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    The Burden of the Prophets

    in Christianity

    Blogtalkradio had technical problems this morning so we were unable to broadcast LIVE. This is the audio of the message from the FGC service. The message "The Burden of the Prophets" comes from Jeremiah 15 & 20 and deals with Jeremiah's struggles to deliver God's prophetic word and commands from Scripture to a majority of God's people who didn't want to hear it. This message also addresses a recent interview that TD Jakes gave to the Huffington Post where he stated that his views on LGBT and Christianity have "evolved and are evolving." And I nstead of preaching the gospel of faith in Jesus and repentance from sin (including LGBT) TD Jakes affirmed that the black church and the LGBT community can coexist. Then, Jakes says that "LGBT people of all types and sorts have to find a household of worship that reflects what your views are and what you believe...like anybody else." Thus, we are seeing yet another Christian leader compromise on the issue of homosexuality.

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    10112015 Calling Vs. Burden.

    in Religion

    Join Bishop J.O. Sparks at 11:00 PM (EST) as he preaches a powerful message titled, "Calling Vs. Burden". Do you know the difference? Every Minister of the Gospel and every Saint of God desires to be in the will of God. We know the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord. God leads we follow but how do we know if what we are desirous to do is a burden or a calling? We will with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ answer these questions tonight as we discuss, "Calling Vs Burden".

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    Marta Burden,West Line Encounter

    in Books

    Seth Haberman is your average guy––family man, marriage reconciliation counselor, Modern Orthodox Jew who follows Torah to the best of his ability. He loves his wife and his kids.

    His little plot of land in rural Illinois is all he needs to fulfill his life’s dream of security and peace. Everything is good.

    Seth’s life is about to change. He meets Joshua Josephson on the Chicago West Line Metra.

    It’s been a stressful day at work. Seth’s desire is to leave his job behind and relax with his wife, Rivka and their six children. However, he does something he’s never done before. He invites this stranger to dinner. And not only that, he allows Joshua to stay for a week.

    Seth is under deadline to finish the garage apartment for his sister-in-law and her soon to be husband. Joshua mentions that he’s done carpentry work. Seth asks Joshua to stay on and help him finish the project.                 

    Seth’s friend, Richard has concerns about this man. Could he be a danger to the family?

    One day before the completion of the apartment, a crisis threatens to challenge the very core of the Haberman family. Will Joshua’s presence help or hinder?

    At weeks end, Seth and Rivka are faced with questions that will change the course of their lives.

    Has Seth made a mistake in inviting Joshua into his home?

    Marta Burden is a published author with stories in Inspire Anthologies, including Faith, Victory and Promise.

    Marta graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Biblical Literature, and began her career as a bookkeeper, office manager and eventually executive secretary for an education/lobbying organization. Now retired, she devotes her time to her love of writing contemporary fiction, devotionals and short stories.


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    The Burden of the Mantle

    in Spirituality

    Transferring the Anointing.

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    The Burden of My Red Lips in Tehran, w/ Iranian-American Shaghayegh Farsijani

    in Culture

    "The Burden of My Red Lips in Tehran,” by Iranian-American author Shaghayegh Farsijani

    Shaghayegh Farsijani is a former reporter and anchor, turned author and poet. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has finally returned to her hometown of New York City. After publishing her collection of sensual poetry, she decided to share her story as a young woman during some of the most heated years in Iran's modern history.

    Shaghayegh states, "When I returned to Iran with my parents in my late teens, I embarked on an exciting and life-altering journey. This story is based on my true life experiences of moving to a culture rich in history but torn by religious controversy. I was firmly grounded in the Western culture of my formative years, which began in Brooklyn, NY. I plunged through transformational challenges in Iran and guarded my Western identity. This novel is my story of how an adolescent girl—equipped only with fearlessness and without true life skills—sets goals and begins a journey with insurmountable odds."

    For more information visit: http://redlipsintehran.com/

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    Kara Gray, Actress & Chase Dudley, Payton's Burden

    in Film

    Tonight Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes

     Actress, Kara Gray to the show. 


    Kara will be discussing the new upcoming Romantic drama, Peyton's Burden

    Chase Dudley, Filmmaker discusses his new film Payton's Burden

    Chase will be discussing his various film projects, including the upcoming drama, Payton's Burden. 



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    Isaiah 17 - What is the burden of Damascus?

    in Religion

    In the news today, we have Russia, China, France and other powerful nations involved in the conflict with ISIS in Syria.  What does the Bible say about Damascus and Syria?  What does the Bible say about the French people and their destiny?


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    Your Personal Care Products Linked To Toxic Body Burden

    in Women

    Is your quest to be more beautiful and youthful harming your health? The average woman uses at least 9 different personal care products in their morning routine. The average personal care product contains 14 different toxins. Join me on Fashion & Food Wardrobe Wednesdays to find out how your personal care products can be compromising your health. I'll start the conversation on the different toxins to look for on your personal care product labels. You'll walk away with a better understanding about some the different toxins that you encounter on a daily basis. Find out some easy things you can start to do today to lessen your toxic body burden.

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    January Jones-Caregiving-Burden or Blessing?

    in Family

    Meet Becky Feola author of Eldercare: Your Guide to Making the Best Choices Possible.

    Becky will share the story of her late husband who had Huntington’s Disease (a degenerative brain disease) and how she cared for him for 11 years until his death at the young age of 49. 

    This journey as a caregiver led her to start 2 eldercare businesses (one a non-profit and the other for profit) along with writing The Eldercare Consultant.  


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    Sharing Each Other's Burden

    in Religion

    Is sharing burdens a sign of weakness? Irene Thuku and Charity Maina will show us the strength in burden sharing. Listen live at 619-393-2852 or http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thank you for choosing Pinnacle of Praise Show. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    Burden of Proof - Who has it?

    in Atheism

    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus addresses the burden of proof and who has it.  Atheists often claim that those who believe in God, or theists, hold the "burden of proof."  The burden of proof means that one has the obligation to defend his or her claim.  Atheists shift the burden of proof on theists in order to excuse themselves from defending their claim of non-existence of God.  Sacerdotus explains what the burden of proof is exactly, how it works and who has it during a discussion or debate.  

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