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    Common Mistakes to Avoid when First Creating Your Business

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    Denise Griffitts Interviews Strategic Revenue Optimizer Kim Beckers

    Kim Beckers works with burnt-out, rockstar biz owners to multiply their income, maximize their impact and realize more freedom by implementing systems and processes that free them to leverage their time and expertise, working less and earning more.

    Today she is going to share her story about how she got started down this path by first creating a profitable business that she didn't enjoy. In fact, she actually hated it. And how she made the tough decision to move away from that business to create a new one that she really loved and that gives her true freedom to live the lifestyle she knew she could earn.

    Kim is also going to offer actionable tips and advice to help you from falling down the entrepreneurial rabbit hole as you build your business.

    Grab your Plan of Action Cheat Sheet: 9 Simple Steps to Create a Plan of Action so you can reach your goals FAST! Just click here to get it FREE.




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    Jesse and Paul Fowler Specialty Portable X-Ray, Inc. At home or business or....

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    Paul J. Fowler, RT, LRT began his x-ray career in 1978 after graduating, with high honors, from Albany Memorial Hospital School of Radiologic Technology. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Fowler founded Specialty Portable X-Ray, Inc. During the 35 year history, SPX has initiated many major changes in the portable x-ray industry. Innovating and adapting to new technologies as soon as they emerged has kept Specialty Portable x-ray at the forefront of the x-ray industry.

    In 1990, Specialty Portable X-Ray was the first to design and offer mobile developing units
    In 1993, Specialty Portable X-Ray was the first company to combine mobile film developing with teleradiology
    In 2000, Speciality Portable X-Ray was the first portable x-ray provider to invest in and utilize CR (computer radiology)
    In 2010, Specialty Portable X-Ray went 100% direct-digital capture taking advantage of the reliability and speed of the internet.
    In 2011, Specialty Portable X-Ray began providing emergency exam results within minutes of completed exams. 
    In 2014, Specialty Portable X-Ray unveils its custom EHR (electronic health records) software

    Specialty Portable X-Ray Inc.
    1-888-XRAY-NOW (1-888-972-9669)

    Strategies of Success
    Host Brian A Cohen DTM
    www. briansos.com

  • 12 Mistakes Business Owners Make And How Not To Do It In 2015

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    Join Rosemary Nonny Knight, business coach and founder of Wealthy Warrior Alliance, and me as we discuss the 12 Mistakes Business Owners Make And How Not To Do It In 2015!

    Based in the UK, Rosemary Nonny Knight  is the lady people ask for when they are ready to fight for the life and business they want. 

    Rosemary is an author, property investor, business coach, and the founder of the Wealthy Warrior Alliance and The League Of Warriors—online and offline mastermind groups that enable leaders to step into their true selves. Visit her at www.RosemaryNonnyKnight.com.

    Based in the US, Tia Johnson is a spiritual healer, teacher, speaker, best-sellingauthor, and enterpreneur. Tia focus is to help one's inner and outer spiritual growth as well as to help women entrepreneur to succeed.

    Currently, Tia is an Organizational Dynamics graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. Visit Tia at www.violetsanctuaryspa.com.

    Do you have a topic you would like Tia to address on the show or would like to be a guest on the show? Email her at Tia.Johnson@violetsanctuaryspa.com

    Call In Numbers: Domestic- 619-996-1641 International- Press the Skype button

    Time Zone of the show is eastern. Please visit www.timeanddate.com/worldclock to know what time the show airs in your area.

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    KEI Radio Host - Interviews Doug Hess - Key Strategies for Business

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    KEI Radio Host - Donna Ghanney interviews Doug Hess, Author of CEO: Lessons from Wall Street for a Winning Attitude”.

    Learn Key Strategies for Building a Successful Business

    *Overcome challenges

    *Take action to yield success

    *Harness quality opportunities

    *Think outside of the box for your business

    Doug's BIO

    Doug Hess attained his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and master’s degrees in Human Resource Development from Indiana State University. Doug works full-time for a non-profit headquartered in Madison, WI. He's worked in the Financial Services industry since 1995 and has worked in marketing/sales for that industry since 2004.

    Doug is also an adjunct faculty member where he teaches in the School of Business for several local colleges and universities.

    Among Doug’s other achievements, he co-authored the book, “Gordon Gekko, CEO: Lessons from Wall Street for a Winning Attitude”, which was published in 2012 and has given talks across the country relating to the concepts discussed in his book.

    As an Executive Producer, Doug helped produce the short film, “Who’s That Guy?”, released on September 1, 2012. This film was a unique and entertaining look into a film critic’s journey to locate a goatee clad, bald man.

