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    Business Launches IV

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    This is the last in our series of how to launch a new business. My guests are changing how to be self employed in Brooklyn, and how we lose weight.
    Andy Smith is creative director at The Yard, a coworking and private office space in Brooklyn, sometimes the forgotten borough. With over 100 companies working in tech and creative fields, The Yard offers month-to-month memberships with 24/7 access, giving startups the space to grow and cultivate their businesses. From web development to graphic design, music management to cartography, the companies that call The Yard home are innovative, enterprising businesses that together make for a creative and sustainable community. Hosting weekly events like art exhibitions, meet and mingle happy hours, workshops, classes and networking events, The Yard's amenities extend beyond the customary Wi-Fi and free coffee. Find more at: workattheyard.com,  on Twitter @WorkAtTheYard, and on Facebook/workattheyard.
    Michelle Falsetta is a serial entrepreneur, a worldclass female bodybuilder, fitness model, and one of NYC's premier personal trainer, fitness instructor and nutritional counselor. Having built a lucrative business in the World of Mixed Wrestling events, she has been featured in NY Daily News, NBC, the Gazette, and others media outlets. She is now a spokesperson and saleswoman for Advocare products, the premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity. Are you up to the challenge?  Find more: www.advocare.com/130131746
    So tune in, call in, chat in, tweet in, and remember, stay inspired!

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    Business Launches III

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    This week I bring you two more small businesses who are launching into the deep.
    Tony Bacigalupo is founder of New Work City, and he is changing the game on how people do business in New York. Established in 2008 as a coworking community for independent workers, it grew out of a grassroots effort to establish a dedicated space for people who work from home to gather. Right now it is home to over 150 freelancers and startups. You can stop talking to the cat, and talk to real people! Find out more at www.NWC.co
    Kelapo Coconut was founded 3 years ago by Erin Meagher. While finding great success as an online business, they have grown to the point where they had to begin stocking stores. They have now launched their wholesale division, and their products can be found in 50 states on grocer's shelves in large chain stores. With each and every jar, they strive to deliver the freshest, highest quality coconut oil and ensure the fair and ethical treatment of the farmers who cultivate it, while incorporating eco-friendly practices to protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources. Find them @ www.Kelapo.com
    So tune in, chat in, tweet in, and as always, be inspired!

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    Business Launches II

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    Each week as I broadcast this show, I implore my listeners to reach deep, find their passion, and launch a business, in their spare time, after work, on weekends, or even during lunch. This week's guests are women after my own heart!
    You don’t have to quit your day job!” is the bold message coach and speaker Tai Goodwin delivers to women ready to  pursue their purpose. Tai is editor-in-chief of Launch While Working, a site dedicated to those who dare to launch a business without quitting their job, reaching thousands of purpose-driven professionals each month. She  helps her clients create the life, work, and prosperity they really want. You can find her at: launchwhileworking.com. As a special treat, one of her clients, Sharon Nickey, will chat with us about the success she found using Tai's proven methods, as she left her corporate job to begin her career as a relocation specialist.
    Also with us will be Anna D. Banks, MAS, GCDF, Work-Life Transitions Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, CEO of Imagine More LLC and host of the Living Fully after 40 Radio. Anna is also a contributing author of Masters of Networking, the author of more than 100 articles, Baby Boomer Pre-Retirement Tips and creator of the soon to be released coaching program, Launch During Lunch: "Turning Passions into Profits While Still on the Job". This program coaches men and women experiencing job loss through corporate downsizing, restructuring and layoffs. Find her @:LaunchDuringLunch.com.  
    So tune in, call in, chat in, and tweet me during the show with your questions for myself or guests, @grandmasecrets. And remember, stay inspired!

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    New Business Paradigms: Conscious Commentary on Business and Society

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    Join us for the World Business Academy's monthly podcast featuring Academy President Rinaldo S. Brutoco in conversations with Executive Director Matt Renner. Our monthly podcast covers the latest macro-economic trends as well as in-depth analysis of politics, business and society.

    The World Business Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit network, think tank, and action incubator. Our views and analysis are given without any motivation other than helping to ensure our listeners know how to protect their savings in an unpredictable and chaotic economic climate. 

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    Louie Veleski Launches Dates4Hire

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    Louie Veleski is from Melbourne Australia, and is the founder of a brand new type of dating site called Dates4Hire.

    His website allows people to hire a platonic date or non-sexual companion for just about any type of social event.

    To learn more:



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    Practical Business Entity Tips - Is Your Business Safe?

    in Legal

    Have you ever wondered what terms like, “Articles of Incorporation,” “Organizational Meeting,” “Bylaws'” and “Minutes” actually mean, and do you know when and how to apply them to the smooth operation of your business entity? In this show, Bill and Rick discuss these issues and much more as it regards the practical everyday business tips you need to keep your entity protection the best it can be.

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    On the Edge Women In Business Christmas On-Air Party

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    The On the Edge Women In Business Christmas On-Air Party is for all the women out there that are hard working, and put it in, in 2014!  Business Owners, professionals, students, mothers, wives we do it all, its a little holiday girl fun!  Dial into the show and share a little holiday cheer, own a business tell us about it, and what do you want for Christmas!  

    A little holiday fun with Silicon Valley's top Business Purpose Coach and Radio Host of AM 1220 KDOW Money 2.0 Business on the Edge with Margaret Jackson.  

    Tune-In grab a cup of your favorite holiday drink and goodies.   



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    Building a Business From the Ground UP!

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    Ellen Percival is the Co-Founder and Publisher of the multi-award winning parenting publication, Calgary’s Child Magazine. Since it first hit the newsstands in 1994, Calgary’s Child Magazine has been supporting, connecting and informing parents in innovative ways. In April 2013, Calgary’s Child Magazine was awarded a prestigious Calgary Award for Community Achievement in Commerce by Mayor Nenshi and Calgary City Council.

    But it took time and dedication to build this business.  Ellen along with her business partner Sherry worked hard to get Calgary's Child Magazine where it is today.

    Join us as we talk to Ellen Percival.  We'll walk through the trials and tribulations of building a business.  There's going to be mistakes along the way.  But the important thing to remember is to learn from them.  

    You can read Calgary's Child Magazine HERE.  

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    5 Tips For Shooting Video For Your Business

    in Marketing

    How do I start?  What do I say?  How do I say it?  Where do I post it?  In order to be successful at video marketing, it all begins with proper planning and that starts with the script.  

    Join Rick and Bill as they discuss the 5 Tips for Shooting Video for Your Business and provide an understanding that with the proper coaching and organizational process, video marketing can truly enhance your brand.  You'll discover how to attract your target market to your product or service without breaking the bank.

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    Veterans for Business Tribute

    in Education

    In this show honoring our veterans, Bill and Rick discuss the incredible degree of involvement our service men and women have in the workforce, as well as the training and development programs available to vets and their families and how they might access the necessary capital to start an enduring business enterprise. We dedicate this show to our veterans and pledge that WFB Legal Consulting, Inc. and R2 Visual Studios, as well as The Bottled Business Sense Show, will always be there to lend a hand.

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    Time to think about business sustainability with your host Josh Patrick

    in Business

    Join Josh Patrick and his guests Scott Hamilton, Tom Deans and John Mill.  We're going to talk about discussions our family needs to have, why families fall apart and a different way of leaving your business.  Scott is an expert in estate and wealth transfer.  Tom is a best selling author and he'll discuss his new book Willing Wisdom.  John is going to help us think about a different way of leaving your business by hiring your buyer.  You're sure to get tons of great take home value from this episode.

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