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    Awesome Special Guest: Callie Wright of the Gaytheist Manifesto

    in Religion

    At ReasonCon, I was teamed up with an incredibly awesome partner for Skep-ardy.  Callie Wright is an amazing, wonderful, awesome leader of the LGBT rights movement AND the atheist movement.  To know Callie is to love Callie.  She is just so awesome.

    This is Part One of my interview with Callie.  She was kind enough to talk about being trans with me in the honest, frank, and kind manner for which she is so revered.  You cannot miss this!!

    I won't take calls, but this show will not spare the awesomeness.

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    2015 in Review. Women Speaking Out. Justice for Jahan King. Bill Cosby Shamed

    in Radio

    Michael Carrington; Disbarred and other attorneys in the spotlight; Champion Realtors and the scamming of clients; CAHILL and other Canadian businesses (DELTRO SOLAR) and suspect business people making Barbados (Sandy Lane/Apes Hill Golf Club/Royal West Moreland) their home and a place of business (money laundering).  

    Peter Harris of CGI/Bayview Hospital/Barbados Today/Health Smart Pharmacy/Coverly Medical, etc.:  Is he good for Barbados?  Is the government being blackmailed into doing business with Harris?

    Women Speaking Out about abuse.  Another woman (Cally "Callie" Ann Gill) murdered in Barbados.  Seven children without parents.  

    Unsolved murders:  Justice for Jahan King, Shemar Weekes and all others who died without justice.

    Bill Cosby Shamed:  What can we learn from Bill Cosby and Black American legacy.  Can Barbadians learn from this scandal?

    Rawle Maycock, Sheri Veronica, Patricia Hinds, Alex Mitchell, etc.

    Naked Departure, the Trilogy Series

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    Double Trouble is Twice the Fun

    in Books

    Tonight we will be chatting with Callie Norse, author of The Carrington Series.

    Callie was born and raised in a small town in Northern Illinois and continues to reside close by with her husband. As a child, she would rather read than anything. She walked to the town library often to return her allotted number of books and check out more for the next weeks. She loved reading mysteries. She hadn't considered writing until her eighth-grade teacher required the students to write short stories. This teacher, Edna Johnson, was such an inspiration to her writing, that she dedicated the last book of her series to her.? ?Using one of her short stories as a plot basis, she wrote her first novel, For the Love of Lisa, published September 2010. 

    We are looking forward to spending the evening with Callie while we get to know her better

    Join us for the fun by calling (646) 668-2716.

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    Randy King http://christoutreachoklahoma.com/

    in Christianity

    Both Randy and Callie were born into dysfunctional families living our life’s with an awareness of God but mired in demonic lifestyles of rejection which included inherited masonic curses,drugs,alcohol,fights ,abuse, sexual sin, multiple divorces, etc,etc. A true trail of tears. Around the last part of 1999 the Lord saved Randy and set him on the glorious path of sanctification as he began to walk out his salvation with fear and trembling. Baptism of the Holy Spirit came in June of 2000 opened up the scriptures to a greater understanding Introduced to the concept of deliverance through Cleansing Streams Ministries where for the first time in his life the power of Yahweh was seen working with God’s people to deliver God’s people. From that point forward Randy had it in his heart to see Yeshua Ha Mashiach Jesus be glorified as the enemy is defeated and the captive set free.Callie spent years in torment and drug abuse. She had gone to Church and asked for help over and over but to no avail. No avail because most of God’s people have been blinded by the enemy to the truth from the Word of God in Mark that believers would do the following: Mar 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils they shall speak with new tongues. Sent by the Grace of God to a place of deliverance and to someone with understanding  her healing and deliverance process began in 2003. The Lord set her free from crack cocaine, pill addictions and a lifestyle of abuse. The doctors said she had Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Ankylosing Spondylitis. Doctor Jesus said healed. After repentance and forgiveness towards God, self , others and demons being cast out she has been set free of these “incurable diseases” by the mercy, love and power of God Randy and Callie married in 2005 and began their life in grace as co-heirs to the goodness of God and freedom offered in Christ Jesus who is the Anointed One

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    Episode 2189 - Callie Richey

    in Christianity

    Episode 2189 - Callie Richey

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    The Transgender Question

    in Education

    SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR:  http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist

    What is "transgender?"  How is sexual identity determined?  What are the challenges and opportunites facing those who don't fit into established cultural definitions of gender?  What is this all about?

    In this broadcast, we get an education and have some frank and positive discussion on the issue.  Joining us is Stephanie Guttormson of the Richard Dawkins Foundation and Thinking Stephtically, YouTube activist Zinnia Jones, Callie Wright of the Gaytheist Manifesto podcast, and activist Danielle Muscato...all transgender individuals.

    GoFundMe page for the 19-year-old ex-cult member:  http://www.gofundme.com/7c23etf3

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    Gridiron Beauties Blitz Radio

    in Football

    Join @KeshisCuties Nkeshi Free talking Womens Gridiron & NFL Hot Topics with weekly Guests. This week @BaxFootballGuru Russell Baxter talking NFL 2015 & Callie Brownson @dcdivasfootball on winning WFA Title

    Dont Miss a Sunday! Co Hosts @patsfangirl12 & @fitforlyfe also giving insights on all things football..

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    Gridiron Blitz Radio

    in Football

     This week we talk Canada Womens scene w/ Mark Staffieri of CanadaFootballChat & DC Divas Standout Callie Brown talking WFA National Championship. Join Erica Lynn Anderson talking Womens Gridiron News and NFL Hot Topics wi/ Co Hosts Nkeshi Free and Eric Brown


    Dont Miss It Every Week Its Fun Times

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    The Tim and Corey Show

    in Radio

    We're Interviewing: Actress Diane Johnstone, Callie England (Owner/CEO of Rawxies.com), and Author S.L. Baker.


    So, Tune in, and Listen....

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    SMARTASSES RADIO: Callie Cosplay & Donna Henes

    in Comedy

    Nov 17, 2014 - with Guest: Callie Cosplay & Queen of Myself author Donna Henes

    Smartasses Radio - “Hot Chicks, Geek Culture and Unbridled Smartassery.” With your host, the creator of Smartasses Magazine, voice actor Johnny Video of Johnny Video Celebrity Voice Impersonations!

    Smartasses Radio airs every Monday night at 7 PM ET – 4PM PT, featuring cutting edge humor and an eclectic mix of guests. To interact with the hosts, follow @SmartassesNet on Twitter and use the hashtag #HailJackie.

    Smartasses Radio Archives


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    Chase Dudley, Director & Brentt Slabchuck Screen writer (Retribution Film)

    in Film

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Chase Dudley, Director & Brentt Slabchuck Screen writer
    They will be discusing the new Psychological Thriller Film, Retribution.


    Idealistic Louisville prosecutor Marissa Danvers makes a personal and heartfelt connection with Callie Hollins, a 15-year old girl who went years of sexual abuse at the hands of Mr. Monty, the owner of a group home for troubled teens. Promising she will deliver justice, Marissa takes Monty to trial, but loses hope in her crusade against a broken corrupt system. Five years later, she puts into motion a brutally violent plan for retribution, assembling Monty's now-grown victims on a mission of vengeance.

    If you would like to feature these guests on your show,
    Direct Media Inquires to: 
    Chase Dudley

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