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    CD Speak UP! with Anita Mellot & Cynthia Simmons

    in Religion

    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP!as host Scott McCausey interviews Author Anita Mellott and Christian Author Guild’s own Cynthia L. Simmons.
    Anita Mellott grew up in India climbing mango trees and devouring books and mangoes. With a post-graduate degree in journalism and mass communications in hand, she moved to Canada to major in communications and culture at the University of Windsor. A brief stint in advertising and P.R. followed when she returned to India and began teaching journalism at her alma mater. Anita worked for 13 years as a writer/editor with Habitat for Humanity International. She’s now happily married and home-schools her kids. You can find more about her at www.anitamellott.com.
    Cynthia joined Christian Authors Guild (CAG) in 2004. She has served as chaplain, conference director, and president. CAG granted Cynthia lifetime membership in December 2009. Cynthia's writing appeared in CAG publications, NATHHAN NEWS, Chattanooga Regional Historical Magazine, Georgia Right to Life Newsletter, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Catholic Exchange, and Christian Devotions.com. Her first book, Struggles and Triumphs, came out in 2008. Cynthia continues to serve in a leadership position at CAG. She teaches seminars, conducts podcast interviews, and makes videos. Find out more about her at www.clsimmons.com. 

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    The HD View with Dr. Christopher Ross

    in Health

    Monday, December 19, 2011 - Our incredible special guest is Dr. Christopher Ross, PI for the HSG sponsored PREQUEL Coenzyme Q10 study. Dr. Ross is Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosciences at Johns Hopkins. In their study of neuropsychiatric disorders, Dr. Ross and his research team focus on Huntington's disease and Parkinson's disease, and use insights from these disorders to approach more complex diseases such as schizophrenia. They use biophysical and biochemical techniques, cell models, and transgenic mouse models to understand disease processes and provide targets for development of rational therapeutics. Ultimately, the neurobiologic study of schizophrenia many help illuminate normal thought, perception and emotion – and help us understand the biology of human nature itself.
    We as a community have many questions relating to CAG and the current diagnostic criteria at the COE's as well as clinical studies and trials. We have so many questions...but not enough answers!
    Our community wants to know! Please send your questions to Melissa at help4hd@yahoo.com or send comments to www.help4hd-international.org 

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    HELP 4 HD with Stacy Brookhyser

    in Health

    Monday, June 27, 2011 - Our incredible special guest is Stacy Brookhyser (CAG 42), mother of twins free of HD. She is a super duper proactive HD warrior who is spreading the word about a new procedure to stop HD in its tracks.
    Planning an HD-free family with IVF/PGD
    Yes, you can stop Huntington's Disease in the future generations of your family!  With the help of skilled medical professionals, YOU have the ability to prevent your children from inheriting HD.
    What is PGD
    After in-vitrofertilization (IVF), embryos can be tested using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to determine their genetic makeup.  When the embryos contain eight cells, they are tested for the HD mutation in the Huntingtin gene.  Only embryos with the unaffected gene are transferred to the mother.  These embryos will never get HD or transmit it to their children.  The procedure essentially eliminates HD from that family line.  Forever!
    Stacy's website: www.hdfreewithpgd.com

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    CAGcast Black Friday Gaming Super Show of Savings 2009

    in Video Games

    Join CheapyD, Wombat and other surprise guests for a late night show on the eve of Black Friday. We will entertain you as you wait for the online retailer's deals to go live and send you off with a bang if you are going to brave the in-store crowds.

  • Maurers orjinali

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    Zayiflama da Maurers zayiflama hapi buyuk bir cag acmistir. Ýnsanlarin fazla kilolarindan hic sorun yasamadan ve kolayca kurtulmasi, insanlara buyuk mutluluk veren hadiselerdendir. Bu zayiflama hapini kullanirken kesinlikle yan etkilerinden dolayi da bir kaygi yasamaniza gerek kalmayacaktir. Saglik ve korkusuzca kilo verebilmek adina sizde Maurers’den yararlanabilirsiniz.