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    The Return of The Evil Cabal

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    Tonight, the Nocturnal Studio will be invaded by The Evil Cabal. Gathering their masses to ward off a certain Bogus Bishop in his attempts at pulling the wool over the eyes of the nieve. David and Della Farrant, Joe Burkhart and Rikki Lacoste join Steve and Alex to discuss many issues within the paranormal world and much more. Together combining for well over 50 years of paranormal research and investigations.

    David Farrant is a well known author on several books detailing his personal experiences, investigations and research into the Highgate Vampire as well as many other investigations his organization The British Psychic and Occult Society have carried out. His wife Della, had also researched Highgate Cemetery for many years which has led to her site Hidden Highate.

    Joe Burkhart, has been investigating and researching not only the paranormal but very unusual anomalies for well over 30 years. Through his team, Rochester Paranormal and Beyond Dead.

    Rikki LaCoste is well edcuated in many areas of the spiritual, mythological as well as pagan beliefs and myths. Host of the podcast Kakophonos.

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    Cancel the Cabal on The House of Hidalgo Show

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    Tune in tonight for Cancel the Cabal on The House of Hidalgo Show at 7:00 PM EDT. We will be simulcating with Stephen Roberts and getting an update from Rob Marques on www.idonotconsent.me

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    The Obama Cabal

    in Politics Conservative

    How and why America and American politics became polarized - who is responsible - in their own words...the Obama cabal & fundamental transformation - the gvernment shutdown.

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    Father/Source Begins a Program of Soul Studies. All Come!

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    "I will talk with all of you about the departure of the cabal souls and what that means for you on the ground. You will learn about the soul process that will allow the dark ones to raise themselves back to the Light and to redeem themselves after the thousands of years without my guidance or comfort.

    It will give you a perspective on the deep connection we have with you.  The energies you now feel are helping you toward ascension, and part of that process is the growing flow of Love and support you are all sending to your Higher Selves.  For the first time, you are experiencing the possibility of an equal relationship with your Higher Selves and with the Company of Heaven.

    This new partnership is possible because of the lifting of the quarantine that has been in place around Planet Earth since the fall of Atlantis.  No energies from the surface of Earth have been allowed to be transmitted into the higher dimensions because of the danger presented by the cabal.  This quarantine is being gradually lifted, as safety permits.

    This will be the first of a series of programs to teach you more about your destiny as souls, and how you fit into the Great Plan.  Please join me this day, as I send you all my Love through Kathryn and her beloved team of Lightworkers.

    I am your Father/Creator, the one you call Source."

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    Eliminating Public Poisons

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    Public poisons are a major aspect of the depopulation agenda purposely administered by the criminal cabal that runs the world. This is one of the most serious issues we face. These ubiquitous toxins undermine health and shorten life. Mind-numbing, cancer-causing fluoride has been in most public water supplies for 50 to 60 years. More than 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of drug. Chemtrails fill the skies multiple days a week. GMOs are very difficult to avoid, especially without labeling. There are hundreds more environmental toxins in our food, water, air and living spaces. We must get together and organize to stop all this and survive.

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    022415 The Vince Anello Show-Open Mic

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    The coffee shop report is going to be somewhat abbreviated for several reasons. Nobody's talking at the coffee shop because it's too cold. When they were talking the big thing was voting down the money for the completion of the work at the Hyde Park Ice Pavilions.

    In LaSalle it's all about the frozen water pipes. We can talk about that.

    The unrestricted $1 million that Niagara County received is becoming a hot item. The Niagara County Legislature is looking to exclude the city of Niagara Falls from receiving any of those funds.

    What I would like to talk about this morning is Councilman Choolokian's letter to the editor in yesterday's Niagara Gazette (2/23/15).

