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    Light upon Light

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    As-Salaam 'alaikum. Welcome to a night of powerful prayer for our dear country Nigeria, the Muslim Ummah, especially Muslim sisters and the entire human race. May we all be protected from all dangers threatening our existence.

    As for the situation in Nig., this is worth reading. The writer is unknown. How did the giant of Africa descend this low in the minds of those who used to respect her so! Never in the history of Nigeria, not even during military rule has our esteem, our pride, as a nation taken such a bashing!: "I have carried out a research about Jonathan's popularity and credibility among world leaders, whose neutrality is unquestionable. Here are some of their views: "Jonathan is running a government that is supervising the syphoning of Nigeria’s resources"-Senator Hilary Clinton "Jonathan’s government is practically not existing and therefore, America should just help Nigerians"-US senator John Maccain. "I do not think the Nigerian president is on the right track. Why would he and his party carry out this massive campaign in Ghana when we all know that their country do not vote online? It is misplaced, if you ask me."-Ghana's President. "I would rather commit suicide than ask the international community to help safeguard my country against militias, our country has a strong army to do the job unlike Nigeria"-Cameroon President “I have never called the United Nations to guard us. Me, Yoweri Museveni to say that I have failed to protect my people and I call on the UN: I would rather hang myself-Uganda president. “It would be a vote of no confidence in our country and citizens if we cannot guarantee our security? What kind of persons would we be?”-Senegal President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe said, "Nigeria was so corrupt that you have to bribe a pilot before he could fly his passenger plane at Nigeria’s airport".


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    HOST: Serge Ndayizeye


    1.Nyuma yaho bimaze kugaragara ko Leta ya Paul Kagme ifite ibibazo biyikomereye birimo ubukene , Kagame n'agatsiko barategara kwijyana muri Congo bitwaje gushyashya FDLR

    2.Kuki Leta ya Kagame ifite impungege ko FIB ndetse na Congo badafite ubushake bwo kurwanya FDLR

    3.Ese FDLR yaba ikora ibyo isabwa ngo batayirasaho amasasu?

    4.Leta ya Kagame isanga inama za ICGLR ari uguta umwanya ndetse no gusesagura amafaranga

    5.Ese gutandukanya FDLR n'impunzi muri congo bizashoboka? bizakorwa nande? ko bigaragara ko Congo bitayorohera

  • A Runners Inspiring Story - Gilbert Tuhabonye, Genocide Survivor

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    An amazing account of faith, running as a national champion, hope and inspiration.  A true story of genocide survival and a second chance to give back as a running coach in America.  As told by Gilbert Tuhabonye.

    Gilbert Tuhabonye, a native of Burundi Africa, a nationally ranked runner and genocide survivor.  Tells how he escaped being burned to death with all his schoolmates, now a renowned running coach in America. An inspiring story every runner must hear.

    Gilbert narrowly escaped an attack on his school as the Hutu’s sought revenge for the murder of the president of Burundi by the Tutsi’s. With 30% of his body burned he escaped a burning building where as many as 200 of his class mates lay brutally tortured and burned to death.  Fortunately, this story ends well as Gilbert now coaches runners in Austin Texas.

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show: Africa is more then Ebola

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    Guests: Sriram Shamasunder completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in June 2008. As a physician who trained at a public hospital and has provided medical care abroad, Sri is interested in the delivery of comprehensive health care in resource poor settings. In addition to his clinical work training medical students and residents on the medical service at UCSF in San Francisco, he spends much of his time abroad. In 2009, Sri spent five months in rural Burundi and Rwanda with the organization Village Health Works and Partners in Health providing comprehensive primary and HIV care as well as designing innovative clinical programs. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, he led a group of Harvard surgeons in Western Haiti providing medical and surgical care in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. In 2012, he was a Fulbright-Nehru scholar to India studying innovations of care among tribal health organizations throughout rural India. In the last several years, he has split his time between UCSF, Liberia, Haiti and India. Currently, he is co-founder of HEAL initiative, which aims to support workforce capacity in limited resource settings, both in the United States and internationally. Clementine Ntshaykolo – Program Coordinator Clementine is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She is fluent in English, French and Lingala. Ms. Clementine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and a Minor in Sociology from UCSC. She most recently worked as an Event and Outreach Researcher for the Center on Contemporary Conflict (CCC) at the Naval Postgraduate School. Clementine Coordinates AAN’s activities including fundraising, grant writing, outreach and communication and direct assistance to clients. Clementine is in her last year of a Masters in Public Administration at San Francisco State University

