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    Buying or Selling a Business: Business Broker shares success secrets

    in Business

    Successipes host Lori Wilk welcomes top-ranked Florida Business Broker, Business Franchise Owner, Russell J Cohen. On this show Russell will share best practices and tips for selling your business plus tips for purchasing a business. 

    Murphy Business &Financial Corporation is one of the largest and most successful business brokerage firms in North America with offices throughout the United States and Canada.

    Russell Cohen is an expert in the areas of Buying a Business, Selling a Business, Business Valuations, Franchise Sales, Machinery and Equipment Services, Mergers and Acquisitions, Exit Strategies, Business Consulting and Negotiation.

    http://www.FlaBiz4Sale.com (954)646-7651 



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    #126 UTLRadio.com Business & Legal Q&A LIVE: Buying and Selling A Home

    in Legal

    Are you going to be buying or selling a residential property this year? If so you don't want to miss next few episodes. This week we are going to be focusing on a number of real estate questions that we have received over the last two weeks. Today's question is: "do I really need an attorney to handle the sale or purchase of my home?"

    Today show is sponsored by: TimeDock http://timedock.com TimeDock is an incredible employee time tracking app.  Are you tired of trying to figure out how many hours each of  your employees has worked? TimeDock has you covered. Never over or under pay an employee again. Get rid of yoru paper time trackign systed.

    YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUI3OB2ZCcJgLgJeHl3I_Aw  iTunes View In iTunes

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    Selling Books Isn't Easy

    in Writing

    Please join Marsha and Virginia when they welcome Jack Remick on Wed. January 27 at 3 PM EST 2 PM CST 1 PM M T NOON PST.

    Selling your books is one of the subjects to be discussed. Everyone tries so hard to get it right but is there an easy solution? Maybe not, but that shouldn't stop an author from writing a good book and hoping there will be readers interested in their story.

    Number one rule! Write the best book possible.

    Please feel free to call in and ask questions - open topics.

    Call in  (714) 242-5259

    For more info on Advertising and info about World Of Ink Network http://www.worldofinknetwork.com  





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    Sharon Drew Morgen is a sales visionary and developer of Buying Facilitation®, the change facilitation model used for any type of solution to help buyers navigate their buying decision path. Sharon Drew has trained the model to firms such as KPMG, Kaiser, Bose, Clinique, Wachovia, Dupont. She's the NYTimes Bestselling author of Selling with Integrity, and 6 other books on helping buyers buy, as well as over 1000 articles in such magazines as Harvard Management Review and Inc Magazine. Her new book Did You Really Say What I Think I Heard is coming out with AMACOM in 12/14. Sharon Drew is a speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach. In her free time, Sharon Drew is a dancer.

    Facilitating the steps buyers must take before they can buy: an adjunct to sales.
    What we'll discuss on this program:
    The sales model focuses on understanding buyer's needs and placing solutions. It ignores the behind-the-scenes issues all buyers go through as they assemble the correct Buying Decision Team and get the necessary buy-in for change. Do you want to sell? or have someone buy? They are two different activities; the sales model only addresses one of them. The time it takes for buyers to get the buy-in for change is the length of the sales cycle. Because sales does not handle this, sales cycles are protracted as buyers figure it out. But sellers can help.

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    The Car Man Show - 15 car buying facts every woman needs to know

    in Automotive

    Don Houston author of the book WOMEN CAR BUYING SECRETS and host of the national automotive radio talk show "The Car Man Show " will discuss a chapter from his book 50 things every woman should know about car buying. He will hightlight 15 of the 50 things that women car buyers need to know. This show is a must for woman car buyers.

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    Selling with Integrity. Have No Shame in Your Game.

    in Christianity

    Sell with integrity.  Are you doing this?  Do you want to?  Do you even know what selling with integrity means?  If you don't know what I mean about selling with integrity, if you know you are not selling with integrity, or if you intend to sell with integrity, this content is for you.

