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    The Dome Firmament, Flat Earth & NASA's Lies Pt. 2

    in Christianity

    If you missed Sunday's message and broadcast, the cat is out of the bag. The message, Lucifer's Greatest Global Deception dealt with the truth of Scripture about the true nature of creation vs. NASA's lies. The Bible has always taught a solid firmament supporting great waters above it and our atmosphere below that solid dome. The Bible also has always taught that the earth is flat with an underworld below. Tonight LIVE starting at 8:00 PM CST on PROPHECY QUAKE, we will continue our discussion about the true nature of our world and one of Satan's greatest deceptions. We will also look at the final stage of his great deception: a fake alien visitation that will be "confirmed" by NASA and other space agencies. To listen by phone call 347-884-8566 and then if you want to comment or ask a question on the air text Kevin at 334-524-2809.

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    Irate, Tireless Minority - Vito Sings and other stuff

    in Politics Conservative

    Today's show will be looking at some of the news from the week. Tensions rising with the Russians and Chinese and continued disrespect for the rule of law. 

    Doing my best to help the Lord set the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men and to restore America, God willing, to the beacon of freedom she was meant to be.


    Supporting undocumented youth. Shouldn't we be deporting undocumented youth?

    Russian ships and undersea cables

    US ships and Chinese islands


    Buddhists vs moslems in Myanmar 

    Doing What's Right:

    Looking at a few odd stories and hopefully, a little music courtesy of Thomas Pibal. 

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    Kryptonite & Kickin' Cables

    in Music

    Join Lanea Stagg as she chats with Jack Hamaker, an Indiana entrepreneur who started his own company by making high end guitar cables (Kick A$$ Cables) which he  sells to today's top rock stars along with starting his own radio station for indie musicians. Lanea will also talk about her recipe for Kryptonite from Recipe Records Cookbook.

  • Will War Happen in less than 24 hours? China & U.S. Show down looms

    in News

    Join me tonight as we delve into the latest in breaking world news headlines matching bible prophecy! 
    - U.S. Destroyer to pass Islands in South China sea within 24 hours. Will China retaliate as promised?
    - Russia ships near data cables to close for U.S. comfort
    - Israel emerges from another bloody weekend of stabbing attacks
    - More than 200 killed as powerful quake hot Afghanistan and Pakistan
    - Earth quakes in past 24 hours
    - Canada whale watching boat called "Leviathan II sinks killing 5
    - Gunman opens fire near marine recruiting office in Iowa 
    and more!

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    ISIS Threats, California Fiber Attacks, Americans at Food Banks, Power Grid Prep

    in Christianity

    ISIS groups sends threat to military family members. Federal investigators appear stymied by an attacker who has cut fiber optic cables at a dozen locations around California. 46 million Americans go to food banks, and long lines for dwindling food supplies. Could Russia be preparing for war in December? News that You can Use as it relates to the Bible and End Times. 

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    Racing with Big Sweat

    in Sports

    The crickets are chirping, the rednecks are burping, and Ken Schrader is racing somewhere, so that means it's another hot summer weekend. The now top rated radio/podcast show "Racing With Big Sweat" Thursday 9:00-10:00pm EST and produced by The 110 Nation Sports Radio Network will cool you off. Come hang out with your host Steve "Big Sweat" Billmyer and his racing buddies Mr CJ Sports and Chris "YellowCautionFlag" Creighton in addition to this week's guests, dirt late model driver Tyler Sistrunk and asphalt late model driver Natalie Decker. It's hotter than a $2.00 set of jumper cables at a redneck family reunion, so make sure you tune in to get the latest local track talk and beat the heat!!!

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    Smart Jumper Cables??

    in Automotive

    Did you know that there are jumper cables that are bonehead proof? Listen to Bill and Cathy's guest talking about Michelin's new safety jumper cables.

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    The Week In Reviews - Ken Will Morton

    in Music

    The prolific Athens, Georgia based songwriter, Ken Will Morton, will release his 7th full-length release All’s Fair In Love & War on Rara Avis Records on June 5, 2015.


    All’s Fair In Love & War is the follow up to his highly acclaimed 2012 release, Slow Burn. The new recording compiles 19 new songs (plus a hidden track) written in the wake of the dissolution of a long term relationship and with Morton finding himself living alone in a mobile home. Soon after, he’d written more than enough material for a double album (hence, initial title was A Double From A Single Wide). Morton converted his home to facilitate writing and recording music at anytime day or night, with wires and cables, guitars, amps and lyric sheets everywhere. Determined to hold on to the essence of this new work, and with the help and encouragement of engineer J.P Pruett, the entire album was made in the comfort of his home. Morton played all instruments.

