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    Who Might Trade for Andrew Bynum?

    in Basketball

    By now you have probably heard the news that Andrew Bynum had been suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team, and that the Cleveland Cavaliers will look to trade him before the remainder of his two-year, $24 million contract becomes guaranteed on Jan. 7.

    Would anyone want him?

    All character issues aside -- and there are plenty of those -- this is still a player who started for the Western Conference All-Stars just two seasons ago. And 7-footers, even former All-Stars with knee issues, don't grow on trees. If you could get him in exchange for an expiring contract, would you do it? Becuase there are plenty of players on expiring contracts whose salaries are roughly the same as Bynum's. One such possibility is Kris Humphries of the Boston Celtics, and one has to wonder whether the Atlanta Hawks will kick the tires on a potential Bynum deal now that it appears Al Horford is done for the season with a torn pectoral muscle.

    More on Bynum, plus a spin around the league, in this interview with John Jastremski of CBS Sports Radio.

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    IHWE Radio Dan Bynum

    in Wrestling

    Dan Bynum joins us LIVE!

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    Why Signing Andrew Bynum was a good move by Pacers

    in Basketball

    Andrew Bynum is going to spend the next several weeks getting into shape and waving a towel for the NBA-leading Indiana Pacers, who have no plans to rush him into action after signing him last week.

    Is that a plan that makes sense?

    In this interview with Jody MacDonald of CBS Sports radio, we debated that question -- and I weighed in with the opinion that it is better to have a third option at center behind Roy Hibbert and Ian Mahinmi than to sit back and watch Bynum sign elsewhere -- perhaps even with an Eastern Conference contender that the Pacers might meet in the playoffs.

    Jody Mac, because of his Philadephia roots, did not exactly agree.

    It make for a lively back and forth as part of an around-the-NBA discussion. Enjoy.

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    Hoops Lounge 036 Andrew Bynum | All-Star Snubs

    in Basketball

    On today's show we discuss:

    Andrew Bynum signing with Indiana Pacers

    David Stern's 1984 NBA Draft of superstars compared to Adam Silver's 2014 NBA Draft of potential superstars. #NaismithMoment

    And these questions #InThePost:

    How is Anthony Davis a long shot MVP contender, and yet All Star Snub? 
    Did Dragic get snubbed because of too much talent at the guard position or is his game not “sexy” enough for North America
    How is Tim Duncan not an All-Star
    Overshadowed by Kevin Durant's hot streak, LeBron promised to pick up his game. Will the King deliver
    Do any of the Brooklyn Nets deserve to be in tAll Star Weekend
    What year of his career did Charles Barkley first become an All-Star?

    And Mota looks at why Finland beat out Team Canada for a World Cup spot in Spain 2014.

    Plus our fan question of the week: Are the Raptors for real?


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    Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Show & Host Renee Hall Welcomes Kirisma Evans!

    in Motivation


    This native of Dallas, TX currently rest under the covering of Pastor Darrell W. Blair of the New Breed Christian Center, Fort Worth, TX. She serves as Praise & Worship leader and is a vital part of the Ministerial staff. 

    Lady Kirisma began to develop a passionate love for gospel music at the age of 5.  After noticing her gift, her mother began taking the necessary steps in developing this young artist.  Others have also influenced this great woman of God’s music ministry, the late Mr. Audrey Jones, Director of the nationally and internationally acclaimed Maurine F. Bailey gospel choir of Lincoln High School in Dallas, TX. , Dr. Juanita Bynum who’s powerful preaching ministry has transitioned Lady Kirisma into countless ecclesiastical doors that she never anticipated and her long time Mentor, Mr. V. Michael McKay. 

    While most have sold out to secular music she has remained faithful to her purpose and predestined call.  Anyone fortunate enough to listen to Lady Kirisma will agree that she is a psalmist that carries a presence of the anointing far beyond her years. 

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    Niacom Music Mix with Host Leslie Renee April 14@8 pm CST

    in Christianity


    Host Leslie Renee plays the latest music from the Nation's HOTTEST Indie Inspirational Artist!! This episode special Guest...Deshannon Bynum Dixon...explains why LIVING BEYOND GOOD...is something we all should be doing!!


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    Sixers Land Andrew Bynum

    in Basketball

    Sixers reportedly land Lakers center Andrew Bynum for Andre Iguodala

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    Dr. Juanita Bynum School Of Prophets Tour

    in Religion

    From PimpPreacher.com Juanita Bynum has just launched a School of the Prophet Tour - how do you feel about it? Can the gift of prophecy be taught? Do you believe the current prophets are real prophets? Have you encountered a real prophet? What made them different then the rest of the generic prophecies?