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    Host: Jean Paul

    Mucyumweru gishize, Muri Bourkina Fasso, habaye imyivumbagatanyo yakuyeho ubutegetsi bwa President Blaise Compaore, nyuma yimyaka 27 yari amaze kubutegetsi aho baenshi bavuga ko yari amaze kugambanira President Captain Thomas Sankara, benshi bita Intwari ya Afrika. 

    Mu Rwanda, abantu barimo kwibaza niba atariho hatahiwe. Aba analysts benshi barimo kuvuga ko U Burundi, Congo, na Uganda nabyo bishobora kuba bitahiwe niba ntasomo bakuyemo. 

    Ikimaze kugaragara nuko, bishoboka ko byagera no murwatubyaye. Mbese turiteguye!


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    Mucyumweru gishize, Muri Bourkina Fasso, habaye imyivumbagatanyo yakuyeho ubutegetsi bwa President Blaise Compaore, nyuma yimyaka 27 yari amaze kubutegetsi aho baenshi bavuga ko yari amaze kugambanira President Captain Thomas Sankara, benshi bita Intwari ya Afrika. 

    Mu Rwanda, abantu barimo kwibaza niba atariho hatahiwe. Aba analysts benshi barimo kuvuga ko U Burundi, Congo, na Uganda nabyo bishobora kuba bitahiwe niba ntasomo bakuyemo. 

    Ikimaze kugaragara nuko, bishoboka ko byagera no murwatubyaye. Mbese turiteguye!


    Muze tubyunguraneho ibitekerezo

    Host: Jean Paul

    Guest: Call In

    Telefona Radio Itahuka kuri 1347 945 6449 maze utange igitekerezo.

    Andikira radioitahuka@gmail.com utange feedback



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    The Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show

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    On Sunday October 19th 2014 at 12 PM Europe Time, 11 PM UK Time, 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST, Wacko Bob is pleased to announce that The Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show will have a special show featuring the African Love Bird Society. Join Marine Biologist John Brandyberry and Willy "The Beast" Forrest as they discuss "The Art of Keeping and Breeding The Yellow Collared Lovebird" with their scheduled invited guest Susan Baker Saylor

    This species also called Masked lovebird or Eye ring lovebird, is a monotypic species of bird of the lovebird genus in the parrot family Psittaculidae. They are native to northeast Tanzania and have been introduced to Burundi and Kenya.

    Species: Agais personatus


    Tune into The Wacko Radio Network for all the great programs at:



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    Originally started as a Summer 2013 project with Executive Director Thomas Witt, Equality Kansas the premier LGBT organization of the state, "Wednesday with Wit" has become a staple on our programming schedule.

    Program Schedule Oct. 8 2014:

    Short late breaking news annoucements from Kansas politics.

    "This Way Out" the international gay and lesbian radio magazine.

    TWO Summary: vAn untold U.K. union story comes to the big screen with "Pride"; marriage equality advances in the U.S. but stalls in Australia, Belgrade clears the way for a thousand Serbs to parade with Pride, trade pressure gives Museveni pause on Uganda's pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the Philippines' Quezon City and Spain's Catalonia region block bias and hate, drag queens fight "Facebook's" "names game", and more LGBT news from around the world.

    Amanda Marcotte's "RH Reality Cast" from the vital RH Reality Check news web site.

    Summary: "On this episode of Reality Cast, I talk to Sarah Roberts about the relationship of domestic violence and abortion. In another segment, I discuss how Texas lost all but eight abortion clinics after a Fifth Circuit ruling last week, but it’s the conservatives in D.C. who are claiming to be oppressed."

