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    Burger Radio

    in Comedy

    This Radio is on mostly everday if not i'm probally busy, but the radio will be on either 6:00 or 5:00 so listen for those times..

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Bow Down To Burger King

    in Politics Conservative

    Warren Buffet chooses his wallet over his demigod; The Left's ridiculous Burger King freakout over and above Michelle Obama's food Nazism; An open letter to Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown regarding his call for a Burger King boycott, so long as he leaves all the mushroom & Swiss Triple Whoppers for me; Who’s really to blame when corporations flee the capricious Obama regime?; Democrat Financial Logic Bombs to eternity, with the banks forever framed with the blame; Perhaps all of the above is why the Left is approaching another "Kool Aid moment".

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    Joe Burger - Ohio State Linebacker

    in Sports

    Joe Burger talks Ohio State Football TONIGHT on Lancer Line!

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    PIJN News: Burger King Now Selling Pro-Gay Hamburgers?

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * A county clerk in Colorado is issuing homosexual marriage licenses against the law.
    * The Supreme Court declines to protect Christian therapists who restore homosexuals.
    * Burger King is now selling pro-gay hamburgers?

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    The Burger Bros in the UK

    in Food

    Welcome in to Flavor Living Radio as we hear Scoff and Quaff tell us about some great Burgers in the UK..

    This week’s sponsors are the Intolerant Wife & Squerryes Westerham . The show was presented by Jules Serkin @JulesSerkin, and Dr John Sykes @Johnonebill. The guests this week are Karl Wozny @BurgerBros_UK talking about his Kentish businesses in Deal, Margate, Whitstable & Herne Bay & his plans for the future. This was followed by the Squerryes Westerham interview with Mark from Kentish Cobnuts @PotashFarm talking about nut cracking & the cobnut business. Our second guest was “At the bar” Andy Setterfield @HoodenersHorse talking about the bar scene & his forays into local hostelries. Music this week: Happy – Pharell Williams, Is that love? – Squeeze, & island in the stream – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rodgers.

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    Mount Everest Here We Come..Elevation Burger

    in Food

    Who, can resist the taste of a juicy yummy mouth watering beef burger and for you on the lighter side there is something for you as well.  Step into this glorious fast food hunger saving place and savor with us the flavor on Flavor living radio.  Vegan’s get your taste buds going and join us because there is something coming your way too.

    Flavor Living Radio steps into Elevation Burger’s fast food restaurant so join us as we climb the heights of a good tasting burger so good it will take your taste buds to the clouds. 

    GotoMeeting Today

    Their philosophy is to have a burger that is fresh and flavorful, made of the highest quality ingredients, authentic, sustainable prepared food that is better for you and better for the environment.  

    Come listen in.  We will be interviewing Hans Hess, CEO and founder of the Elevation Burger restaurant chain.  The first and largest organic burger chain in the country and hear what makes this burger Elevate above the rest.

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    Wings on the Ground w/ Cathy Andrews: Holly Burger "Juggling CRAZY frequencies"

    in Radio

    BACK for an encore visit with us is Holly Burger of Lightworkers Alliance! 

    Holly is a channel, professional artist and spiritual facilitator. She helps people clear negative energy and connect with their guides by working with pure Christ Consciousness Beings of Light! 

    We will hear more about Holly's Pocket Prayer Book and her readings. Stay tuned to see if she will be doing any ON AIR READINGS tonight!

    Holly's contact information:

    Website: www.LightworkersAlliance.com

    Email: holly@lightworkersalliance.com

    Facebook: Lightworkers Alliance/Holly Burger

    Wings on the Ground Radio Show with Cathy Andrews every Tuesday at 8pm eastern time! Visit her fan page at http://www.facebook.com/wingsontheground to learn more about the *Wings On The Ground* Certification Program, and announcements about classes, guest appearances, and of course, upcoming radio show guests! 

    Ask Cathy how you can have a Reading with her today by sending her an email at mermaidreams4me@gmail.com .

    Follow us on www.Facebook.com/AngelRadioNetwork.

    Call the show at 714-242-5256.

