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  • Indy Power Rankings Reveal: @OnPointWrestlin Hype Central

    in Wrestling

    We'll be talking about OnPoint Wrestling's THROWDOWN 2 with Scot Summers, Sam Shields, and Jeff Cannonball, followed by The Carolina Corner with Jer Polk! His guest this week...Sir Mo from Men on a Mission! Don't miss it! 


    On Point Wrestling: "Throwdown 2"

    LIVE - Saturday - August 29th - Williamstown,NJ

    @ OTW Arena - inside The Monroe Business Center Building C / Suite 1 - 1041 Glassboro Road Williamstown,NJ

    Doors Open at 7:30 / Bell Time 8:00pm

    Front Row Tickets - $25.00 
    2nd Row / GA Tickets are - $20.00


    3 Way OPW Heavyweight Championship Match 
    (c) Oz Tyler vs "Bad Boy" Joey Janela vs Devon Moore

    Taipei Deathmatch 
    "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont vs Jeff Cannonball 

    1st Time Ever
    Nick F'n Gage vs "KOTU" Scot Summers

    Lucha Libre Action 
    Fly Warrior vs Latin Dragon 

    The Rematch & The Return 
    Gran Akuma vs "The Machine" Sam Shields 

    1st Time Ever 
    Drew Blood vs "Chainsaw" Joe Gacy 

    1st Time Ever 
    "Wrench" Conor Claxton vs The Debuting ALEX PAYNE

    Fantastic 4 Way
    Caveman vs Qefka The Quiet vs Marc Angel vs Josh Adams 

    OPWrestling.com for more information on this event


    @IndyPowerRankin @elitepodcastnet http://www.indypowerrankingsipr.wordpress.com http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/indypower

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    Penis, Hitler, and Cactus

    in Comedy

    We're talking about a bunch of dumb shit brought to you by a panel of a shitload of Ph.Ds over world changing issues up to and including, Anal, ATM, Motorboating, And oral orgasms. This is a cant miss!

    Download this shit. I aint even playing. -Shin_Duo

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    Travis and Vic's Drunken Horror Adventures: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

    in Movies

    The saw is fucking family! That's right, the Louisville Town Drunks are trekking on down to Texas (metaphorically) as we talk about one of the greatest slashers of all time in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Joining us will be Terri McMinn and John Dugan. Do not miss this HUGE show as the TCM Retrospective hits Round 2!

    Our email tandvhorror@gmail.com

    You can find us discussing the show along with some horror-related topics on Twitter @TravNVicHorror

    You can find Travis on Twitter @PhenomenalTLD

    You can find Vic on Twitter @vicvonerich

    Last, but not least, give us a “like” on Facebook at: Facebook.com/travisnvichorror

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    Iced Cactus Ep. 2 - The Battle of Glendale Begins

    in Hockey

    Join Chris as he spends an hour touring the Western Conference, but something interesting is brewing in Glendale.

    Chris will talk about:

    The city of Glendale, really screwing over the Coyotoes
    What the Coyotes can do from here?
    Do they have a chance of winning this legal battle?
    More Coyotes conversations
    The Chicago Blackhawks tying the cup final
    Little Game 4 Reaction from Chris

    And I'm sure much more.  Be sure to tune in live, and call in if you want to share your take on the situation, as things are certainly going to heat up in Glendale, AZ!

    Call 347-426-3111 and make your voice heard!

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    Travis and Vic's Drunken Horror Adventures: Marcus Nispel

    in Movies

    This week we're joined by Friday the 13th & Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake director, Marcus Nispel! We'll talk about his work on those remakes as well as his current projects & more!  All this along with all the usual antics you've come to expect from the Louisville Town Drunks!

    Ou email tandvhorror@gmail.com

    You can find us discussing the show along with some horror-related topics on Twitter @TravNVicHorror

    You can find Travis on Twitter @PhenomenalTLD

    You can find Vic on Twitter @vicvonerich

    When things get out of control…that’s when you’ll want to check our YouTube channel as we do EXCLUSIVE  “Travis and Vic’s Drunken Horror Adventures” videos on there from time to time as well. Subscribe to TandVHorror and watch the chaos take place.

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    GM #76: Piper-Hart-92; Sting-Cactus-91; Nakamura-Ibushi-15

    in Sports

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kota Ibushi - 2015 NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 9 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2e4cuy_2015-01-04-shinsuke-nakamura-vs-kota-ibushi-njpw-wrestle-kingdom-9_sport

    Sting vs. Cactus -91 Jack (Submit or Surrender - WCW Power Hour) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xz8q4k_41-91-11-19-sting-vs-cactus-jack-submit-or-surrender-wcw-power-hour_sport

    Piper vs Hart -92 Wrestlemania VIII 

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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: Actress Caroline Williams, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II

    in Entertainment

    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts, The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Actress Caroline Williams, Best known for her work on such films as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre II" "Texas Chainsaw Massacre III" "Halloween II" "Dr Suess's How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and SO much more! JOIN US!

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    Indy Power Rankings Reveal: IWA Mid-South KOTDM Hype Central

    in Wrestling

    King of the Deathmatches!
    Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th.
    Friday- 7:30 PM belltime Saturday- 6:30 PM belltime.
    America Legion Post 335
    1199 Basham Dr. Charlestown, In....
    Single Night GA Tickets- $30
    Two Day GA Passes- $50


    1) Bryant Woods VS JD Horror- Fans Bring the Weapons!

