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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #15

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    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode 15 of "Stand Up Hudson Valley."  

    In this podcast, we'll discuss; 

    A new lawsuit against the DEC
    More KJPE propaganda
    Our meeting with Assemblyman Brabenec

    "Stand Up Hudson Valley" is a live call-in podcast.  Not only is public comment allowed, it's welcome. Even if it's NOT on the agenda!

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #14

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    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for episode 14 of "Stand Up Hudson Valley."  This week, you'll hear about the KJ Scoping Session that should not have been held, annexation propaganda, and a very special segment on the plans for a film festival to be held in a theater that doesn't have a plan.

    Stand Up Hudson Valley is live, call-in podcast.  Not only is public comment welcomed, it's encouraged.  Even if it is NOT on the agenda!


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    Valley Blessings---

    in Spirituality

    Joel 3:14-Multitudes, Multitudes in the valley of decision; for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.


    We experience many experiences, success and set backs. In this message today, God tells us that just because we are in the valley does not mean there are no blessings. As a matter of fact, the valley has two meanings. Please join me tonight for God is blessing someone in the valley.

    Check out my hubpage spot under Alfreda Love-I will have articles about education, gospel music, religion, communities, happenings , speaking and entertainment

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #13

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    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for "Stand Up Hudson Valley" episode 13.  Things are heating up in the region: the Environmental Scoping Session for the "KJ 507" annexation will be held on March 3rd.  The KJPE launched a PR propaganda campaign.  And of course, we have more Harley Doles nonsense.  

    "Stand Up Hudson Valley" is a live call-in podcast.  Not only is public comment welcome, it's encouraged.  Even if it's NOT on the agenda.

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    Byron Allen joins us on The Award Winning Batchelor Pad show for Monday March 23

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    Television entrepreneur Byron Allen joins us to discuss the $20-billion racial discrimination lawsuit against cable giants Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Cable.


    Plus breaking news, scores, updates and Aurn news, sports, hollywood live and money matters 


    Join L.A. Batchelor  for all the great discussions.

    Listen at beginning at a special time-7pm EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/la-batchelor or listen on your phone at 646-929-0130.

    If you miss the show you can listen to the Podcast at www.thebatchelorpad.vpweb.com


    All shows can be heard at:

    Follow us at padnation@facebook and pad4truth@twitter      

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    tva, (*tennessee valley authority) -- a congressional charter created in 1933

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    Come learn and listen with me about this charter formed in 1933


    TVA ----  sounds and rhymes with TSA !!!!

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    Listen to music

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    only listen to music just for tonight!

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    The Paradise Principle™ with Paul Morris

    in Spirituality


    On this show I, your host will introduce my original idea and concept I call The Paradise Principle™   This concept explains the here to for unexplainable.  Why certain phenomena defies analysis, like the concept of love or what we call chemistry between two people and in particular that certain quality some people or art or even nature 

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    25 year old Byron Tennell Reddick, born on March 30, 1989 is from a very small town in Mississippi called Friars Point.  In his family circle he has 3 sisters and 1 brother. He graduated from Coahoma Agricultural High School.  Byron is gay and he knew he was at an early age.  In his own words, he explains why. “The way I knew of my preference, was because I was never attracted to women. I felt that all of the things a woman wanted from a man, I did too, such as being romantic, being protected, loved, being cared for and being submissive.  That is how I came into this world feeling that way. I didn't come out until my first year of college because my biggest fear was coming out to my parents, because I knew how my mother felt about Gay people.  She would make comments like, “God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”.  After hearing stuff like that made it hard for me.   When I did tell her that I was Gay, she didn't understand it, but she accepted me, which made our relationship stronger than ever! My father and I still to this day, haven't talked about it”.  Byron had an entourage of feminine friends who use to come and talk to him about their men problems.  He says that he gave them  advice on how to handle the situation until one day a friend suggested that he needed his own talk show, because being a gay man, he knew how a woman should be treated by a man.  He adds that he knew how men assumed that they have the best of both worlds   and at that moment, Byron says that is when it all clicked for him .

    ** The Artist’s Loft is a place where Artist’s from all walks of life are given an opportunity to express themselves in their creative fields.  We do not discriminate against anyone and respect their right to freedom of speech**


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    The Montego Valley Natives

    in Entertainment

    Andy and The Bo return again to talk about a variety of topics including college experiences, bad puns, and top ten list of Will Ferrell movies. 

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