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    Ever wonder about the freaky, erotic, and wild world that is Burlesque? We talk with two burlesque dancers to find out! The word derives from the Italian burlesco, which itself derives from the Italian burla – a joke, ridicule or mockery. It involves parody, travesty, caricatures, and over-the-top performances. Join us to learn more! http://cougarchatradio.com

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    Burlesque Babes

    in LGBT

    Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck are joined by Toronto burlesque babe / event producer Scarlett LaFlamme, who is producing a Game of Thrones themed Burlesque event at Club120 on Friday November 30th. 

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    Meet Burlesque Dancer Sabina Soubrette

    in Culture

    First Half: Briefly talk about sexual shame (what I learned in the group discussion this past Tuesday).

    Second Half: Modern Sex Culture sits down to talk with burlesque dancer, Sabina Soubrette. It's been a pleasure to watch her launch into her passion and transform over the last year! Here are some topics we'll attempt to cover:

    What is that shine that pulled her to burlesque?
    What personal transformations has she consciously made and what happened as a result of plunging into performance?
    What are some challenges that were faced personally and professionally?

    And so many other questions. These are just basics but we want the conversation to be organic. Let's see where this takes us! Happy Valentine's Day!

    To see Sabina Soubrette perform, click here!

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    The Ignorance Equation- Sex, Death, and Burlesque!

    in Politics Progressive

    Sunday we will be speaking with the brilliant and enigmatic Neo-Burlesque Performer, Justine Sane from Lost Girls Burlesque. So join us this Sunday at 1PM when we talk Sex, Flesh, Death and all things Burlesque! And make sure you listen with someone you love.

    Also the "Mildly Aroused News" with Duane The Honey Badger, "The Nugent Report" with Dee and "Crazy Talk from Dad" with The Saucey One.

    It's Verbal Erotica for your Horny Little Earholes!

    Not Enough? Need More?

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    Burlesque Group - Platinum Productions

    in Lifestyle

    T-Girl Mandy Goodhandy will chat with Belle Jumelles, St. Stella and Johnny B. Goode from Platinum Productions.  A Toronto based Entertainment production company specializing in Burlesque, Cabaret and Variety Shows. Presenting:  A Platinum Production: LADY GAGA vs MADONNA BURLESQUE at Club120   Belle Jumelles - Belle might be most recognisable in the Toronto Burlesque community for her "belle jumelles", but it's her voluptuous voice and flirtatious teasing you'll remember. You're Welcome.   St. Stella (www.saintstella.com) – As Toronto's own 'Bendy. Buxom. Blonde.' Stella is an award winning burlesque performer known for her joyful stage presence, and surprising flexibility. But, don't be fooled, this saint can be a real sinner.   Johnny B. Goode - Not one to peel himself, Johnny might have the best job in the world; he sings while people strip. Doesn't hurt that he's got a crooner voice and good looks that'll charm the pants right off you!

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    Perle Noire presents Burlesque Featuring Dulce Deleche

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    Perle Noire and NYC Dulce Deleche will discuss the importance of singers in Burlesque and Vaudeville shows.Dulce Deleche is a Burlesque performer, Peggy Lee lover, jazz singer and glitter junkie. The caramel crooner of burlesque, has been sharing her curvaceous sensuality with the world of burlesque since 2006. Dulce spent nine months as a cast member in This Is Burlesque with the World Famous Pontani Sisters, has performed in several burlesque staples throughout New York City and was nominated for a Golden Pastie in 2008. Dulce is also a producer and creator of Dulce's Juke Joint. You can frequently catch her singing the standards at various New York City venues.

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    Playtime With Sandra: Burlesque Assassins Interview

    in Movies

    Call-In: 858-815-2333
    Gather 'round your electronic devices for another round of Playtime With Sandra. Tune in and join your radio hostess, Sandra LONDON, for an extended audio teaser with Burlesque Assassins director, Jonathan Joffe.
    Burlesque Assassins is a super-hot, sexy, burlesque comedic thriller filled with intrigue, espionage, and a bevy of bold and brash beauties.
    These femme fatales are assigned and committed to defending democracy and freedom----
    all with the aid of delightful cleavage, rosy red lipstick, saucy ensembles, quick wits, and sharp-shooting mastery.
    Listeners, feel free to call-in and join the discussion with Jonathan of Joe Media and Sandra LONDON on Playtime With Sandra Radio at 858-815-2333 anytime after 8:45pm Pacific Time until the end of tonight's broadcast.
    A bientot,
    Sandra LONDON

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    The Ignorance Equation-More Sex, Less Death and a Touch of Burlesque!

    in Politics Progressive

    This week the return of Canadian Neo Burlesque Performer Justine Sane from Lost Girls Burlesque joins Saucey, Dee, The Honey Badger, and our dear friend Clair Kaiser from Germany for a frank and honest conversation about Sex. Are Americans Oversexed? How do Americans view sexuality compared to the rest of the world? Find out this Sunday at 1PM EST. This will be an open forum show and we will be taking listeners calls at 646.478.3554.

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    Episode Thirty...An evening with D20 Burlesque!!!

    in Hobbies

    Okay Wolfers, let's grab the kiddies and send them away for the evening, because this show is all about the other side of being a geek.  No, I don't mean screaming out the names of some Cthulian God while in a room full of the faithful, although we did have that happen.  We are not talking about watching women in animal costumes slink around the stage taunting the audiance into a frenzy as they shed of various layers of clothing, but we did see a classic duck strip tease.  Nor are we alluding to playing a board game assembled entirely from parts hidden amongst some co-eds clothing which she must remove in order for us to play her little game...wait, wait I forgot about the mouse trap dance that Iris Explosion did that nearly brought the house down.  I'll be damned, I am talking about that side of Geekdom...and if we are going to talk about it then we need to introduce Anja Keister the founder/producer of D20 Burlesque the wildest/funniest Geek show you will ever see.  

    Based out of New York, this collection of talented and beautiful ladies has been wowing audiences since 2011 with their naughty but nerdy views on subjects ranging from Board games to fantasy characters and even Uncle Lovecraft himself.  So, let's not make you squirm like a fan girl any longer, let's get to the show and have the ladies tell us all about the exciting things they have lined up for us this year and what next year holds for their troupe.

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    EGH Media Presents Burlesque

    in Entertainment

    Burlesque is all about tease, but no sleaze.
    Corsets, killer heels and stockings, little bit of mischief and a lot of cheek.
    This show chats to the girls who dare to get up on stage and entertain you.
    Why they do it? How they got into it and why it differs from stripping?
    How if you want to, you could do it.
    Where you can catch a show if you don’t want to try and what to expect on the night.
    Plus tales of what happens when things go wrong.
    All mixed with some music chosen by the girls who guest on the show.

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    Perle Noire presents Burlesque featuring The Rhinestone Follies

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    The Rhinestone Follies is a burlesque troupe dedicated to preserving the art of the classic burlesque. Heavily influenced by the girlie show of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Rhinestone Follies' monthly show at R Bar features hundreds of feathers, thousands of rhinestones, live music and sideshow entertainment. The glamour obsessed beauties who make up the troupe are Kita St. Cyr, Beelzebabe and Hazel Honeysuckle.