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    Oscar Recap: How Patty Arquette won her last Oscar. Plus: Aquaman is a bum.

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    It's Oscar Night!! I know many of you are upset that Kai and myself won no awards, nor were we nominated...but there were a lot of other people who won and much like Kanye West we have opinion we believe that are greater than anyone else's. 

    Politics are BIG deal when it comes to Oscars and one thing that seems to constant is that breaking decorum in any fashion almost always has backlash from Hollywood and the Academy itself. Tonight Patricia Arquette made a brilliant speach about wage equality and women's rights and it will be intersting to see how this impacts her career. 

    also we have more BATMAN v SUPERMAN news to discuss as Zach Synder tweeted an image of Jason Mamoa in full Aquaman costume, sparking a shit load of memes and harsh criticism, per usual. 


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    in Hip Hop Music

    I'd like to share my sentiments on a young man that goes by the name STRIVFE.  He is a rapper of caucasian decent.  I wouldn't call his art HIP HOP OR EVEN RAP.  I would like to play a few of his works of art for you and ask that you share your thoughts. And I ask is it BUM RAP or is this artist MC GETTING A BUM RAP.  Join me, let's discuss and debate.

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    BWB Super Bowl XLIX Kickoff Show

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    Are you ready for the LIVE debut episode of the Bumming with Bobcat Podcast? Bum Wine Bob will be getting you ready for the big game by making sure you are stocked up on all the necessary bum wine party essentials! Heard enough talk about Tom Brady and his deflated balls? There will be no talk about deflated balls here! We are talking bum wine, beers, 40's, malt liquor, and MORE!

    We will be discussing what can be expected on the show in the coming weeks and well into the future. This is a show that you won't want to miss! Keep up with all the latest news at www.bumwinebob.com!

    Want to be a part of the show? We would love to have you join us! The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join in on the discussion. Cheers!

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    Happy Birthday BumWineBob.com!

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    It's a celebration! 2/21/15 marks the one year anniversary of bumwinebob.com hitting the internet. Join us this Sunday, 2/22/15 at 11AM EST as we will be LIVE with an all new installment of the Bumming with Bobcat Podcast where the party will continue! A lot of things have changed in the past year after launching this site, and we are glad that you all could come along for the ride.

    What once started out as just a dream, become a reality and an internet sensation in the last 12 months. We will be highlighting some of the hard hitting topics that were covered this past year, as well as looking into what the future holds for bumwinebob.com in year number two and beyond.

    Want to be a part of the celebration and share some of your favorite bumwinebob.com moments from the past year? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join in the discussion. Cheers!

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    BWB Liquor Store Adventures - 2/15/15

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    Are you ready for another installment of the Bumming with Bobcat Podcast? After a week off we are back LIVE!  Are you hungover from valentines day? Start off your Sunday the right way! It's also a holiday weekend, which means you get an extra day to celebrate and do some drinking. How will you be celebrating this presidents day? Have you gone to your local liquor store and stocked up on the essentials for whats left of the weekend?

    Speaking of liquor stores, what kind of liquor store adventures have you had? Are you a regular and they know you there? Do they meet your special requests for certain types of alcohol? Had some funny incidents happen while shopping for booze? Call in and let us know!

    Don't forget that during our week off we named Cisco Berry as the BWOTW and also had a few guest bloggers join in on the fun. We are always looking for more people to contribute, so hop on the train and take a ride with us!

    Want to be a part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join in on the discussion. Cheers!

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    I Have An Injury: Can I Still Workout?

    in Health

    Many people experience injuries while working out.  It happens from improper form, over training or simple accident.  Sometimes this can derail a fitness program and keep you from your goals.  But it doesn't have to.  Not all injuries will completely sideline you.  Learn which injuries you can work through and which will cause you to have to sit out.  It's not always a matter of resting a muscle, but sometimes working a muscle in a different way.  So if you have bum knees, a tricky shoulder, tight hips or pain in your feet tune in to find out how to work around it and not miss a day!

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    Daily Gogetemism #139 Judging The m Based On The Way They Look

    in Lifestyle

    We all do it to a certain degree but is it  always fair to do that? It's fine to pick someone to date based onth eir physical appearance but should we determine that someone is a  bum or on drugs ori s promiscuous based on the way they dress?

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    BWB Podcast Pilot Episode

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to the pilot episode of the Bumming with Bobcat Podcast! We are still testing out the radio features and getting ready for the launch of the offical podcast! The official debut show will be kicking off LIVE on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/1/15 at 11AM EST! You can keep up with all the latest information and updates on the show by checking out the blog at www.bumwinebob.com. Also, make sure you follow on Twitter and Instagram @bumwinebob to keep up with all my drinking adventures! Do YOU want to be a part of the show? We would love to have you as a guest! Let me know! Cheers!

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    Life's Issues with Understanding Consciousness & Surviving Traumatic Childhoods

    in Lifestyle

    Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen with his guests Mari Rose & Robert Kopecky:

    Mari has a Bachelors of Science, is an Life Intuitive and contemporary teacher helping you understand consciousness, and life
    medium. She specializes in awakening and change; connecting you from the physical, to the spiritual level—creating balance in your life. As a spiritual teacher, radio personality, author and public speaker, Mari has helped thousands of her clients achieve
    clarity, by helping to create an environment for healing and self-knowledge.

    Born in 1956, and raised on the outskirts of San Diego, California, Robert Kopecky survived a traumatic childhood, traveled extensively as a young man, and lived a variety of lives as a ski bum, a martial artist, a factory welder, a monumental sculpture fabricator, an underground cartoonist; and finally as an award-winning illustrator, art director, and animation designer. His journeys – from the Mayan underground, to remote South Pacific islands, to the capitals of Europe, to the deserts of Arizona and the canyons of New York City – were punctuated by three dramatic, distinctly different "Near Death Experiences."

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