    Those who sell, sell more, and sell more often will have the bigger paycheck  However, many sales professionals sabotage the long term income because they lack integrity and have a lot of shame to their sales game.  

    If I am successful, we will close this show agreeing on this matter, and while I will not be able to know the impact of this close on my listeners, I hope that you will be influenced to re-evaluate your posture and position regarding your profit.  So, I have declared the desired outcome for this sale up front.  You decide if you agree with me, or in other words, you have been sold and this transaction is considered closed.  Let's go!


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    Selling OOAK Skins on eBay by Dragon Backbone

    in Marketing

    Tune in to meet this awesome seller I met at a local eBay workshop I was presenting in Ocala FL. This seller was so interesting to me I invited him to be a guest on my radio show. Meet Phil, the owner of DragonBackbone.com.  He has been selling online for quite awhile and his family roots go back a few years creating these unique and OOAK items. In eBay terms that stands for: Original, One of A Kind. 

    Visit his eBay store while you wait at: SomethingUneek

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    Ed Tech Sales: 2016 Job Market Revealed!

    in Marketing

    Hiring trends for ed tech sales professional and shifts in compensation for school sales specialists -- these are important indicators of the health of the educational technology industry. If you sell products and services to educators, staying on top of the job market is essential. If you are a manager looking for ed tech sales talent, how will you compete for the best sales professionals? What does the big picture look like for ed tech sales in 2016? What sales skills are ed tech companies looking for? Are inside sales channels gaining ground or is a field team the preferred way to sell to school administrators? These are some of the questions we unpack during our fast-paced annual K-12 industry forecast with sales recruiter, Mark Phillips, of HireEducation. Mark joins host Glen McCandless. In just 15 minutes we unpack the hiring landscape for professionals in the 2016 school market. Don't miss out!

  • NFL Week 1 Recap & Buying or Selling Breakout Players

    in Football

    NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football show breaksdown the impact players from the NFL week 1 season. Which players we are buying, and which players we are selling. We also discuss players who has favorable week 2 matchups. NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football show also quickly discusses some of the waiver moves of the week. Also find out who won the Fanduel week 1 matchup between Jeff and Seth. 

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    New York Times Best Selling Author Dan Bongino Author of The Fight

    in Books

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview New York Times Best Selling Author Dan Bongino Author of The Fight.

    in his book   ...The Fight: A Secret Service Agent's Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine…. Dan lays out the current political and security failings of our nation, and the frightening concenpt of Secretary of State Clinton's emails. The gloves are off, Bongino is playing for keeps and knows this is a very dramatic period in our nation's ability to cover and defend itself. Please check out the link to his powerful Op Ed in the New York Post from December 9 (the press kit for the book is attached as well in this email).

    He provides personal insights that he knows from first hand experience to issues ranging from national security and the political arena such as:

    *Clinton's emails quagmire and flagrant violation of protocol which might be the least of our worries if she's elected President


    *White House fence jumper and drone security breaches showing a dystopian security future where privacy will have to be bought, and your secrets might be available to the highest bidder

    *President Obama's insulated ideological life which has forged him into a grossly inadequate Commander-In-Chief with his failures to understand what his tentative inaction is doing to our standing in the world

    The national election  year is upon is, and politics and national security are the issues of the day that must be addressed. I urge you to interview Dan Bongino for your show and give coverage to your publication. What he has to say is spot on, eye opening, and may be the best advice our nation receives in order to straighten itself out.  I look forward to speaking with you at yoru earliest convenience.

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    Marketers: Enabling your customers through their buying journey

    in Marketing

    Feel like you’re providing customers and prospects the “right” information at the “right” time as they travel through their buying journey? Having a 360-degree customer view that enables you to predict what they want and how to meet their business needs is essential. When customers’ experiences meet or exceed their expectations using your product/service it’s a customer/company win/win.

    Additional Resources:


    “How to Synchronize Your Marketing with the Customer Journey”



    “Marketing Metrics, Technology & Customer Experience”