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    NiACOM Music Mix Tues Nov 11 @8pm CST with Minister Deshannon Bynum Dixon

    in Entertainment

    DeShannon Bynum Dixon is a wife of a active duty Marine, a mother of 3 generations of children ages 23, 16 and 7. A former Healthcare CEO, a Bible teacher, an instructor, associate minister, a sister, and a friend.
    She recently left corporate America to follow her passion in helping people live BEYOND Good.
    She has a way of looking at a situation that makes you STOP and THINK, reevaluate and keep it moving.

    DeShannon recently launched her own company Omega's Legacy and has several businesses under the parent company they are DeShannon Speaks a consulting firm, Kissed by Keena a freelance make up artist; DeShannon Dixon Publishing, and The Executive Finishing School set to launch in 2015. She also writes an online devotional everyday at deshannonspeaks.com and will launch her weekly podcast " DeShannon Speaks" next month.

    Her website and list of additional services can be found at www.deshannonspeaks.org
    Join me your Host, Leslie Renee as we enjoy some Inspirational Music by some of the Hottest Indie Artist and let us share nuggets of God's Word. Invite a friend.....and call in for our 'LIVE" interactive audience!! 323 693 3830

    Her website and list of additional services can be found at www.deshannonspeaks.org

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    Who Might Trade for Andrew Bynum?

    in Basketball

    By now you have probably heard the news that Andrew Bynum had been suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team, and that the Cleveland Cavaliers will look to trade him before the remainder of his two-year, $24 million contract becomes guaranteed on Jan. 7.

    Would anyone want him?

    All character issues aside -- and there are plenty of those -- this is still a player who started for the Western Conference All-Stars just two seasons ago. And 7-footers, even former All-Stars with knee issues, don't grow on trees. If you could get him in exchange for an expiring contract, would you do it? Becuase there are plenty of players on expiring contracts whose salaries are roughly the same as Bynum's. One such possibility is Kris Humphries of the Boston Celtics, and one has to wonder whether the Atlanta Hawks will kick the tires on a potential Bynum deal now that it appears Al Horford is done for the season with a torn pectoral muscle.

    More on Bynum, plus a spin around the league, in this interview with John Jastremski of CBS Sports Radio.

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    IHWE Radio Dan Bynum

    in Wrestling

    Dan Bynum joins us LIVE!

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    Why Signing Andrew Bynum was a good move by Pacers

    in Basketball

    Andrew Bynum is going to spend the next several weeks getting into shape and waving a towel for the NBA-leading Indiana Pacers, who have no plans to rush him into action after signing him last week.

    Is that a plan that makes sense?

    In this interview with Jody MacDonald of CBS Sports radio, we debated that question -- and I weighed in with the opinion that it is better to have a third option at center behind Roy Hibbert and Ian Mahinmi than to sit back and watch Bynum sign elsewhere -- perhaps even with an Eastern Conference contender that the Pacers might meet in the playoffs.

    Jody Mac, because of his Philadephia roots, did not exactly agree.

    It make for a lively back and forth as part of an around-the-NBA discussion. Enjoy.

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    Keep Pushing Yourself- The Prophets

    in Spirituality

    Are Prophets becoming Preachers instead of being the Oracle Voice of God? 

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    Hoops Lounge 036 Andrew Bynum | All-Star Snubs

    in Basketball

    On today's show we discuss:

    Andrew Bynum signing with Indiana Pacers

    David Stern's 1984 NBA Draft of superstars compared to Adam Silver's 2014 NBA Draft of potential superstars. #NaismithMoment

    And these questions #InThePost:

    How is Anthony Davis a long shot MVP contender, and yet All Star Snub? 
    Did Dragic get snubbed because of too much talent at the guard position or is his game not “sexy” enough for North America
    How is Tim Duncan not an All-Star
    Overshadowed by Kevin Durant's hot streak, LeBron promised to pick up his game. Will the King deliver
    Do any of the Brooklyn Nets deserve to be in tAll Star Weekend
    What year of his career did Charles Barkley first become an All-Star?

    And Mota looks at why Finland beat out Team Canada for a World Cup spot in Spain 2014.

    Plus our fan question of the week: Are the Raptors for real?


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    Keep Pushing Yourself- Trust Part I

    in Spirituality

    We all will endure in this lifetime. Sometime the jounery can be so draining, stressful, uncomfortable, and many different questions about why me? What happens when you don't have the strength? Or maybe you can't see your way through your situation. Don't give up! Keep Pushing Yourself.

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    Fully Persauded with Olivia Bynum- Prophetic Seer

    in Motivation

    Olivia Stith-Bynum is the CEO of TriManna Productions. TriManna uses the visual arts, verbal and written word to provide spiritual mentoring and gospel entertainment to the masses. God has blessed and anointed her with many talents allowing her to be a voice to the nations.

    Many souls have been blessed by her true life testimony dealing with deliverance from sexual and physical abuse, depression, and other spiritual crippling strongholds, which spurred her books, "If God Is My Lover,Why Is My Bed So Cold?, "Lord is Boaz Lost, Or Am I Just in the Wrong Field?" and the recent release, "Tell Prince Charming to Keep that Slipper, I'm Standing on my own Two Feet!"

    Olivia was led to start a women's ministry in 2011, E.S.T.H.E.R which focuses on women empowerment in community along with focusing on their spiritual and natural relationships. In August of 2013 she become one of the Co-Founders of an  Christian Sorority ZETA NU DELTA where she serves in the office of National Ministries Director. In February 2014, she branched off her ministry to start TriManna School of the Prophets and Intercessors.

    During her spare time Olivia enjoys spending quality time with her family, writing, reading and encouraging others to seek their God given purpose in life.


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    Dr. Juanita Bynum School Of Prophets Tour

    in Religion

    From PimpPreacher.com Juanita Bynum has just launched a School of the Prophet Tour - how do you feel about it? Can the gift of prophecy be taught? Do you believe the current prophets are real prophets? Have you encountered a real prophet? What made them different then the rest of the generic prophecies?