    2) Devon Moore VS Reed Bentley- TLC X2 (Tables, Tacks, Ladders, Lighttubes, Chairs, Candles)!

    3) Dale Patricks VS Adam Bueller- Barefoot Fishhooks, Syringes, Carpet Strips, and Tubes!

    4) Corporal Robinson VS John Wayne Murdoch- Feel The Burn match (Coals, Rubbing alcohol, Lit cigarettes, Tabasco sauce)!

    5) Nick Gage VS Markus Crane- Death From Above!

    6) Tank VS Bulldozer Matt Tremont- Texas Bullrope Barbed wire boards and Cactus pits!

    7) MASADA VS The Green Phantom- Caribbean Spider Web!

    8) Sexxy Eddy VS Insane Lane- Homerun Derby Deathmatch!

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    Hollywood Red Carpet Radio - JimmyO & April Burril /2nd hr Corey Wells

    in Entertainment

     JimmyO Burril  Artist for Warner Brothers. CEO Filming Writer Director of Chainsaw Sally, Silver Scream, The Good Sisters & the Chainsaw Sally Show. Actor, Illustrator and  lifetime Musician.horror..  April Burril Actress / Dancer /Artisit and Model best known for her character Chainsaw Sally.April has also appeared in other films. Feast of Flesh, S'mores (a part of the Grave Yard Picture The Good Sisters, and now The Chainsaw Sally http://www.chainsawsallyshow.com http://www.chainsawsally.com 2nd hour  Actor / Model Corey Wells 1989 shop Hardcorps Surf and Skate. advertising campaign in Eastern surf magazine making Lux surfboards "H"skimboards skate team,did an MTV sports, surf skate "Mean Street" Acting  



















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    Indy Power Rankings Reveal: PGP Bad Wolf Rising Hype Central

    in Wrestling

    June 20th at the Lawford Theater(225 W Main, Havana,IL) 

    Blake Belakis versus Zakk Sawyer versus Joey Anderson for the PGP Franchise Title 
    The realness from Baltimore, Jael Rose debuts against Joey “The Jet” Avalon is a clash of attitudes with a big fight feel....
    ”Dirdey” Jake Dirden looks for revenge against former friend Nelson “Mr.” Nice.... 
    Tag Team champs Team IOU(Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) defend against the massive and intimidating duo of “Omaha Chainsaw” Stephen King and Nate Redwing....
    No stop signs and no speed limits when Louis Lyndon launches into action against Kunai the Silent Warrior...
    PGP Cutting Edge champ Mario Andrew Crivello has the title on the line against indy favorite Remi Wilkins....
    Perfect Addiction members Randy Ray and “Zero Hype” Guy Smith battle East Coast powerhouses Paul Jordane and Michael Lanz....
    ”Master of Swag” Perry Winkle tries to settle a personal grudge against “Tyrant of Technology” Ovirload......
    And you get all this amazing action for a measly $10($5 for kids PLUS we throw in a free bag of popcorn)!!! Doors open at 6:30pm and BAD WOLF RISING begins at 7pm. Central Illinois independent wrestling only has one place where ART and SCIENCE collide with ACTION and ADRENALINE......ENTER THE PROVING GROUND!!! 

    Website (where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting): http://indypowerrankingsipr.wordpress.com/

    Our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/IndyPowerRankings

    Also search “Indy Power Rankings” for our open Facebook group where anyone on the indies can promote their various merchandise, fan pages, and upcoming events

    Our Twitter: @IndyPowerRankin

    Our Instagram: @IndyPowerRankings

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    Chewing the Fat with an old friend - Author, Harry Glosenger !

    in Politics Conservative

    This Sunday 6-14-15 I will interview a very good friend, Harry Glosenger who is the author of "The Resident Beanbag Bible", that I have interviewed before and was one of the most inspirational, heartfelt stories of a young man who overcame bullying because of a speech impairment and to turn it around without having to sue anybody. 
    His service to our country in the Army is priceless and his service as an ambassador of just being himself is also priceless.
    He is a bit older now, but also alot wiser and if you want to be uplifted instead of hearing about doom and gloom then tune in this Sunday for a must hear show. You will love this interview!
    5-7 pm CST 
    Something from Harry when I interviewed him 3 years ago to share.
    "I'm convinced that what's needed in this country is straight thinking, a good sense of humor and a willingness to do what you know is right. 
    I'll start by suggesting you ask yourself a couple questions. First, are you willing to laugh at yourself as much as you're willing to laugh at others? Second, are you open minded enough to consider some straight forward ideas? And I’ll ask nothing of you that I’m not equally ready to give you in return! I'll always put myself out there first with no philosophical mumbo-jumbo like asking you to meditate on a cactus or dance the funky chicken. Although I'm sure some of you do that anyway!"

    As we go along together we’ll talk about such things as Faith and Trust, Married and Single folks, Politics, Media, Money, Social Behavior and more. And I'll tell you about me and some of my defining moments. Oh, and don’t be at all surprised as we talk and share together that you and I become friends. 

    So, please join us and call in as we just wind down, chew the fat and blow off some steam!