     I would like to take the liberty to critique it. I believe that my experience with Councilman Choolokian while serving as mayor will give you, the listener, and hopefully a voter, an inside look on how he really operates and how much his service to our city has cost and will cost the taxpayers of Niagara Falls. As mayor, I had the most transparent way of governing and my open door policy was second to none. It was Councilman Choolokian that refused to come in and discuss agenda items. Instead he would invent facts and then grandstand at the council meetings with the remaining members of the cabal cheering him on.

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    Wednesday Drake updates show

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    Wednesday update show with Drake and your host Thomas Williams

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    021915 John Ceretto, Assemblyman NY State 145th Assembly District

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    This morning the Today Show showed some beautiful scenes of our frozen Niagara Falls.

    At Tuesday's Niagara Falls City Council meeting  one of the agenda items revealed the members of the City Council Financial Advisory Board.

    I personally feel that this is a step in the right direction but, again I, must repeat, that there is only one set of numbers. Those numbers come from our city controller's office. The mayor uses those numbers, the City Council uses those numbers and the State Comptroller uses those numbers.

    What needs to change is the rate of increase in the cost of the day-to-day operation of the city.

    The average rate of increase has practically doubled from previous administrations.

    At Tuesday's meeting Councilmembers Choolokian and Anderson voted against the Bonding of the 3.1 million dollars at the ice rink complex so the measure failed.

    The mayor had his State of the City Address Wednesday night at the Conference Center.

    “In the last few years, we have managed to push aside our doubts and fears long enough to lay the foundation for a brand new beginning for Niagara Falls and the surrounding region,” Dyster said.

    Well, some people would argue that the soil was toiled and the seeds were planted before Mayor Dyster got there. And most of that work was done by the previous administration while surrounded by a cabal of saboteurs and malcontents.

    It's human nature that many times when we reap the harvest and have the big celebration we forget the hard work that had to be done to reach that glorious day. And let's not forget a ton of casino revenue.

    Our guest this morning attended the state of the city address and maybe we will ask him for some of the highlights

    So, before going further let me introduce our guest is NY State Assemblyman 145th Assembly District, John Ceretto

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    Wednesday Drake updates show

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    Wednesday January 28th show with Drake and your host Thomas Williams

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    How did we fare during Zorra's absence? - What should we be doing? - Is Ramtha's prediction regarding virus still valid? Why be put on Ascension Path only to succumb to virus??? - Do we already have built-in immunity?  Should children be given inoculations? -  2015?? -  "Prepare for landings! Galactic family eager for reunion." Keep steadfast in thoughts and understandings. Emit complete endless Love; watch planet change. - What energies bring Disclosure?  LOVE! Love is the answer to all situations! - What do Zorra, Galactics and Prime Creator SEE on Earth? - What IS Cobra's "Event?" -  How many cabal are left? -  HGH: Human Growth Hormone?  Over 20? Take it! - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? -  Why did she die? - Disclosure? Prime Creator gave permission! -   How know what sites are beneficial? - Recent IT Video: "Scientists discover 'A core within a core' in middle of Earth" - Zorra discusses MUCH about Earth, creation of planets, what the surface of Earth was really meant for, The Gathering, the Stopping Point, Disclosure...

    Q & A:  Money matters, Innoculations, Adama speaks through Larry "Zursta," Mt Shasta. - Arcturian healing ship arrives above Larry. - Should she learn to read her Akashic records? - Mike, Switzerland, learns how to utilize Hollow/Inner Earth entry and shuttle. - When she APPLIED SOUL... the rash cleared. --  Where was Zaraya/Quazar while Zorra/Saryya spoke through their surface bodies?  We were in Zorra's ship - above Bagdhad - uncloaked for about 5 minutes, could read their license plates.  And what the people were saying .....














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    TRUNEWS 02/09/15: James Bailey - "Economic Chaos Before WW3"

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    Rick opens the program with his perspective on Vladimir Putin’s numerous in-your-face warnings to the New World Order cabal to back off.  This is getting downright dangerous!  In Part 2, James Bailey and Rick discusses Jim’s prophetic dream about a financial crisis that leads to China declaring war.

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