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    CAFAmerica Radio: 2012 World Giving Index

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    On this show, CAFAmerica is pleased to host our guest Richard Harrison of CAF UK. Richard is the Director of Research of CAF. Based in London, he has lived and worked as a researcher in France, South Korea, Hong Kong and Beijing. His team's key project is the World Giving Index - the only global survey on giving. He is married to a Washingtonian.
    The World Giving Index is the only report on the state of global public giving. This session focuses on the key insights from this year's report.
    Learn about this important measure of global giving and how North America is ranked vs. the remainder of the world in key categories.
    CAFAmerica’s excellent reputation as the leader in global giving and its twenty years of experience reinforces donor trust and the integrity of international and domestic grantmaking.
    The CAFAmerica Radio Network seeks to bring the stories of philanthropics, donors and the charities they support alive.

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    The 2014 Global Infrastructure for Giving report

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    Join us as we talk with Andrew Watt, FInstF, President and CEO, Association of Fundraising Professionals about the role that the Association of Fundraising Professionals plays in philanthropy in the US as well as key insights from the 2014 Global Infrastructure for Giving report.

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    Cargill and fighting rural poverty in Mexico

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    Ted Hart, CEO of CAF America, speaks with Stacey Smilda, Grants Manager at Cargill and Valeria Olson, Director, Corporate Affairs Mexico about Cargill's Educampo Mayab program. This program is helping to combat rural poverty in Mexico by connecting farmers to finances, technology and supplies.

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    Grantmaking and Philanthropy in China

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    Featured Guest: Elizabeth W. Sobhani, CAF America's Asia-Pacific Advisor Network Coordinator. 

    China's economic growth is leading to vast transformations in China including their philanthropy. Elizabeth talks about current trends and offers insight to recent research on the China's giving habits. 

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    Grantmaking and Philanthropy in Africa

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    Featured Guest: Carol Tappenden

    Carol is a development practitioner dedicated to working with institutions that channel sustainable resources towards the world’s most pressing problems, especially on the African continent.

    South African born and raised, Carol has over 14 years experience in philanthropy, CSR, impact investment, non-profit management, and fundraising. Through her work with non-profits,international devleopment agencies and multi-national corporations, as well as through speaking engagements across the globe, she has established a far reaching international network in Africa, the US, Europe, the UK, Central and South America, Australia and Asia.

    Key Highlights will include: due diligence in high risk countries; Africa's growing economy (and key areas); the Africa network & Shared Value services

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    Global Online Employee Giving Solution: Interview with Nina Vellayan

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    This episode features CAF America CEO Ted Hart interviewing Nina Vellayan, CEO & President of FrontStream Payments regarding the first of its kind Global Online Employee Giving Solution for Corporations and Employers throughout the United States.

    Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America) and FrontStream Holdings, LLC (dba FrontStream Payments)  have announced a partnership that will expand CAF America’s offerings to include an employee giving component and will enhance FrontStream’s ability to disburse donations to CAF America's database of over 181,000 international charities, in addition to FrontStream's database of over 1.5 million charities in the U.S.

    This unique partnership provides corporations the ability to run workplace giving campaigns that will benefit BOTH domestic (USA) and global (International) charities.

    FrontStream and CAF America are committed to ensuring that all supported organizations comply with U.S. rules and regulations and adhere to international grantmaking ‘best practices’ (including compliance with IRS regulations; anti-terrorist, FCPA and Patriot Act requirements).Listen to this podcast to learn more about CAF America and FrontStream’s joint efforts.

    For more information about CAF America, go to: www.CAFAmerica.org

    To learn more about FrontStream, go to:  www.frontstreampayments.com/about-us/


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    Live from the Grant Managers Network Conference

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    Listen in as Ted interviews four distinguished guests live from the Grant Managers Network Conference in San Diego:

    Dolores Estrada: Manager, Grants Administration at The California Endowment

    In her current capacity, Ms. Estrada oversees the administrative functions and policies of the foundation’s online grant-making process, and provides guidance on issues of tax and legal compliance review.

    Myriam Fizazi-Hawkins: Director, Grantmaking Resource Center at National Endowment for Democracy

    In her role at the GRC, which she cofounded, Myriam manages a team that brings best practices in grantmaking to NED, identifies opportunities for efficiencies, and implements process changes at NED. 

