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    QUESTIONS FROM THE MARKETPLACE: "Hath God Said?" - 8/22/15

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    Questions From The Marketplace - "HATH GOD SAID" - 8/22/15


    Out of all the religions in the world today, what makes you think yours is the true one?
    What's your definition of God? Why is this concept hard for religious folks to comprehend?
    Is it true that because they share prophets that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are sister religions?
    Does it matter whose name you are baptized in to be saved, whether the Trinity or the Apostolic way?
    How can you accept that God is sovereign but still say that we can create our own faith for salvation?
    Doesn't the Arminian concept of free will contradict the sovereignty of God?
    Is it true that because they share prophets that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are sister religions?
    What proof do we have for God creating Heaven and earth and man in His image Where does evolution fit?
    Jesus or Yeshua who is the Messiah?
    So if I dream something and it comes to pass does that make me a prophet?
    Who committed the 1st sin, devil, Eve, Adam?
    Doesn't Job 3:25 prove that he brought calamity down on himself and his family by being in fear?

  • Truth Be Told Radio

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    Truth Be Told Radio is a conservative Christian radio show that features teaching and preaching from a biblical perspective.Truth Be Told Radio is also a variety show with a unique blend of special guests, humor, critiques,sermons, clips, news, and satire. 

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    Soldiers of Jesus Christ

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    “Endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” —2 Timothy 2:3-4

    On Friday, August 7th, 2015 at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, Pastor James Brown Jr. will be interviewing Dr. Sonny Hernandez. You can listen live or to the archived podcast following the program.

    We will be discussing the RP15 Conference, Christian theology and the battle for the freedom to worship God according to the Scriptures.  Dr. Hernandez is a pastor at Sovereign Grace Baptist Church and a Chaplain in the United States Air Force and holds the rank of Captain.

    You will not want to miss this program as a Marine and an Airman unite to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ against the gates of hell.

    Please visit us online at www.reformedholytrinity.org

    For more information about RP15, please go to www.reformedconference.com

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    Conditional Or Unconditional

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    In order to get a full understanding if ones savation is conditional or unconditional we first must establish if God is a God of condition. One clear and honest read through the Word of God one will find many conditons given by God to His creation. For example, in the Garden of Eden we read the first condtion given to man "And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowldge of good and evil,thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surley die." {Gen.2:16-17} The garden was a free gift from God to His creation {Man} Adam did nothing to deserve this perfect paridise fo God, but there was something he had to do to remain in the paridse of God - OBEY. Please Join brothers Todd and James this week for this in depth serious on the "Lie of the ages".

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    The Magnum Opus of the Reformation: Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation; P4

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    About six months after Luther posted his 95 Theses on the front doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, he presented his doctrinal disputation to the Augustinian Order in Heidelberg, Germany. This is a timeless document that laid the foundation for Protestant doctrine and its primary principles have never been altered. This document is the very roots of the Protestant tree. The Reformed tradition has never strayed from its major tenets. To understand the Heidelberg Disputation is to understand all of the Reformed tradition.

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    Balance Arminianism Calvinism? by Colin Anderson

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    On this episode of Remnantx Radio we will be airing a show entitled, "Balance Arminianism Calvinism". Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com and send us a friend request on fb @RemnantXRadio ThePride!

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    Ancient Faith for Modern Times: An Examination of the Reformed Resurgence

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    Why are people all over the world awakening to what's commonly called the Doctrines of Grace? What is Reformed Theology and why is it important to understand it? These and many other questions will be explored on this episode

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    The Magnum Opus of the Reformation: Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation; P5

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    Connecting the Dots: Tullian Tchividjian and Luther’s Theologian of the Cross  

    The Reformed community will hardly shed a tear in regard to the recent demise of Tullian Tchividjian. A consummate theologian of the cross in accordance with Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, his lack of nuance drove other Reformed leaders to distraction.

    Tchividjian is the premier example of the authentic Reformed gospel applied in our day. His life and teachings will be compared to what we have learned thus far from the foundational doctrinal statement of the Reformation.

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    TULIP Series: Irresistible Grace

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    Episode 74 TULIP Series: Irresistible Grace w/guests Hearts for the Lost members Scotty Logue & David Martin

    Welcome to G220 Radio! Thank you for joining the program tonight here on the show we discuss many different topics and issues from a biblical worldview. Our purpose is to equipt, edify, and encourage the saints to be more and more like Jesus Christ!

    Upcoming Conferences & Events

    1) Jersey Fire http://strivingforeternity.org/event/jersey-fire-2015/

    2) SFOI http://sfoi.org/

    TULIP Series: Irresistible Grace w/guests Scotty Logue & David Martin from  http://heartsforthelost.com/

    Irresistible Grace (or efficacious grace) is a doctrine in Christian theology particularly associated with Calvinism which teaches that the saving grace of God is effectually applied to those whom he has determined to save (the elect), whereby in God's timing, he overcomes their resistance to the call of the gospel and irresistibly brings them to a saving

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    Let Us Reason Together

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    America is collapsing right before our eyes.  She has never been perfect but there is a night and day difference from what she was to what she has become.  Our fall continues to escalate every day and we are now at the breaking point.

    Then, to top it off, last week a psychotic lone gunman entered a historic black church and killed nine people who were peacefully gathered for Bible study.  While the gunman is an obvious psychopath, it has set off a chain of events that continues to push us toward civil unrest.

    During a time when we ought to be mourning the tragic and murderous deaths of nine of our countrymen, we are engaged in political discourse hoping to slow down the efforts of those who desire to put the final nail in the coffin.

    Although it is argued that we should back off from engaging in the cultural battles that have erupted, we really have no choice but to respond to the offensive attacks against our religious and civil liberties.  We are against the ropes and it appears we are going down for the count.

    Yet, it does not have to be this way.  Instead of allowing our enemies to tear us apart, it is time to come together.  If this is ever to happen, it can only begin if we are all willing to confess and turn from our sins with a willingness to engage in open discussion so that we might be unified in the faith and against those who seek to destroy the people of God.

    In this episode of Standing Firm, we will begin this conversation within the context of the Reformed church.  It is our hope that others will join us so that we might unite in truth and go forth united in truth to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

    Standing Firm is a ministry of Covenant Commission under the direction of Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity.

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    Paul David Tripp’s “How People Change” An Overview and Evaluation: Part 2

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    In 2003, The Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (CCEF) elicited cooperation with a number of churches to test a counseling curriculum that would change the identity of the biblical counseling movement which was 30 years old at that time. A book written by New Calvinist Paul David Tripp titled "How People Change" emerged from that pilot program. The book is a definitive statement on how authentic Calvinism is applied to formal church counseling. The host will begin with a  history in part one, and then in part two will explain the primary themes of each chapter, and then will conclude with explaining the sources of those themes and how they are applied to biblical counseling.