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    Q&A with Gloria Calderon Kellett

    in Entertainment

    Gloria Calderon Kellett, writer for How I Met Your Mother, CBS' "Rules of Engagement", and ABC Studios'/Lifetime's upcoming "Devious Maids" stops by the AccessFilms podcast to talk with Ben Wiggins about becoming a writer, the lessons she's learned, the experiences she's had, and more!

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    The Calderon Legacy continues...with special guest Cinco Calderon

    in Radio

    Tune in for an exciting show with your hosts Lupita De La Paz, Gabidelle Monique and Abdias Ernest as we welcome Del Rio music icon Cinco Calderon from the legendary Memo's Restuarant featuring a live in-studio performance by Cinco's Combo. You don't want to miss this one!

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    'Kingdom Perspectives in Our Changing World'

    in Spirituality

    The LGBTQ Agenda & How It Affects Children  

    with Host Pearl Corbin and her guests, Viviana Hernandez & Myrna Calderon

    Tonight will be the second installment of what is now a three-part series.  This show will focus on how the LGBTQ agenda is very targeted on influencing and recruiting children, as young as kindergarten, in the LGBTQ way. Listeners to this broadcast will be informed on the rigorous and, sad to say, very effective way this blasphemous agenda has pushed its way right into the classroom and seeks to indoctrinate our boys and girls to experiment and question their God given gender.  Anyone who cares about their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or just children in general should listen to this special broadcast. The host, along with her two guests will also discuss positive ways you and I can resist this evil directed at our children, training and equipping them to stand their ground in the midst of this crooked and perverse environment.   Lord willing, on August 14th @ 7 PM, we would like to conclude this special series on Evang. Montell Fields' Reaching Out Radio with the LGBTQ agenda & How It Affects the Church


    Helpful Resources: 







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    Positively Dee for discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Social Networking

    The show tonight will be at 7:30 p.m. Pacific time not 7 p.m. Henry Jr Calderon and Donna Branom will be on the show discussing the children being taken away due to Henry's HIV status. Call in join the discussion and if you like to ask a question feel free. They can only discuss what they can due to still going to court. If you would like to ask a question and not able to, text me your question with your name and ill ask for you at 702-850-0542. If you would like to listen online register at www.blogtalkradio.com

     There are so many questions people have about HIV and sex and why some are afraid to have sex or even just date a person with HIV. If there's anyone that has any questions on this subject please inbox me to let me know you'll call in to be on the show tonight. And you can't say you don't have questions because everyone does. Get the knowledge about it at 7:30 pm. Educate yourself family and friends. Knowledge is power. 

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    Conexion y la comunidad-Angel Calderon ejemplo de Lider Napa, CA-Noticias y mas.

    in Business

    Una voz que te conecta sin limites"

    Bienvenidos a Conexio Contigo, el primer programa de radio en español completamente por internet en el Estado de Washington,un programa de radio Diferente,Dinamico, Divertido, Informativo y Educativo.

    - Noticias con Actitud en voz de Karina Gasperin.

    - Entrevista con Don Angel Calderon, un migrante con sentido, un lider de honor, un ejemplo en nuestra comunidad nos comparte de que todo sueno es posible," Migrantes ayudando a su gente aun con varios obstaculos"

    - Comentarios y mas.'

    Gracias por su sintonia

    Lupita Zamora






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    Entrevista a Luis Calderon integrante de la alegre agrupacion "LOS TRIBALEROZ"

    in Entrepreneur

    Quienes son "Los Tribaleroz"

    Un grupo de Jóvenes talentosos llenos de energía,  nuevo género, nuevo Look, y nueva música es lo que Los Tribaleroz brindan a sus fans. Una mezcla de música Tribal Guarachera y Cumbia . Adrian Lopez  demuestra su gran talento en los timbales y guiro. Hector Andrade “Dj The-E Producer” unos de los Dj’s mas jovenes y con exito en la union Americana. Edwin “El Gordito Sexy” Campos brinda la energia, y su talento en el guiro, y Tambora. Nestor “Xsizim” Benitez en los teclados con apenas 16 años de edad. Junto con ellos llega el talento detras de todo Luis "Mr. Lac" Calderón arreglista, productor, Cantante y percusionista de el grupo, se unen para crear lo que ahora es un éxito "LOS TRIBALEROZ".