    Iris Garcia: Program Officer, Grants Operations at Global Fund for Women

    In Iris' current role, she manages a multilingual team that accompanies applicants and grantees throughout the grantmaking process. Previous to her role in grants operations, Iris worked with the Global Fund on its Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation team and its Program team.

    Jen Bokoff: Director of GrantCraft at The Foundation Center

    GrantCraft is a project that taps the “practical wisdom” of funders to increase the collective knowledge of the philanthropy field.  In her role, Jen develops grantmaking resources, facilitates the exchange of information among funders around the world, strategizes around new approaches to presenting and analyzing data, and collaborates across departments to maximize sector impact.  

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    Giving Around the Globe, a new report from CECP

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    On this episode, our CEO Ted Hart  will discuss corporate giving, including insights on international giving, in the context of CECP's new report, Giving Around the Globe. Featured on the show will be Carmen Perez, CECP's Manager of Measurements & Standards. 

    Carmen leads the organization’s global research, including implementing the Global Guide reporting standard and authoring the publication Giving Around the Globe. Carmen was instrumental in the creation of the new standard published in the Global Guide to What Counts, released in June 2011. She also manages CECP’s engagement with international stakeholders and leads CECP’s customized benchmarking services, an exclusive benefit to CECP companies.

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    Day of International Giving - Cargill

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    This show will feature key representatives from Cargill's corporate responsibility department, including Brigitte Burgoyne (Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Corporate Affairs) and Stacey Smida (Grants Manager).

    In honor of the growth of international philanthropy, we have partnered with Cargill, a corporation that is dedicating resources to support communities worldwide through a campaign hosted by Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America).  At the heart of the campaign is the Day of International Giving, held on December 10, 2013.  

    The Day of International Giving is an event that celebrates the tremendous growth of cross-border giving over the last years and features the meaningful achievements worldwide made possible by the donors who give.  To celebrate the day, CAF America invited corporations and individuals nationwide to make a donor advised gift to support the philanthropic initiatives of their choice. 

    As one of our generous participants in the Day of International Giving, here are main values that guide Cargill's giving strategy:

    Cargill provides corporate support to select nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that serve multiple communities in which it has a business presence. Its giving is directed within the focus areas of food security and nutrition, education and environmental stewardship.


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    The 2013 World Giving Index

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    CAF America CEO will host a Q & A session on this year's World Giving Index with CAF International Policy Officer Adam Pickering.  

    Adam is CAF’s International Policy Officer and leads in the development of policy positions and global advocacy for CAF. Adam is delivering our Future World Giving project which aims to highlight the potential for opening up philanthropy to a rapidly increasing global middle class whose engagement in philanthropy could have a huge impact on society.

    Adam has extensive policy and research experience and before joining CAF in 2012 worked for the National Council for Voluntary Organizations (UK representative body for non-profits) and the Centre for Public Scrutiny (accountability think-tank). Adam also has experience of working in India.

    The World Giving Index 

    Each year, CAF releases its World Giving Index, a report designed to provide evidence-based insight into the scope and nature of giving around the world.

    In order to reflect a culturally diverse planet, the report looks at three aspects of giving behavior. The questions that feed the report are:

    Have you done any of the following in the past month:

    Donated money to a charity?
    Volunteered your time to an organisation?
    Helped a stranger, or someone you didn’t know who needed help?

    Fieldwork is conducted by the market research firm, Gallup1 as part of its World Poll initiative 2 that operates in 160 countries.

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    Best Practices: Global Philanthropy - Creating Success

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    Hosted by CAF America's CEO Ted Hart, this session will feature guest Jane Arnott, head of the Global Alliance at the Charities Aid Foundation office based in the UK. Ted and Jane will discuss Global Philanthropy: Best Practices For Success and the role of the Global Alliance. This episode will help the listener understand the unique challenges and solutions for successful international philanthropy.
    Jane has spent the last 20 years working to strengthen the civil society sector and has significant experience of grant making, policy and organisational development, strengthening membership organisations, direct service provision and infrastructure support.
    Jane joined Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in the UK in 2010 as Senior Advisory Manager for charities and grant making and later served as Interim Head of Advisory and Consulting, achieving a year on year increase in business of over 40%. In 2012 Jane became Head of the CAF Global Alliance. Her role involves working with CAF’s offices and partners in America, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, India, Russia, South East Asia and Southern Africa to develop CAF as a global leader in philanthropy services and thought leadership and to provide strategic development support to each office. 

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