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    Drunk Poetry Reading The Drunk Bum Spoken Word Poetry

    in Hip Hop Music

    This is an original poem I wrote called The Drunk Bums! Go buy 45 Revolutions by No Longer The Hero here! https://nolongerthehero.bandcamp.com/track/45-revolutions-feat-mia-lj

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    Doug Knott L.A.Poet- -9-20-15 GirlGeoRadioShow

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    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show..3pm-3:30pm Calif.time~

    9-20-15 ~ Interviews  Doug Knott Another of the Carma bums

    The Crazy L.A. Poets I Knew at Al's Bar..

    "The Open Ened It" ......Along with S.A.Griffin..Bobbo Staron..

    Without These Guys The Downtown L.A. Art & music Scene.

    Would Have Been down Right Bland..Throwing things at the stage..Heckeling each other..

    Screaming & yelling..They Invented "No Talent Nite" at Al's Punk Bar..Beautful Downtown L.A. 1980's

    DragonSlayerProductions..Berkeley,Ca.# 87 - 139

  • Kermit and The Cannibals Season Premiere

    in Comedy

    From the creators of the critically acclaimed "Oxford Cannibal," comes a brand new talk show that disects everything from "Bring Your Cousin to Work Day" to "Did Donald Trump Really Surgically Remove His Belly Button?" 


    Join your host, Kermit, and the rest of the cannibals at 9pm CT tonight as they discuss topics that are sure to keep your attention and never, ever let it go.


    Topics for Tonight Include:


    1) Bums- Let's Change the Culture 

    2) Is the Government Watching You? (Yes, he is)

    3) Is Steamboat Willie truly a Nazi propoganda film?

    4) Advancing Our Education System- Kermit's Changes for Our Children

    5) Faking Blindness- What Should the Penalty Be If Caught? 

    6) Guest Segment: Restaurant Expert Billy



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    Making easy money from home. The bums win man!

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    Make money from home easily. Get paid to be a bum. I reveal the secrets now!

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    Boomer Nation Radio-Terri Benincasa

    in Business

    Join the conversation with Terri Benincasa

    So, who is this Benincasa woman & why would I listen to her show....?!

    She is an avowed, certified, & certifiable Baby Boomer
    She is known nationally as a Boomer expert,because since 1999 she has been continuously studying everything Boomer (from what turns us on to what bums us out, our generational characteristics, the trends that we impact and impact us), and has a maniacal desire to help all of us live well!

    She holds a Double Masters in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University (no...she doesn't walk around with it in her hand...).

    She is a veteran stage and commercials Actress.
    She has had over two decades of experience as a Executive Leader, and then Personal & Business Coach specializing in getting Boomers to their best in every part of their life.
    She is authoring her first book for and about Boomers, which really will be published soon, she promises, titled Is That My Light at the End of the Tunnel?  that takes Boomers through the ways we got lost as a generation (the tunnels), and how we can fix it (the lights).  
    You have no other choice...this is the first, and still one of the only shows on broadcast radio that’s for Boomers only (hey, we’re honest...).

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    TGP NFL Radio 2015: NFC North Preview

    in Sports

    Lions and Packers and Bears, oh my! (and the Vikings too, but nobody cares about them).


    As someone who likes the majority of the teams in this division and likes to see them all succeed, this division really bums me out.  There's not enough spots to go around for three good teams in the NFC North, and someone has to sit on the sidelines.  Such is the game of football, but that doesn't make it any better.


    The preseason really needs to end....

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    in Politics

    Gerrymandering has made a mockery of the democratic process throughout the US. Engineering districts to benefit one party or the other has been raised to a fine art, making most of them safe for incumbents. Current members of Congress have over a 90% chance of being re-elected. Those who call to "throw all the bums out" generally seem to feel that their bums are the exception to the rule, not making the connection to why Congress as a whole has a 9% approval rating.

    With the stunning defeat of House Speaker Eric Cantor by a candidate who spent little over 5% of what he did, it is evident that unified action by disaffected voters can affect elections. Citizens of Virginia's District 7 have shown both conservatives and liberals that they do not have to settle for the choices of the establishment in the Duopoly parties. The key to turning this apparent anomoly into a trend will be to get self-identified liberals and conservatives to agree on issues that they can unite on and use them to elect candidates who will represent the People and not special interests.

    Poltical analyst Karl Eysenbach joins us once again to talk about how some activists are organizing in Eugene, Oregon to challenge the lock that party flacks have on the Board of County Commissioners. Their success in the recent elections holds lessons for everyone who wants to end corporate control at all levels of government, end the gridlock in Washington and Take Back America for the People.

    This show was rebroadcast on June 21 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to educate the American public on true costs of corporate control of the US government.

    Know the truth and the truth will set us free.

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    Talking about the truth once again....

    in Radio

    Talking about the real facts on how Kayla got sued from NatD ..... And also how Kayla can't afford to purchase a vagina..... And also about all the twitter bums

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    in Politics Progressive

    Donald Trump took center stage in the GOP's first televised 2016 presidential debate in Cleveland on Thursday night.  Right from the start when one of the three FOX TV moderates, Brett Baier, asked which of the GOP candidates would not support the eventual GOP nominee in the Fall of 2016.  

    Without hesitation, the DONALD raised his hand.  He even intimated that he would entertain the idea of running as an Independent.

    Some says that Megan Kelly's line of questioning to Trump regarding Trump's misogynist statements regarding women he had allegedly made in the past cut Trump down to size.  Not so!  On the first reply he hurled back at Kellly Trump said he was only referring to Rosie O'Donnell.  The guy has some Schmaltz.  He dominates.  He resonates.  The whole place just hums with him being present on stage.

    The other bums in the proceedings, particularly JEB BUSH, did not really amount to anything, certainly nothing earthshaking.

    Some in the media pointed out that Ohio Governor John Kasich had a great line regarding "unconditional love" during the segment on Gay Marriage.  That's such a low bar with Democrats, I guess for Republicans that amounts to a watershed moment.  Whoopeee.  Who Cares?

    The biggest loser of the night was Jeb Bush.  Insipid, lackluster, tame, professorial, unassuming, half-hearted, there was nothing about him to even remotely suggest a leader of presidential caliber.  He's a government, policy-oriented type but he is not presidential caliber any more than the rest of the ragtag lot of GOP 2016 candidates.


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    talking about why people feel they have to lie

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    Talking about why people must lie to make them selves feel better... And also why this fat pig is still going with her trashy side kick

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    magar hour exposed in dtla "we eat homeless guys" aka bum mentor

    in Social Networking

    we eat human there is alot of bums in dtla so eat some