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    America's Car Show welcomes Jeff Mohr of Super Bumper to the Show

    in Automotive

    Tom Torbjornsen interviews Jeff Mohr of Super Bumper. Tom Torbjornsen reviews automotive news. Tom Torbjornsen answers listener's car questions.

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    Heather Wagenhals--New Bumper Crop Of Scams In 2016!

    in Current Events

    No sooner that you've rung in the new year and the scammers descend. Happy New Year! You can't build a Great Digital Wall of China/Trump, it's just not practical. Restrict your social network access and you can keep things a little more private. Be wary of friend requests. Keep your phone numbers hidden and unlisted. Pay attention to click for support sites, fake charities and fake sites that appear real. Watch out for chip credit card scams and part time job scams. The list is endless. So be vigilant!

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    Quantum Healing with Candace - The Mandela Effect - Open Lines

    in Spirituality

    The Mandela Effect and Shifting Timelines is the topic for tonight's show. What memories do YOU have about popular culture and "facts" of recent history? 

    We will explore some common "Mandela Effect" subject matter and I am happy to take calls to see what you remember about topics such as- how many times have humans actually LANDED on the moon? Have a number in mind? Are you SURE of that number? I was, and in our current reality my number is so wrong as to be laughable!

    Mis-remembering masses? Dimentional Shifts? Holodeck glitches? What do YOU think?

    I'll discuss a couple of QHHT sessions where this topic is also explored.

    Feel free to join the discussion in the chat room or call in! 

    You can find out more about Candace at http://newearthjourney.com

    You can find out more about Dolores Cannon at http://dolorescannonqhht.com

    Thank you to In5d and Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling always for their incredible support http://in5d.com

    Thanks to Latteta for the bumper music. http://latteta.com

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    Bumper Stickers From Hell: A Review of 14 "Christian" Memes

    in Christianity

    Exposes the subtle heresies of "Christian" placards.  

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    Makers on Acres with Brett Brauma

    in Education


    On the next episode of the Makers on Acres Tech, Build and Grow show, Brett will be talking about high production gardening.

    Many of us throughout the year always dream of a lush beautiful garden, but when spring time hits we usually skip steps, or don’t quite build our gardens the way we had envisioned all through the winter. For many of us, throughout the winter time, we dream of, and design our elaborate garden plans in our heads. Reading and planning all are great steps to our dreams of a bumper crop, but how do we break from the main stream gardens of peppers, tomatoes and lettuce to a family feeding harvest all year long?

    There are so many different systems for growing food and thousands of choices in crops. Choosing the right system and right crop can fill your kitchen and possibly your wallet as well. We will be discussing some of the many high production crops as well as the systems that they should produce well in.

    One thing that many gardeners always focus on is where to purchase plants, or seeds, but many forget to think about propagating their plants with other methods. Learning and practicing multiple methods of propagation can increase your yields and plant inventory as well as provide an additional few dollars of income or use as a barter item. We will be discussing some of the most popular propagation methods and you can get started with some of them, even now, in the middle of winter!

     If you are getting the gardening itch, tune in and get your creative garden plans started now so you are ready this spring to hit the ground running!

  • 01:29

    Episode 1196: Engine House Training

    in Training

    The Engine House Training Guys are friends and students of the fire service who like to share their combined knowledge and skills with others.  Discussions will include  the most basic tactics and training to leadership and officer development and everything in between.  They love the fire service and look forward to having spirited discussions around the virtual kitchen table or from the engine bumper.               

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    2015-11/18 TBhr2 Sabado Gigante & Tony channeling Don Francisco & MrsDoubtfire

    in Sports

    Hour 2 - Robin has a Hot Tamale Takedown story, which, leads us into eStudio Dos, Sabado Gigante and Tony channeling a cross between Don Francisco and Mrs Doubtfire.  Tony talked about sad but amazing Doug Flutie's story and his parents passing away an hour apart from each other today. After Luigi plays a Star Wars bumper it leads to Tony kicking William Shatner off the show before he ever even appears!
    We announced 2 out of the 3 guests who will be appearing on our Premiere LIVE show at ComedySportz Nov 25th. Comedian/Actor Dom Irrera will be in the house along with Mentalist sensation: Max Major! The third guest we're keeping under wraps till then!

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    Buddhist Bumper Sticker - July 26, 2015

    in Spirituality

    Dharma Glimpse by Lay Minister Dave Joyo and Dharma Talk by Rev Koyo

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    Author Mary Jean Teachman Will Discuss Depression During The Holidays

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Mary Jean Teachman.


    Mary Jean Teachman was born in Detroit, Michigan to Isabelle and George Dresbach. She went to the University of Detroit where she studied pre-law and mathematics. She married and had two children, Arthur Forrest Tull II and Valarie Tull. She later divorced, was single for 4 years, married Mort D. Lieberman and was then widowed after 18 years of marriage.  She found love again with Dr. Gerard W. Teachman and has been married for 23 years. She had a successful career for eight years as a runway and print model and appeared in Vogue magazine.

    A longtime activist, she started and ran a successful campaign-RABAC...”Real Americans Buy American Cars” in the late 70’s.  She started the grass roots movement because the American auto industry was in a severe slump.  Her idea was to help convince the American public to support the American car companies in their struggle against foreign imports and to save jobs. She distributed bumper stickers and gave interviews to the print and broadcast media.  At one point, a representative from the Japanese government came to interview her because they felt threatened by this movement.  Gradually the unions adopted the project, which developed into their “Buy American” campaign




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    in Politics

    KATHERINE TIMPF at National Review highlights some of the most absurd political correctness guidelines surrounding the holidays implemented by Cornell, the University of Tennessee and Ohio State University.  Christmas, Santa, the colors red and green together, are all offensive and non-inclusive.

    Want more Linc Austin? http://nnn.is/Sub-to-Linc

    Read more:

    Visit our website:  http://www.lincaustin.com

    To receive a FREE bumper sticker:  http://lincaustin.com/gear/

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    The stupidity of the Shooting in San Bernardino California

    in Current Events

    Do you know someone that has those idiotic Co-exist bumper stickers on their car?  Have them listen to this radio show.
    We will be discussing the following:
    * Why the shooting occured
    * How Islam plays into this
    * How the liberal State of California is partly responsible due to their restrictive gun laws

    It is shameful how the victims were mowed down and could not defend themselves.  Who is at fault here?  In this show we will have a no holds barred honest look at what happened, and how to make sure it never happens again.  

    The solution is so simple.  Liberalism just needs to get out of the way of reason, sanity and common sense.