    I will be sittind down with Ken to discuss his new CD and indeed his career

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    Shai Shanell Tells Us The Good Word...ITNS Radio!!!

    in Music

    ShaiShanell are dedicated to singing music about life that is inspirational to the world with a mixture of gospel, rhythm and blues, soul, pop, and hip hop. There are many situations in life when people need uplifting and encouragement and their music will do just that for you. Their sound is authentic and refreshing. ShaiShanell are the most soulful sibling duo since BeBe & CeCe Winans and Mary Mary. ShaiShanell performed their first concert at the age of 2 and 3 years old at Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church in Houston, Texas before an audience of 500. Later, they toured the United States singing with their younger brothers in their gospel group, The Candlelights. ShaiShanell sang the National Anthem for the Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs with the multiple GRAMMY® Award winning artist MC Hammer in Oakland, California on December 24, 1998. They also sang the National Anthem for a Floyd Johnson’s Celebrity Basketball game, Rice University Varsity Volleyball games, and many middle and high school basketball and football games throughout Texas, Tennessee and California. ShaiShanell opened for GRAMMY® winner, Tramaine Hawkins at Center of Hope Christian Center in Oakland, California. They made several television appearances, including BET’s MC Hammer Ministries, Warner Brothers’ Gospel Unlimited in Nashville, Tennessee, ABC KTRK-TV Channel 13 in Houston, Texas and TCI Cables’ Channel 13 in Arlington, Texas. They were also privileged when asked to record background vocals for the 2014 BET "Best Gospel Artist" Tamela Mann. ShaiShanell will tell you God drew up the blueprint, their mother laid the foundation, and now they are fulfilling the vision God has for their lives.

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    Computer America - WITricity ; Plustek!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one:

    WiTricity. Grant Reig, Director of Product Management.

    WiTricity provides a unique solution to consumer electronics devices of all sizes and power requirements, including automatic wireless charging of mobile electronics such as phones, laptops, game controllers, wearables - in homes, cars, offices, public hotspots, and more… even while the devices are in use in some cases!  Also hear aboout direct wireless powering of stationary devices, like flat screen TVs, digital picture frames, home theater accessories, wireless loud speakers, etc. … eliminating the need for expensive custom wiring, unsightly cables and “wall-wart” power supplies. Plus direct wireless powering of desktop PC peripherals, such as wireless mice, keyboards, printers, speakers, displays, and more… eliminating disposable batteries and awkward cabling!


    Hour two:

    Plustek. Robert Fuchs, Marketing Manager.

    Our guest this hour is from Plustek, a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer and professional scanners. We’ve always been of the opinion that every computer owner should have a scanner these days, given their inexpensive price tags and the really useful features they offer. Tonight, you’ll hear about Plustek’s eScan A150. Joining us is Robert Fuchs. Robert is the Marketing Manager for Plustek.

  • 03:14

    Live Chat: Jamaica Reggae Legend The Cables with hit song“Baby Why”

    in Music

    With the classic recordings “Baby Why” and “What Kind of World” the legendary Jamaican harmony vocal group The Cables secured their place in music history. It was in 1968 when the group rocketed to stardom when Clement “Sir Coxsone” Dodd took them into Studio One recording studios. Founded by lead vocalist Keble Drummond, along with harmony singers, Vince Stoddart, tenor, and Elbert “Stewie” Stewart, baritone, the Cables brought with them the lyrics and the upbeat, lilting melody of “Baby Why”. The tune was a sensation on the Jamaican sound system circuit before being released on Coxsone’s Studio One label where it soon established itself as the number one hit on all charts for four weeks. Also recorded on the same session was “What Kind of World,” a Vince Stoddart composition.
    Coxsone continued as The Cables’ producer, and the result was a long string of consistently strong tracks. The Cables first LP, “What Kind of World”, released in 1970, is a compilation of their Studio One achievements. Since then the album was re-released on Heartbeat Records in 1987 and is now a steady international seller in CD format. “Baby Why” is the first track on Heartbeat’s sought after “Best of Studio One” disk, and “What Kind of World” is featured on Heartbeat’s “Full Up, More Hits From Studio One”. The tunes are entrenched in Jamaican music consciousness as the rhythm tracks have been revitalized by dee jays such as Dennis Alcapone and Prince Jazzbo, as well as other vocal groups and singers, including the Gladiators, The Mighty Diamonds, Freddie MacGregor, Sanchez, Morgan Heritage and Barrington Levy.

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