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    Writing Your Heroine's Story with Laura Jones and Hot Pink YOUniversity

    in Self Help

    We all have stories...women learn from one another through our stories...history is learned through stories.  One of the number one life goals for so many woman is to be a published author.  Your story could be completed in 12 months and ready for publishing.  Seriously!  Sound good?  Laura Jones joins Hot Pink YOUniversity for this gorgeous interview on the power of our stories and what makes YOU a heroine of your story! 

    Laura Jones is a Women's Empowerment Coach specialing in Creative Expression, Communication and Passion Fueld Livelihoods.  She compassionately supports women of all ages to rediscover their point of view, explore their creativity and pursue livelihoods that fill their hearts and wallets.

    For over a decade, Laura has guided women to heal trauma, build self-esteem and explore their purpose through therapeutic writing and energetic healing.  Her approach is empowering, supportive, non-judgmental and creative.  If you would like to know more about how she might support you or a woman you love, you can reach her at LauraWritingWisdom@gmail.com

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    16 Questions to Ask YOUrself in 2016 with Hot Pink YOUniversity

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    Hot Pink YOUniversity shares 16 questions to get women thinking about what they desire for 2016.  Questions filled with passion, purpose and play as we reflect on 2015 and move into a transformational time.  Questions like Have I Loved My Body This Year?  What Powerful Yes Can I Say?  And many more...Hot Pink YOUniversity will lead the discussion for these reflective and deep dive questions....YOU just need to show up with a journal and a pen and gift yourself 30 minutes of time.  See you there!

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    I Am What I Say I Am

    in Self Help

    Have Tea with Blase, this Wednesday night at 6:30 pm on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.

    Join Blase and her Guest: Nivia Cavic PHD

    Call-in and speak with them live at -(347) 324-5185

    Nivia Cavic, has been working in the field of training, personal development and mental health for over 30 years. She holds a PhD in Psychology and teaches a variety of courses including Social Psychology, Ethics, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, and Theories of Counseling. 

    By applying her iam idecide TM philosophy to the human condition, she provides workshops on effective parenting, athletic performance, addiction/recovery, purposeful living, and inter-personal relationships. She has counseled hundreds of individuals, families and groups through the process of recognizing, owning and leveraging personal power in order to help them live productive, meaningful, fulfilled lives.

    Presently, she is a member of the Faculty at Mohawk Valley Community College, and is completing her first book, titled, “Standing Under”.


    #GratefulHeart #iamasuccessstory #IamIdecide

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    The Julio and Doctor Chan Show

    in Entertainment

    Let you be heard call in and discuss our most important issues future leadership

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    How to Create More Bravery in Life. Hot Pink YOUniversity's Keys to Bravery

    in Self Help

    Live a life out loud and on fire!  Sound good?  This takes brave action.  Hot Pink YOUniversity shares the keys to manifesting a life you love to wake to each day.  Our first group of graduates from our Woman of Fire Program: 7 Steps to Reignite to Passion, Purpose and Play have learned how to live out loud!  You don't have to go this alone...hear how you can join the next group of graduates and live your life with brave action!

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    The Julio and Doctor Chan Show

    in Entertainment

    Comedians Julio and Doctor Chan discuss our most important issues of today.

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    ***Join us by logging into: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/iamasuperwoman2
    And/Or Calling in at: 845.277.9243

    ***Contact I Am A Superwoman: iamasuperwoman2@gmail.com

    Do you need to jump start your upcoming week? Do you just need to breathe a breath of fresh anointing? Well join I Am A Superwoman and experience an hour of Praise and Worship Music. No commercials, minimum interruptions.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy good old Gospel Music in the comfort of your own home.

    You can also call in for Prayer and Testimonies. 

    If you have a favorite song you would like to hear, email your requests to iamasuperwoman2@gmail.com, I will try to accomodate you. 


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    Erotic Stimulation and Sexual Sensation with Pink Heffs Natural Herbal Blend

    in Romance

    Join us, for another steamy erotic conversation tonight, right here, on Erotic Talk Radio. Tonight we’ll be talking to Mr. Magic, of Pink Heffs. A natural herbal blend, that gets you wet, and so sexually stimulated, you will want to climb up on your man again and again and….. did I mention again. Tonight, we are going to get into how this herbal blend can open your sex centers, and have you feeling  so aroused, it will send you on a sexual high. And as always, this is a stimulating conversation you don’t want to miss.

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    "We Turned Gitmo PINK on Thanksgiving" on "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee"

    in Politics

    Alli McCracken and CODEPINK went to Cuba for Thanksgiving. Sponsored by the Global Peace Council, the Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the People, and the Cuban Institute of Friendship of the People, delegations from CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Witness Against Torture, and United National Anti-War Coalition attended the conference held in Guantanamo, Cuba, the site of one of the most contentious U.S. military bases, the U.S. Naval Base that houses the notorious military prison that since January, 2002 has incarcerated 779 persons for alleged ties to al Qaeda, the Iraq insurgency and other activities designed as “terrorist” by the U. S. government.  With the most recent release of five prisoners this week to the UAE, the prison now holds 107 prisoners, 47 of whom have been cleared for release by the U.S. government years ago and 46 that the U.S. has decided are so dangerous that they will be imprisoned indefinitely without charge or trial. Please join us for this important dicussion. Longtime Activist, Journalist, Coffee Party Director & Radio Host, Bobby Rodrigo brings you "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee" on the Coffee Party USA Radio Network every Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM. Advocating engagement Bobby points out the Constitution is the Rule of Law and why it should remain so. Money in Politics, the Political Party Machine, Cannabis Prohibition and partisan blind allegiance is on full display as he advocates against the erosion of Constitutional Protections in the name of corruption & tyranny. "If we focused on following the Constitution we would solve many of the ills of our society. Offering guests from Political Organizations, Activism, Media & Artists Bobby invites you to join him Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM on Coffee Party USA Radio

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    The Julio and Doctor Chan Show

    in Entertainment

    Comedians Julio and Doctor Chan discuss our most important issues of today.