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     Montréal, le mercredi 9 avril 2014 – Le Collectif de Survivants et Victimes du génocide contre 
    les Hutu en 1972 au Burundi en collaboration avec des membres de la Communauté burundaise 
    du Canada inc., le CCIJ et avec le soutien du département du multiculturalisme du Gouvernement 
    du Canada annonce la tenue d’une conférence internationale sur le premier génocide commis 
    dans le silence en Afrique des Grands Lacs (R. Lemarchand): le génocide contre les Hutu au 
    Burundi en 1972. La conférence aura lieu le samedi 3 mai 2014 à l’auditorium du Collège Ahuntsic, 
    au 9155 rue St-Hubert à Montréal (Québec) à partir de 12 H 00. Les activités de cette Journée 
    d’action et du Souvenir débuteront dans la matinée par une commémoration du Génocide à 
    l’endroit du mémorial du génocide arménien et des autres génocides du XXè siècle (Parc 
    Marcellin Wilson, Coin du boul. Henri-Bourassa et du boul. de l’Acadie) et seront suivies par une 
    célébration commémorative interconfessionnelle. 
    Le régime militaire de l’époque au Burundi, dirigé par le capitaine Michel MICOMBERO a organisé 
    les arrestations, l’exécution et la disparition des hommes et des femmes de tous âges, dont 
    l’unique crime était d’être né de l’ethnie hutue. Des centaines de milliers d’innocents, dont la 
    mémoire est savamment occultée,

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    4000 Years of black injustice Reversed by the Kingdom of David

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    The Kingdom of David shall channel global black frustration and anger into a global Love Revolution to establish the world wide Kingdom of David. The hope of the Ethiopian people is that their heir to the throne by way of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon shall sit on the throne of David.

    America and the world is racist in policy to black people and at the same time ask why young black males are so angry. The anger comes from frustration and confusion of what to do. THe Kingdom of David will channel that anger to a peaceful love revolution that will bring hope, respect, restitution and reparations to Africa and her children in America and the rest of the world.

    This broadcast announces the global revolution that must come from Jerusalem in order to restore hope. There is a war between good and evil and Jerusalem must lead the forces of good against the tyrannical forces of evil that wish to shackle man-kind into a global new world order that disrespects God and our individuality in the image of God, the forces of the world seek to change us from within to the image of their father, that old serpent satan.

    Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but a spiritual battle that will erupt into love, truth and Justice by the establishment of the Kingdom of David.

    This program is 100% listener supported and will not continue beyond the trail period without your support.

    Our pay-pal address is give@kingdomofdavid.org

    www.kingdomofdavid.org is our website.


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    Abanyamakuru ba BBC bagiye kwirebera imirambo imaze iminsi iboneka mu kiyaga cya Rweru.

    Basanze iyo mirambo iboshywe n'imigozi ikomeye cyane ku mpande zose, hejuru hariho amaraso.

    Ejo ubutegesti bw'u Burundi bwemeje ko hari imirambo ireremba mu kiyaga Rweru, iboshye iri mu magunira.

    Jean Berchmans Mpabansi, umujyanama w'umukuru w'intara ya Muyinga yabwiye Gahuzamiryango ko abarobyi bavuga ko hashize ibyumweru 2 babona imirambo mu kiyaga Rweru "iboshye."

    Umurwi w'abategetsi b'u Burundi n'u Rwanda, ejo bafashe ubwato bajya kureba ibivugwa n'abarobyi.

    Bwana Mpabansi yavuze babonye amagunira 2 arimo imirambo y'abantu ariko "ntitwashoboye kureba ..harimo bangahe."

    Yakomeje kuvuga ati "ku rundi ruhande rwa ruguru ...batubwiye ko hari indi mirambo ipakiye mu magunira..ntitwashoboye kugera yo.."

    Yavuze ko bigaragara ko iyo mirambo iva mu ruzi rw'Akagera.

    Theos Badege, umuyobozi w'ishami ry'ubugenzacyaha muri polisi y'u Rwanda yabwiye itangaza makuru ko babonye imirambo 2 yangiritse.

    Polisi y'u Rwanda iravuga ko iyo mirambo itavuye ku ruhande rw'u Rwanda.

    Bwana Mpabansi yavuze ko mu Burundi badafite amakuru y'abantu babuze.

    None iyo mirambo yavuye he?

    Ibihugu byombi biravuga ko iperereza ryatangiye.

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