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    A Trust Betrayed: The Untold Story of Camp Lejeune

    in Military

    If you have friends or family in the military, this is one segment you will not want to miss! Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to journalist and author, Mike Magner, about his best-selling book, A Trust Betrayed: The Untold Story of Camp Lejeune and the Poisoning of Generations of Marines and Their Families. Mike Magner is managing editor at National Journal, a highly respected print and online publication for Washington insiders, and is the author of Poisoned Legacy: The Human Cost of BP's Rise to Power, published by St. Martin's Press in 2011. He has been a journalist for 37 years, including 15 years in the Washington Bureau for Newhouse Newspapers, five years with the Natural Resources News Service and five years at the National Journal.Today’s show is brought to you by LiquidWeb.com the most reliable hosting provider with  24/7 heroic support!  Listeners of today’s show will receive one hundred dollars credit towards Storm Servers, which includes Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated hosting or you can try LiquidWeb’s shared hosting for free for one month by using the coupon code: “orgview”. Please visit LiquidWeb.com and make sure you tell them that you found out about them on the show! If you are not receiving our most recent interviews, please re-subscribe to our new Official RSS feed on iTunes, Youtube or you can visit our podcast archives at www.theorganicview.com. All Rights Reserved.    

    Do you like FREE stuff? Tune in to The Organic View Radio Show, Monday through Friday @6pm Eastern and visit our contest section at www.theorganicview.com/contests to win one of our monthly prizes!


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    Episode 55 Action Fitness Camp Licensing Program

    in Fitness

    In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of starting your own business, buying a franchise, or getting into a licensing system.

    The costs (upfront plus ongoing)

    Done for you vs. doing it yourself

    The Easiest Way To Start Your Own Profitable And Unique Fitness Business Without Going Deep Into Debt Or Going Crazy… Guaranteed!


    Action Fitness Camp, the ONLY business licensing plug-n-play system designed to integrate into the three hottest revenue generating segments of the fitness industry: Boot Camps, CrossFit, and Athletic Training.



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    Episode 52 Real Life Boot Camp Business Examples

    in Fitness

    Do you want to know what it is like to own your own fitness studio? Or maybe you want your own stand-alone boot camp location and run a successful personal training business.

    In this episode Georgette goes inside her business to give you examples of how she runs a successful boot camp and personal training business with real world wisdom.

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    Women CAMP

    in Motivation

    Dr. Charlene and I will discuss how to handle rejection.

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    Women CAMP

    in Prayer

    Women CAMP Prayer Call

    Submit your prayer request for Dr. Charlene and I to pray concerning.

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    Women CAMP- Join the conversation! "Thankful pt. 2"

    in Motivation

    Join the conversation!  We are continuing our discussion of being "Thankful."  There are many songs that have been written that reflect our appreciation and gratefulness to God for who He is and what He has done.  What is it like to live a life of thankfulness?  A life where we are ever conscience of what a blessing it is to be living.  You may not have it better than the next person, but you also many not have it worst than them either.  God wants us to live our lives to the fullest.  Time to start that journey.

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    "Runnin off at the Mouth" with Mental Supreme former CEO of Training Camp

    in Radio

    On this episode of #ROATM host Nafeesha Pasha (Flawless darapchick) & Co-host Desmond Maurice Carter (DMC) interview former CEO and host of "Training Camp"in NYC, Mental Supreme, as he discusses his upcoming seminar "Create the life you dream about". 

    Call in to 646 478 4069 at 9pm or log on to mixtapefights.com to join in the show.

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    Episode 53 Testimonials and Social Proof

    in Fitness

    Get client referrals to explode your fitness business marketing and grow your boot camp with testimonials. Social proof is the key to your peresonal training marketing system.

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    in Sports

    Dr. Michael Camp joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss the latest on the fighters he works with and to get his thoughts on some high profile injuries in the last month.First we get Camp's thoughts on Danny Gonzalez and Anthony Karperis' fights last week and conditioning plans going forward.Then we go over Chris Algieri's next fight which will be December 5 at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn against Eric Bone.We also get Mike's thoughts on Prichard Colon's injury and The New York Met's shortstop Ruben Tejada's broken lower leg and Cespedes' shoulder soreness and how it is affecting his performance in The World Series.

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    Episode 54 Rick Streb from fitphysiqueonline.com

    in Fitness

    "My name is Rick Streb and for the past 27 years my life has revolved around getting people in the best shape of their lives. I've been a champion amateur bodybuilder, winning the Mr. Missouri title at the young age of 45. I've personally coached over 100 amateur and professional bodybuilders and figure competitors with zero ever finishing out of the Top 5 in their competitions.

    I've also built a tremendously successful boutique training business serving women ages 35-55, helping over 500 ladies look and feel better than they ever thought possible.

    Along the way I've developed a variety of proprietary systems to build effective fat loss nutrition into my clients’ programs in 5 different formats to ensure that I could maximize their results and my income no matter how busy my schedule was or what type of client I was working with at the time.

    Now, for the first time ever I'm releasing my 5 unique nutrition profit centers in ready-to-use format, complete with all the components and tools you need to immediately implement them into your own business and start getting your clients even better results and putting more income in your pocket."

    The free gift...


    For the product launch...


    My facility website...


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    STL Guest will be Marti & Michael Parry and Douglas M. Carnahan

    in Paranormal

    "Stranger Than Life" will enter the minds of the best within the paranormal community.  On November 21, 2015, from 7pm-9pm, our guest will be Marti & Michael Parry and Douglas M. Carnahan. 

    Marti and Michael Parry This unique husband and wife team are amazing as they combine the mediumistic abilities of Michael with the rare abilities of psychic artistry of his wife Marti.  Michael is able to make a connection with relatives and friends that have passed over to the other side. Equally astounding is the artistic talents of Marti, who has the uncanny ability to draw friends and loved ones that have passed away without ever having seen them!  http://www.spiritart.com/index.html

    Douglas M. Carnahan Director and Lead Investigator of NorCal Paranormal Investigations (NPI) Douglas is a renowned paranormal investigator, with over 28 plus years in the field. In the 1980’s Douglas in his home was attacked by an unseen force the attacks came from nowhere and soon escalated from pushing, punching, slapping, to scratching and even biting and choked by an unseen intruder. The more Douglas combated the entity the more violent the encounters became. This profound experience launched Douglas head first into the field of the paranormal. http://www.npiencounterstv.com/home 

    Douglas has a new exciting event coming up in February 2016, Yuma Prison located in Yuma AZ. http://www.yumaprisonparacon.com