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  • 01:36

    Pt. 3 of 3 - Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf - The Prophecy of The Eight Thunders

    in Religion

    Prerecorded from 7/2005. No calls please.

    The Eight Thunders: Retrospective 3

    Special Tribute to Ghost Dance Chief Robert Ghost Wolf:

    1947 to 12/21/2005 - Walked West (passed away) exactly 7 years before the end of the Mayan Calendar... after a thunderclap under a cloudless sky at his daughter's home in the Bay Area.

  • 01:03

    MLK beyond the dream

    in Culture

    how does civil rights affect us?

    Who were we before our situation(slavery)?

    What laws should aply?

    Are we our own people?

    14th and 13th amendment negro laws

    treaty of murakush and treaty of 1866 and what really happened

  • 01:59

    The Game of Life (Plans & Strategies)

    in Christianity

    Two weeks ago we started this series titled "The Game of Life". First we talked about the "Grand Prize". Although there are constellation prizes along the way in any game, there is always an ulitmate, grand prize. As CHRISTians our GRAND PRIZE isn't just heaven, but PARADISE.

    Last week we discussed "Rules & Regulations", because before you play any game you have to know how to play the game.

    Today we are finishing this series with "Plans & Strategies" to teach you how to be victorious and triumphant in the so called Game of Life.

  • 01:28

    The World gon cray cray -- WHAT'S WRONG !!!!!

    in Entertainment

    I don't watch the news because it's depressing but when I do - PEOPLE GONE CRAY --- WHAT'S THE CRAZIEST NEWS YOU HAVE HARD ---- WE GOIN CRAY CRAY --- CALM WITH YOUR STORIES AND LETS GET IT IN !!!!!

  • 02:02

    Guerrilla Radio with American Spring

    in Current Events


    Schools in Missouri are being used as skeleton keys into the homes of families across the state.  This is apparent in Lebanon, as the Lagares case clearly demonstrates.  Tonight, we will be joined by Dennis and his wife, Ginger, where we will discuss the second chapter in the Lagares horror story: 'The Skeleton Key', before its release.  Join us as we look at a determined campaign to terminate a father's parental rights, crafted by the law firm of Mickes, Goldman and O'Toole...

    PLUS: Saying goodbye to a friend....I hope you will join me as I share a final beer with a man I was lucky to know, Joe Quirk.

    Call in and join the conversation.



  • 01:01

    99 Yards and Holding

    in Lifestyle

    You break for a long run down the football field of life, your heart is racing as you see the endzone in sight. You have eluded several tackles, you are determined to score when out of nowhere a tackle slips by, you are hit hard and you are stopped before you can score. You have run for 99 yards and you are holding at the 1 yard line. Well today, Let's Talk Truth will be joined by renowned author Bryan Light and his beautiful wife Ronni who have experienced "Holding" at the 1 yard line and with their leadership roles with the Gateway Church in Midlothian, Texas have gained the knowledge and wisdom to show others how to get into the endzone. Join in by dialing 323-580-5712 on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 7:30 pm (cst)

  • 01:29

    Talk 2 the @SingleDatingDiv!

    in Relationships

    I'm joined by Suzie, the author of an award-winning blog of the Single Dating Diva!  Her blog has won "Best Overall Dating Blog" two years in a row and she was voted one of the "Top 10 Best Women's Dating Experts."

    Suzie and I will discuss a few topics in regards to relationships and mix it up with the Show Legends:

    Just how quickly/often should a woman give out her phone number to someone new?
    How long do you wait for a 1st date to show before assuming you've been stood up?
    When do you bring someone home to meet the family?

    These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    "Some things just need to be said."



  • 01:00

    Trunews January 21, 2014

    in News

    Michael Walker, a messianic Jew and senior pastor of Denver’s Church in the City, shares his fascinating testimony before speaking with Gregg Jackson on a variety of topics including America’s entrance into a post-Christian era, end times prophecy, and the absolute necessity for obedience in what Michael calls the “Radical Righteous Remnant."

  • 02:04

    Just The Debs! Psychic Mediums & Healers Show (Guest Annie Radzus)

    in Spirituality

    Hosts, Psychic Medium Debra Hookey and Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, Debbie Del Rio debut Just The Debs this week on The Life Oasis Empowerment Radio Network.  Call in every week to get readings from the Debs and to listen to different topics.

