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    Good Bye

    in Religion

    Good Bye to everything that will ever keep me from being a good person, good Christian, Good friend, Good Mother or Father. Good Bye to addictions, illegal activities, or anything that will hold me hostage. Never, ever, so long, and bye bye.

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    Ol' Bag of Donuts: No Bye Week for Donuts

    in Football

    Even though the Green Bay Packers are on a bye week, that didn't stop Chris and Adam getting back into the swing of it. The guys break down the San Diego Chargers game to give their positives and concerns. This week's show also presents an early mid-season review and previews the team's chances for the rest of the season. Finally, Ol' Bag of Donuts gives out their awards for the most surprised and disappointed players so far in 2015.

    Ol' Bag of Donuts is a part of Packers Talk, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes.

    Chris Lempesis and Adam Somers bring their offbeat brand of podcasting to Packers Talk, with the latest rumors, news, and prognostications about your Green Bay Packers.

    Follow them on Twitter at @olbagofdonuts and @ASomers_time and stay tuned to Packers Talk Radio Network every week for more of Chris and Adam!

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    TTSO Packers Podcast #56: Bye-Bye Bye Week

    in Football

    The Green Bay Packers are starting up the second half of their season and so are we! We're talking about the Packers that concern us, playing Fantasy Pick'em, and one of the guys sha.res what he doesn't buy about the Denver Broncos

    TTSO is brought to you by hosts, Jeremy, Chris, and Bobbo.

    TTSO is just one great podcast in a great lineup of Packers's podcasts from the Packers Talk, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes.

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    Titletown Sound Off Episode #55: Bye Weeks are for Sissies

    in Football

    On this week's Titletown Sound, we don't need no stinking bye week! We're talking about whether the legend of Jeff Janis is growing or doesn't exist, whether anyone should be concerned about the Packers' defense, and Jeremy and Chris give out their Bye Week Awards.

    TTSO is brought to you by hosts, Jeremy, Chris, and Bobbo. TTSO is just one great podcast in a great lineup of Packers's podcasts from the Packers Talk, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans.

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    Good Bye and Perhaps Hello

    in Pets

    New Radio Station!  I will be heading this cool radio show!  Tonight will be introductions and good byes to my Saltwater show.  Good bye to Mr. William T.



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    RTU: #236 - Bye-Bye, Bayside

    in Sports

    Ready to Unload: With Cal & Sanpete

    Sunday, June 14 is World Blood Donor Day - The theme of the 2015 World Blood Donor Day campaign is "Thank you for saving my life". It focuses on thanking blood donors who save lives every day through their blood donations and strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly... YOU WILL SAVE A LIFE!

    Subscribe to the RTU: Podcast in iTunes HERE - Also available on STITCHER HERE

    RTU: #236 - Bye-Bye, Bayside

    UNLOADING on: Sanpete's last show from Bayside NY was a gem... we discussed the move to a new town (literally, Newtown) and how to root for his teams there and keep his boys loyal to those teams. Then we went around the horn literally to the MLB all star game NBA Draft, the Mets and Yankees, good press for Geno, and Okie on the block. All in all an hour 40 of great sports and stuff talk...

    Plus, Ballers on HBO... will Sports Entourage work? What sports TV series do we want to see...

    Tune in live, or check out the podcast on Wednesday on iTunes!

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    The Madhouse Radio Network *Bye Felicia "No More Games ALLOWED!!!"*

    in Entertainment

    Ever been treated unfairly by the opposite sex??....Stood Up, Looked Down On, Passed Judgement On, Skipped Over, Got Head Games Played With You, etc....??? Well....tonight on the program....The fellas will be sharing horror stories on real life experiences with trying to find true love and demanding answers!!! Donnie Mnemonic, CD aka Crazy Dirk, and Crispy Creame will NOT be holding anything back and nor will they be bitting their tounge. They will be keeping it real and if you don't like what they have to say......then you are obviously GUILTY of playing head games and claiming that you know what you want...when all the while.....YOU REALLY DON'T!!! If the shoe fits......WEAR THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! BYE FELICIA!!! NO MORE GAMES ALLOWED!!! NO feelings will be spared tonight!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of The Madhouse Radio Network!!!!

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    Bye Bye Lebron!

    in Basketball

    Welcome back sports fans to "The Jay Byrd Show!"

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    Bye Week Blues - Patriots Edition

    in Professional

    We look back on the Patriots bye week and how this may impact the rest of the season for the Patriots.

  • Open Forum w/the Brothers - Jubilee Living: Bye - Bye Abrahamic Religions

    in Religion

    Crying COFAH - Open Forum w/ the Brothers -  Jubilee Living: Bye - Bye Abrahamic Religions   (180 mins)

    Yahya Bandele was the Founder and Chairman of The C.O.F.A.H Network and the Creator, writer and director of the best selling Documentary on amazon.com "Hebrew or the So-Called Negro"

    The brothers will discuss current events, history, science and Geo-politics from a scriptural Hebrew Ysralite scriptural perspective. We also encourage caller participation and feedback

    View Yahya's feature films by clicking link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FLdws1o2agoBw-nqaYBjG9Yg

    View Yahya's Daily Video Blog https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv4Ov4g0N91ikDd5zHMAmvxr2Fyhf9s7v

    Yahya's Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/yahya.bandele

    To learn more about COFAH log on to http://www.cofah.com 

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Publisher/Editor Clayton C. Bye

    in Books



       Clayton Bye, under the imprint Chase Enterprises, has been writing and publishing since 1994. The author of several books, as well as internet short stories, poems, articles and reviews, he's also an editor and small business management consultant.