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    FSL10 - Burger-bot kills unskilled jobs?; Pope's Google Hangout

    in Christianity

    Tim Weldon looks at the burger-flipping robot that could render the minimum wage discussion moot; Pope Francis hosts Google Hangout for a global audience of teens; Is the Archbishop Sheen Cause for Canonization on again?; Sean explains why the podcast is getting a facelift.

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    America is on fire

    in Current Events

    Today we witnessed citizens in the United States protesting for a $15 minimum wage, while doing so, they allowed speakers calling for the murder of police officers with firearms and even machetes. Something is seriously wrong with the direction people are moving it. First of all, a wage is $15 is what most local truck drivers make, including those who haul dangerous cargo such as Rock, sand, etc in dump trucks. you don't see these drivers demanding a higher wage, they do it because it's honest, and worth the value of the job. however we had a protest where people who flip burgers at fast food joints like Burger King and Mcd's who feel they deserve that same wage for working in the fast food industry. is something wrong with this picture? I don't see you people risking your life and job by driving the public roadways and could risk everything from a single accident that would cost everything. because as we all know, any truck accident is the drivers fault. that's the public view at least.

    I was floored watching the stream from this protest where they allowed members of their party to actually suggest killing cops with machetes and guns, i didn't see anyone else mention this madness. we're all doomed. simple as that. where are the fema camps when we need them the most?

    Host: iHazcandy

    Co-Host: Chris

    The Patriot Radio Show is operated by www.PatriotVPN.com
    Turn to us if you need a personalized VPN hosting experience.

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    Wings on the Ground with Cathy Andrews: Lightworkers Alliance with Holly Burger

    in Radio

    Tonight's guest is Holly Burger, the founder of Lightworkers Alliance. She will be sharing information about how to connect with your angels and guides!

    Holly Burger is a channel, professional artist and spiritual facilitator. She helps people clear negative energy and connect with their guides by working with pure Christ Consciousness Beings of Light. 

    Listen in to hear her special offer for Wings on the Ground listeners for readings and her Pocket Prayer Book (paperback or e-book)! (Note from Cathy: I have used Holly's prayer book many times, it is very helpful!) 

    Wings on the Ground Radio Show with Cathy Cartisano Andrews every Tuesday at 8pm eastern time! Visit her fan page at http://www.facebook.com/wingsontheground to learn more about the *Wings On The Ground* certification program. 

    NEWSFLASH Watch for Cathy's classes to be available in WEBINAR form! 

    Ask Cathy how you can have a Reading with her today by sending her an email at mermaidreams4me@gmail.com .

    Follow us on www.Facebook.com/AngelRadioNetwork.

    Call the show at 714-242-5256.

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    Two Men Franchise Owner Kathleen White

    in Social Networking

    What's Up Diamonds,

    Thank you for listening to the the show with much #gratitude please continue to listen and support the show, guest and musicians. Monday is back to buisness, I'll be talking to one of the local business owner KATHLEEN WHITE franchise owner.

    We get to find out the nitty-gritty of owning a franchise my guest Kathleen purchased into the "Two Men" moving company, a name most of you are familiar with or have knowledge of, in any case I'll be asking Kathleen more about it so you'll hear it again. For me owning a franchise would be scary, from my perspective, maybe a McDonalds or Burger King anything short of that I would worry about its success rate. But I must say Kathleen is doing it and doing it well! I will be asking her my usual line of questioning, her inspiration and drive to open a moving truck business. What are some of the struggles and achievements that occur especially when it comes to the big corporate companies like Harrison's. I was also wondering is social media a dominant advertisement tactic for this industry and has she been able to utilize it within her company. This is going to be a great business interview those of you thinking about buying into a franchise this is your opportunity to ask those informative questions and get the answer from someone who's been there and going far.

    "Talent in 10" is fast approaching have you sent have you sent in your audio yet? It's never too late even if you don't send it in time for our premiering show you can send it for next month's Talent in 10 show. Send your audio, 2 sentence write-up, and link at least one week prior to the last Monday of the month.

    Feel free to send in any questions to: ljdntalent@gmail.com

    Please continue to support #IndieArtists Music.


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