    Doug is married to Misty and they have two young children (Zack and Drew). He serves on several boards within the community and enjoys reading in his spare time, while running the local youth soccer league with his wife.

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    Alfred Poor Author Speaker discusses How to Attract new and Repeat business

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    If you build it will they come? This is one of the questions he asks you when you visit his website. We may assume people will find us but that is not necessarily true. There are many strategies and tools that can be used to help your company get noticed. 

    Alfreds seminars, videos and blog is a great ongoing source of information and ideas. This is a must listen to program for any growing business and especially for the business that hasn't yet found the right marketing strategy.


    The Center for Small Business
    700 East Walnut Street
    Perkasie, PA  18944
    email apoor@tcfsb.com.

    Strategies of Success Radio
    Brian A Cohen DTM Host

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    "Soulful Sales Strategies for Business Success"

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    "Nothing happens until someone sells something." This powerful statement made by Thomas J. Watson, could be classified as the ultimate business mantra. The fact is, this powerful axiom really sums up what business is all about. Many business owners understand that sales is the lifeline of any company’s success. However, many of them, particularly, women experience challenges and discomfort when it comes to selling their products and services. That's why Lori Manns, business, sales and marketing strategist is tackling the subject, Soulful Sales Strategies for Success™. In this segment, Lori will discuss her 5 step process for how to authentically sell your products and services without feeling sleezy or aggressive. You will learn key strategies to accelerate the sales process by having conversations that attract prospects to become customers in less time than it would normally take. In addition you will learn how to use your soul and soul purpose to identify how to best sell whatever you have to offer. For coaching and consulting options to help you increase your revenue, connect with Lori by visiting her website. www.qualitymediaconsulants.com

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    Monday Business #Reset: Networking Strategies To Increase Net Worth in 2015

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    Happy 2015!

    Lets talk about the importance of good old fashioned networking. Yes. Leaving the house, attending events, creating a supportive circle  and having a strategic plan each time you leave the house.

    Join Versandra Kennebrew and I as we talk  (5) essential strategies to WIN at netwoking and achieve your wildest dreams by pressing #RESET as it relates to your goals, team, and thoughts.

    Check out Versandra Kennebrew's LOVE TOUR 2015: VKI (Versandra Kennebrew Intl.) is a personal development company which provides tools and resources to support busy professionals and healing artists on their journey to optimal health and optimal performance.


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    041: Powerful Publicity Strategies

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    Liz and Alyssa interview Jill Lublin, a 24 year veteran of Public Relations.  We dig in to find out what PR has to do with growing your business and doubling your income.  We'll get Jill to tell us...

    What you need to know about “the message”; what is it, and how to create it
    What exactly is an expert anyway?  Who can be an expert?
    The secret sauce formula for creating a great media script
    The “ooh-aah factor” that will set you apart
    The real ROI on publicity


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    5 Easy Strategies To Grow Your Small Business While Stretching A Dollar

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    Short on funds? Don't have the resources to hire someone to create or maintain a website? Need a marketing plan but can't afford one? Most people use these as excuses as to why they can't grow their business to the next level but not you. You have come to the right place to learn fresh and innovative ways to grow your business while stretching your dollars. Join host and author Lisa Sims as she discusses 5 Easy Strategies To Grow Your Small Business While Stretching A Dollar. You don't want to miss this show!

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    Creative Entreprenuers: Break Through to 6-figures by Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

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    When you became an entrepreneur I bet you had lofty goals. Lots of free time, making tons of money.
    We all start out excited and pumped up. Inevitably most of us get stuck. What are the three things you might be doing that is keeping you from breaking that 6-figure mark?
    Minette Riordan is here to tell us! She’s going to share: 

    Why only 6% of women ever reach 6-figures
    What is a “creative” entrepreneur
    What are the three massive mistakes that creative entrepreneurs are making in their business
    and more

    You say you want to build your business? Avoid these 3 massive mistakes most creative entrepreneurs make that destroy their chances of breaking through to 6-figures.

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    Activist, Organizations and Non-Profits are Collaborating Efforts for Successes

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    A new and better America is within each American. Not everyone wants or feel there is a need for a new and better America. We have already everything needed for a new and better America. Usually what we seek has missing elements and we have to wait for money or opportunity. With the massive jobless people today we have people power. With soaring stock markets, thanks to consumers, businesses have funds to donate. With the education and skill level of Americans today, we can tackle any series of ideas with success. With all that we have, our only need is within each of us. Desire. With a desire for a new and better America, we can see it become reality. Call on Politicians, Activist, Organizations, Non-profits and individuals to collaborate efforts for America's successes. Together and only together can all America will  bask in full employment, raised wages and keep ACA.

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