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    Fully Persauded with Olivia Bynum- Prophetic Seer

    in Motivation

    Olivia Stith-Bynum is the CEO of TriManna Productions. TriManna uses the visual arts, verbal and written word to provide spiritual mentoring and gospel entertainment to the masses. God has blessed and anointed her with many talents allowing her to be a voice to the nations.

    Many souls have been blessed by her true life testimony dealing with deliverance from sexual and physical abuse, depression, and other spiritual crippling strongholds, which spurred her books, "If God Is My Lover,Why Is My Bed So Cold?, "Lord is Boaz Lost, Or Am I Just in the Wrong Field?" and the recent release, "Tell Prince Charming to Keep that Slipper, I'm Standing on my own Two Feet!"

    Olivia was led to start a women's ministry in 2011, E.S.T.H.E.R which focuses on women empowerment in community along with focusing on their spiritual and natural relationships. In August of 2013 she become one of the Co-Founders of an  Christian Sorority ZETA NU DELTA where she serves in the office of National Ministries Director. In February 2014, she branched off her ministry to start TriManna School of the Prophets and Intercessors.

    During her spare time Olivia enjoys spending quality time with her family, writing, reading and encouraging others to seek their God given purpose in life.


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    Apostle, Author Nabiyah Baht Yehuda stops by Good Deeds w/Dr. Renee' Sunday

    in Motivation

    Apostle Nabiyah Baht Yehuda has been teaching and encouraging believers and bringing men and women into the household of faith for over 15 years. She holds a Masters of Divinity  and walked in various areas of ministry from alter worker to amour bearer, intercessor to office cleaner for the Pastor as well as minister of prophetic dance. She has been creative and prophetic all of her life and never really knew what that meant.In the year of her conversion upon meeting Christ she slowly began her journey into knowing who she was and what her purpose was in the earth. Sometimes she would ask Holy Spirit “Why was I put here?” She had struggled for years with her own identity which gives her a heart to hear the cries of other wounded ones on the battlefield.

    Her heart beat now is a work called, “Reclaiming your voice.” She is dedicated to helping women reclaim their voices and walk with them to their ordained place ofauthenticity. She is the Apostle and Founder of The Chamber Room Experience founded in 2010 and Founder of the Behnee HaNabiim College online school training in apostolic, prophetic, & scribal ministry. She is an author and continues to do workshops based on one of her books, An Audience of One.

    In her apostolic and prophetic (dance) she has been known to cast out demons and administer healing on the spot. She is a a.f.a.a. certified group fitness instructor as well. She has graduated from the mentorship program in 2006-07 of Juanita Bynum. She has been certified by Apostle Buddy and Prophet Mary Crum of Life Center Church in Dunwoody Ga. 2009 workshops: Touching Fire and Releasing Fire. Other training workshops such as spiritual warfare and deliverance under Life Center Church are under her prophetic belt. Her covering is Apostle Joe Brown – Flag Nation Alliance.

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    Why the Cavs Should Get More than Pau Gasol for Andrew Bynum

    in Basketball

    The Pau Gasol-for-Andrew Bynum trade talks appear to be dormant but not dead.

    The Lakers would like to get another worthy asset thrown into in the deal ... but so would the Cavs. And you know what? I have to side with the Cavs and general manager Chris Grant on this one.

    By taking Gasol's $19.3 million salary off the Lakers' books, they will drop Los Angels below the luxury tax threshold, saving the Buss family in the area of $20 million. But that's only the start of it. The Lakers also will be under the tax next season, and that gets them out of danger of being subject to the dreaded repeater tax, which is levied against teams that exceed the tax threshold four times in five seasons.

    So it's not just the current $20 million that the Cavs would be saving the Buss family, it is untold tens of millions more in two seasons when the Lakers figure to be a taxpaying team once again in the final season of Kobe Bryant's extension.

    So multiply that $20 million by a factor of at least two -- probably more given the punitive nature of the repeater tax, and you get an idea of how valuable acquiring and waiving Bynum can be to the Buss family fortune.

    Which is why if I am Chris Grant, I keep saying "no" to Los Angeles unless and until they throw Nick Young into the deal.

    More on that trade, other trade chatter ... and a closer look at the struggling Memphis Grizzlies in this podcast with Three Shades of Blue radio on WHBQ radio in Memphis.

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