast Cancer Awareness

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    #TeamChaplain:  Rev. E. Jean Jones, Minister LaShanda Lewis, Nancy Smith, Minister Patrina Smalls and Minister Crystal Bates

    Rev. E. Jean Jones recaps today's broadcast and discussion of #TeamChaplain on the effects and the impact of breast cancer on the family and community. Breast Cancer is the 2nd leading cause to death for women.  Nancy shares three steps to living a quality life after being diagnosed with cancer. 

    Crystal shares update about Ebola… Rev. Jesse Jackson and the family of Thomas Duncan holds a press conference asking the community and the medical team to show compassion, send prayers and provide fair medical treatment for Thomas Duncan. 

    The #TeamChaplain Challenge for Wednesday is to workout at least 4x between now and next Wednesday.  Patrina challenges the team to post their workout photo on the #TeamChaplain facebook page. 

    Join us next week as we discuss Domestic Violence and how it impacts the children led by LaShanda Lewis.

    To stay connected to #TeamChaplain on our twitter, facebook and instagram visit our webpage on www.kgcmradio.com


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    Join us for The Community on Cancer Awareness Cause For The Cure hosted by Barbara Forrest and OPWR as we bring consciousness to this disease through educational resources and paying particular attention to our bodies. We will be joined by those in the oncology department to walk us through the process of diagnosis, treatments, and the follow ups of Breast Cancer. We will also hear from survivors and those who are currently going through treatments as well as those from our previous programs to see where they are today with everything. Call in and share as well by Pressing 1 and to show your love and support by uplifting those who are in the battle. Let's stand together in this fight for the cure. Together we can make a difference. Also join me as I celebrate 5 yrs of bring Cancer Free; Thank you Jesus!!! Invite a friend or a family member. We will see you there One Positive Way




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    Breast Cancer Awareness; Surviving the Fight!

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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women. About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point. The good news is that many women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a chance to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Make a difference! Spread the word about mammograms and encourage communities, organizations, families, and individuals to get involved.

    Join Nakikia MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show with special guests Pam Wilson of Knightdale, NC and Tiffany Saunders of Charlotte, NC. Hear each woman’s journey as they share how they fought to survive and win against Breast Cancer. Learn how you too can help fight against the disease and restore the lives of those who are fighting to survive.

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    Sister to Sister Breast Cancer Awareness

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    Join the #TeamChaplainShow: E. Jean Jones, Patrina Small, Nancy Smith, LaShanda Lewis and Crystal Bates.  Our focus is to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. We will also bring awareness to other diseases, disabilities and birth defects.  We will celebrate those who have lived with the disease and or disability and provide resource information to those who are needing support.  Email our team to participate in the discussion.  Visit our website for more information www.kgcmradio.com or www.endamedia.com.  For services and support visit www.opmconnect.com.

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    Modani Shine's Light on Breast Cancer Awareness

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    My guest today recently hosted an Event in Atlanta Georgia on October 29, 2014 to promote a pink carpet event to honor October's Breast Cancer Awareness The event featured wine tasting, hor d' oeuvres, design consultations & special appearances. A silent auction and donation collections occured during the event.  The money raised was given to the Sisters Network Inc. Breast Cancer survivors whom many spoke about their courageous battle in hopes of raising a consciousness about this disease.Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Modani to the platform. You may visit her business website at www.modani.com. She will discuss with us how she became an advocate supporter for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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    Breast Cancer Awareness - "I'm A SURVIVOR"

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    Join Dr. "J" in the studio with her special guests: Mr. & Mrs. Keith Collins - CEO's and founders of Families Who Support Breast Cancer Survivors.  Mrs. Collins will be discussing the importance of having a Caregiver and why it made a difference in battling Breast Cancer. 

    In the 2nd hour of the show, Dr. "J" will be joined in the studio with Lita P. Ward - Breast Cancer survivor and author of her new book entitled "The Little Girl With the Want To!

    New music and more!


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    It’s October, otherwise known as “Pinktober”. As we enter Brest Cancer Awareness Month, join us as we welcome our friends Dr. Angela Wall (Communications Director)  and Annie Sartor (Policy and Campaign Coordinator) from Brest Cancer Action, a national, feminist grassroots education and advocacy organization fighting to achieve health justice for all women at risk of and living with breast cancer. Survivor Spotlight on Seporah Raizer. 

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    Evolution with Charmaine "Breast Cancer Awareness Month"

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    Please join me on Evolution with Charmaine Monday October 13th @ 8 pm.

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will have real talk about Battling Breast Cancer. My Guest Erica made the decision to be BOLD, BRAVE & COURAGEOUS and share her journey of beating BREAST CANCER!!!


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    DoSomething.org runs hundreds of national cause campaigns to help young people make a tangible impact in their community. Any cause. Anytime. Anywhere. Join us a we welcome Mike Fantini(Head of Product) to discuss DoSomething's Give a Spit About Cancer campaign. An initiative that helps young people run cheek swabbing drives to get people in their community get signed up for the national bone marrow registry. Survivor Spotlight on Michael Saperstein. 


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    It's September which means it's cancer awareness month for pretty much everything except breast cancer. Childhood Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer, Leukemia and Lymphoma, Ovarian, Prostate and Thyroid Cancers all share the spotlight Join us tonight as we welcome young adult cervical cancer survivor Tamika Felder (CEO, Cervivor) and young adult ovarian survivor Lauren Horn (LCSW) to share their stories. Survivor spotlight on Marianne Stephan.

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    The Truth About National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month, just past, thankfully, was created is owned and controlled by- Astra Zeneca, a pharmaceutical company. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a very successful marketing ploy for the Cancer-Pharmaceutical industry. Today on this episode of the Holistic Healing Hour, you will learn the truth about this money making campaign that produces profits for the cancer industry instead of cures for breast cancer sufferers.

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