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    'Mother Diva' and Cadeflaw At The 2012 Grammys

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    Valencia Renee Dantzler aka Mother Diva .director, writer, actress, media personality and The Mother Ambassador of House Music has given Cadeflaw her support by offering to represent the organization at the 2012 Grammys.
      Mother Diva will tell us why she thinks the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law is a good idea and why she is lending her support.    Join US.

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    What’s Going On? The Legal Aspect of CaDefLaw (Part 1)

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    Julie Noel, Cadeflaw Legal Analyst, talks about the legal aspects of the Anti-Defamation Legacy Law. Part one of four shows.
      Originally, there was no need to enact a civil law remedy for defamation of the deceased, because there were criminal libel statutes. These were designed to maintain the public peace when one person spoke ill of a dead person, and violence was feared by the government authorities. Over the centuries, the threat to public peace diminished, yet defamatory speech levied against dead persons has not.   What more important property does a man have than his reputation and legacy?   Defamatory speech leveled against the living is not protected by the First Amendment - and given the harm that it causes the survivors of the dead, defamatory speech against dead people should not be protected, either.   Criminal libel statutes had been in place to protect the legacies of the dead, but these largely have been repealed. California’s criminal libel statute was held unconstitutional by case law in Garrison v. Louisiana ([1965] 379 U.S. 64). So, we are left with a terrible situation, even a president can be called a murderer without anyone being held to suffer the consequences.   An anti-defamation law for the deceased is long overdue.

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    This is Cadeflaw’s first “Wolf Alert” and it must be dealt with without delay and taken seriously. What is a “Wolf Alert”? Warning of false fans/followers, which has come to us in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. They have invaded this camp with the intent to destroy. They feed on the sheep or the innocent, all the while masquerading as one of them. They wear the mask of innocence. They sneak in unseen amongst the flock, and tear and gnash at the sheep when they least expect it.


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    CADEflaw Advocates: Speakers Karen Kmiecik and Mary Brookins

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    CA Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Group
    Words are powerful, and leave their effects long after they have been uttered. It is reprehensible to continue to damage a person's REPUTATION by promoting rumor, innuendo, gossip and sensationalism as fact; after a person is deceased and can no longer speak or protect themselves.

    We are the VOICES behind the Cadeflaw. We will no longer passively accept the disrespectful and cruel assassination of those deceased. Freedom of speech is a right that we all enjoy, but with it comes responsibility and accountability. We each have a duty to be honest, fair and balanced in what we say or write and should be prepared to present proof. Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses every word be established; and let those witnesses be credible.

    Join us while we lobby for a bill that will "Protect and Preserve" the Legacy of the Deceased. Let's "Make That Change". Thank You.

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    CADEFLAW Tuesday

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    A person's reputation is their legacy which lives on after death. Most journalists and many others, whose testimony may not be credible, rely upon or hide behind the "Freedom of Speech" to promote old lies, innuendo and hate. Freedom of Speech is also used in an attempt to destroy for entertainment and profit. The masses receive their information through the media and most believe whatever they read without researching. If the media is not honest, fair and balanced in what they say or write they are being prejudice and destructive. There is no law to protect the deceased from being defamed. The families of those deceased Civil Rights are being violated because of this abuse. Prime Example: The demoralization of Michael Jackson is, without doubt, emotionally traumatic for his children. It could have a very negative and profound effect on the hearts and minds of his children, nieces/nephews and all children around the world; as well as his siblings and parents. This is "Emotional" Abuse. Abuse is Abuse.

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    What's Going On? THE HIGH COST OF DYING

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    Cadeflaw's Carlygirl Presents: THE HIGH COST OF DYING
    Everything has a price, whether it is a house, car or food…nothing is free, not even DEATH. Not only does everything have a price, everything is taxed.
    There are a myriad of ways in which we are taxed, for example; there is property tax, income tax, sales tax. In addition to the various taxes that we have and are subject to, there is however another way in which we are taxed; that would be death. Yes, we have a death tax.
    Death is an expense like and yet unlike no other. 
    In spite of what people at large say or think the deceased is very much alive. They are alive through their estates, legacies and survivors; they also are unfortunately alive through lawsuits, scandal and defamation of their reputations.

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    Guest Speaker: Dialdancer
      Vindication of Michael is not new.  It has always been an “attempt to vivisect lies” “ working to restore his reputation” by making  the public aware there is more to the story than told and more to the man than just troubled times.   We’ve just incorporated new tools and a modified approach with the old to deal with a Mainstream Media gone Tabloid.     But the idea of publicly vindicating Michael remains the same regardless of advocacy group(s) name or location.   Another group which is to become a pivotal point of vindication is Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Group(CadeFlaw).       CadeFlaw was inspired by a desire to bring about a change in what has become an accepted practice of slander without ethical boundaries nor concern for legal reprisals as the dead cannot bring civil action.     Having the California Anti-Defamation Legacy Law will become an Advocate’s newest tool in the Vindication effort.

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    What's Going On? Crimes Against the Deceased

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    California CADefLaw Advocate, CarlyGirl, will expound on how crimes are committed against the deceased. This has been happening for years but many of us never took a close look at it until now.  
    With the assumptions society has about the deceased, crimes against them are generating $50 billion dollars a year. It is happening with greater frequency because there is no protection for the dead; therefore, they are fair game to criminals.
    Anything for MONEY

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    Mike Fidele - Another Man In The Mirror

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    Mike Fidele - Supports the CADefLaw Initiative
    Mike Fidele, is an accountant, financial consultant and philanthropist. HE IS THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF LIFE FOR THE WORLD. 
    He took half a million dollars of his own personal money and opened an orphanage in Haiti. He is known as "THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN HEART WHO PUT HIS MONEY WHERE HIS MOUTH IS".
    Mike's story is remarkable. He has faced many challenges and near death experiences. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was so impressed by this organization that she lent her support in aid for these wonderful Haitian children. Michael is on a mission to maintain the orphanage.
    With as little as a $10.00 donation, it can make a difference in these childrens lives. The difference between LIFE FOR THE WORLD and other organizations is that the sponsors receive actual video footage of their gifts being received, opened, and acknowledged.
    Tune in for this very special guest and insight into LIFE FOR THE WORLD.

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    Guest Speaker: Barbara Owens
    Support Cadeflaw's lobby for a bill that will "Protect and Preserve" the legacy of the deceased.

    We should be able to protect the legacy of the deceased. Those left behind can still be "Hurt".

    "People don't care how much you know, they want to know how much you care." 

    Cadeflaw CARES

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    What's Going On? Part One - Global Air-wave Abuse

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    Somebody tell us what's going on? I feel we need to know what's going? We've got to find a way to bring some understanding here today. 
    The memory of those deceased is being blackened with defamation and slander. Reputations of people, their memory and their families are being destroyed because of the misuse of on the "Air-waves" GLOBALLY.
    We have become the voice of the DECEASED.
    Support Cadeflaw Lobby for a bill that will "Protect and Preserve" the Legacy of the Deceased. 
    Help us find out "What's Going On" and put a stop to it.