    This week, the Debs welcome Akashic Records Channel and Spiritual Medium Annie Radzus.  Listen in for another fun week!

    About The Akashic Records

    The Akashic Records hold the divine blueprint of our perfection and all the lifetimes we have journeyed through, the experiences, the love, the struggles, the blocks, the lessons, knowledge, the gifts and talents that your soul has accumulated over a vast and endless experiences on this earth. The Akashic Records are more than souls' past though,They contain the spiritual wisdom to live fully with love, in the present.

    Connect with your own soul's individual journey. This interactive spiritual resource provides guidance and helps you understand life's lessons and your unique spiritual journey. Each soul has particular experiences it wishes to have in life, and many times relationships, jobs, etc., come about to facilitate the soul's learning. Now while we are humans incarnate, we may have forgotten the agreements we set up before coming into "Earth school", hence the confusion that may arise. The readings help you see and understand the purpose of your experiences and assist you in clarity.


  • 00:28

    "I Feel Empty and Unfulfilled. Something is Missing in My Life"

    in Spirituality

    We look to people to fulfill us and we look to food to fill the emptiness. Find out how to reconnect to your own inner ground of good and rediscover peace of mind and confidence.

    Never before have people had it so good, had so much help, and so many labor-saving devices. Yet people feel unhappy, unfulfilled and unloved. What is missing? Listen to Roland talk about the solution. Don't miss Roland's down-to-earth spiritual and emotional wellness clues based on two decades of experience. Dr. Roland has been helping people for 25 years and is the author of 17 books. His newest book is Food Issues - a Spiritual Odyssey.

  • 01:09

    Clare Kramer & Lombardo Boyar - Stars of Creature Feature BIG ASS SPIDER!

    in Paranormal

    In BIG ASS SPIDER! -- now out on DVD and Blu-ray, and on demand -- a failed military experiment results in a 100-foot giant spider rampaging across the city of Los Angeles. When everything else fails, a military unit (RAY WISE and CLARE KRAMER) enlists the help of a clever exterminator (GREG GRUNBERG) and his Hispanic security guard sidekick (LOMBARDO BOYAR) to kill the creature before the entire city is destroyed. It's a Shaun of The Dead-meets-Tremors horror-monster-comedy,

    Clare Kramer is an award-winning actress best known for her portrayal of Glory on classic TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Early credits include Bring it On, The Rules of Attraction, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and House.

    Current projects include the drama Endure opposite Tom Arnold and Devon Sawa, and Road to Hell, the loosely adapted prequel to Streets of Fire.

    Behind the camera, Clare’s production company Defiance Entertainment co-produced the award-winning documentary Tyson, which received accolades at the Cannes Film Festival. In June 2012 Clare launched GeekNation.com, an online television network offering a one-stop-shop for all things pop culture. GeekNation is housed in a 5,000 square foot sound stage in Los Angeles where all content is generated and has a monthly outreach of over 1,000,000 viewers.

    In addition to running the site, Clare’s Five by Five podcast can be heard every Monday.

    Lombardo Boyar is a Mexican American character actor best known for his roles on The Bernie Mac Show, Over There, and most recently as Chico on The Joe Schmo Show. He stars in two features this year, The Scourge, and of course, BIG ASS SPIDER! His favorite role now is fatherhood.

  • 00:59

    DREAM Time with Carole J Toms ND - The Dream Specialist

    in Dreams

    Would you like to understand the meanings of your dreams? What your dreams mean will be explained during these broadcasts.

    Today I chat with Sarah Duffy, a 19 year old student, studying to become a Beauty Therapist. With Sarah we analyse several of her dreams and talk about how she uses prophetic dreams to assist her in her life. This will interest the younger audience as well as avid dreams. You will all learn something of value.

    If you have dreams you would like me to help you understand, please connect with me at: info@thedreamspecialist.com and I'll share them (with your agreement) on an upcoming program.

    You can visit me at www.thedreamspecialist.com

    For the best information on interpreting your dreams buy my book ‘How To Interpret Your Dreams: Knowing Your Dream Meanings’ available on my website, and do your own dream analysis.

    ‘You are FAR GREATER than you imagine. Be INSPIRED to EVOLVE and CONNECT to YOUR GREATNESS!’