    2012 fue un año muy especial y lleno de retos para Los Tribaleroz. Ese año ellos dieron a conocer su primer Disco titulado "Frontera a Frontera" bajo la disquera Discos El Papi y Paisa Music Inc. De esa joya musical se desprenden los sencillos titulados "Rabiosa" y "Que Calor" con cuales Los Tribaleroz cosecharon éxito. El cd Frontera a Frontera esta Disponibles en todos los formatos Itunes, Amazon, etc. y tiendas nacionales e internacionales como Walmart, best buy, etc. "Frontera a Frontera" Incluye canciones con Grupo Pesadilla, Grupo Maravilla, y mas artistas.



    Luis Calderon






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    Jedi Realist Radio Presents "May the 4th be with you"

    in Spirituality

    Who would have thought that a low budget film released in 1977 would create a culture all its own. Star Wars created by George Lucus took the world by storm creating one of the strongest brands that spawned 6 current movies, 2 tv shows, novels, comic books, role play games as well as a number video games. 


    Star Wars has impacted 3 generations so far and does not appear to be stopping any time soon. 


    On this special edition of Jedi Realist Radio we will be hosting a round table episode with a number of special hosts that gives May the 4th be with you a whole new meaning. So join the cast and crew of American Jedi for their celebration of this special day known as Global Star Wars Day. 


    On this episode we will be discussing what type of impact Star Wars has had on our lives, the American Jedi? project and this years upcoming Jedi Gathering in Indiana this August.  


    On this episode we will be joined by Gabriel Calderon?, Ross Greenberg?, Michael J Hannigan? and Laurent Malaquais?


    Make sure you listen live, join our online chat session or feel free to call in and speak with the members of this panel. 

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    Felipe Calderon considera INACEPTABLE compra de votos

    in News

    Eduardo Quezada en Vivo! Con Blog Talk radio atraves de la Internet con corresponsales en todo el mundo.
    Esta noche: Jose Antonio Buergo desde Hollywood
    Noticias de hoy Martes 10 Julio   - En Mexico se intensifica la inconformidad! - El presidente Calderon ya acepto.... - Mitt Romney Show me your papers - Secuestran a Lider de Grupo Musical "Patrulla 81" Escuchalo todos los dias de Lunes a Viernes a las 10:00pm hora del Pacifico.
    En tu SmartPhone, iPad, iPhone, Android o cualquier otro celular solo usa http://m.blogtalkradio.com/eduardoquezada

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    Join Us For Lunch With Jorge Calderon!

    in Music

    GRAMMY-winning musician, vocalist, songwriter and producer Jorge Calderon released two new songs this week, "Blue City" and "On Mardi Gras Day." Calderon spotlights original solo material for the first time since his 1976 album City Music, and will be sharing with us.
    Calderon has been a key figure in the Southern California music scene since he first came to Los Angeles in 1969. In addition to his well-known collaborations with Jackson Browne and the late Warren Zevon, Calderon has performed on scores of classic albums—contributing bass, guitar, and vocals—was a founding member of David Lindley's band El Rayo-X, and has toured the world with Ry Cooder, Leonard Cohen, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and J.D. Southern.
    Calderon's musical and personal journey to the heart of Los Angeles-based music began more than 3,300 miles away in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He grew up on Latin music and calypso from other islands, but the rock 'n roll he heard through stations that reached Puerto Rico was what formed his own musical identity.  CalderonNew York City, and then L.A.  Shortly after the move to Southern California, the band broke up.   launched a band, and after great success at festivals on the islands, relocated to Calderon stayed, connecting with the constellation of friendships and creative alliances that has produced—and continues to generate—so much remarkable music, including his new material on Inside Recordings.

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    Knicks Fan Forum - Post Game (Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder)

    in Sports

    Dial 929-477-4171 to join the post game Knicks Fan Forum immediately after the game.  We will discuss the results of the game of what was positive, what was negative.  Items that fans liked what they saw, things that can use improvement.  We will discuss player personnel & coaching moves that occurred in the game.  Progression of the triangle offense and the new regime.  We encourage fan interaction with other fans respectfully & verbally by bringing your opinions to this platform Most  importantly, this is about YOU….the fans!!  Twitter: @BleedBlueShow

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    Extreme Makeover with cohost Pastora Mariyln Ramos

    in Women

    Guest cohost Pastora Marilyn Ramos, Hispanic women moving forward in life

    Guest cd recording artist, Michelle Calderon

    Guest Hairstylist, Yahira P

    xtreme Makeover have a huge draw as people think about what they would like to change about themselves. But what if our values were kingdom values? What would we think about changing then? There is nothing wrong with enhancing our appearance. None of us would have combed our hair today or brushed our teeth if we did not care about our appearance. There is nothing wrong with putting on makeup. Caring about our physical appearance is good, except when that concern becomes extreme, and we forget about the things we should be concerned about.