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    Run or hide, bug in or bug out! on Destiny Survival

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    Run or hide, bug in or bug out!
    American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
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    Bill Cirmo of BIBO Outfitters talks about the BIBO number, which will help you decide whether and when to bug out. He also discusses his survival trailer for bugging out. 

    DestinySurvival Radio takes its name from DestinySurvival.com, a resource where you find “Survival Gear & Supplies for Emergency Preparedness & Hard Times.” Like the site, Destiny Survival Radio explores a variety of preparedness and survival topics. How can we prepare for survival in a rapidly changing world? How will we live when life as we’ve known it has changed forever? Host John Wesley Smith knows he doesn’t have all the answers, so he seeks information from those who do have answers and passes it along to you, his listeners.

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    Bug out Bags and 550 FireCord KickStarter: E2E Podcast Episode 323

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    550 FireCord KickStarter Update? Introductions of our new special guest Dan Eastland of Dogwood Custom Knives.

    Equip 2 Endure Podcast Is brought to you By:

    Dogwood Custom Knives

    Live Fire Gear LLC

    Channel Update:  

    BioLite Camp Stove, Gear Test and Overview by Equip 2 Endure

    How to Build an Emergency Fire Training Kit by Equip 2 Endure HD

    WOW! Best Bug Out Bag Design! Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack Overview by Equip 2 Endure

    Question of the Day:  “What’s a reasonable weight of a pack?”  The boys rant and rave about what makes a good “Bug out Bag” and what makes it a good value.


    Animal exodus at Yellowstone

    Magma's Balloon Super-Eruptions

    Recall: Some OvaEasy egg


    Treble Hammock

    550 FireCord

    Gear Pick:BioLite Stove, Mystery Ranch 3 Day

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    Bug out Bags Part 2 – What you need to know

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    The Human Path
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
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    In today’s podcast, Sam Coffman continues his discussion with  Shaun McKey about bug out bags and what should go into the planning of the best items to pack in one.  Sam and Shaun discuss fire, water, shelter, first aid and more, and how these elements can best be represented with the lightest amount of weight yet the greatest amount of redundancy.  Packing a bugout bag requires some initial thought about what the bag would be used for, and finding the correct gear, packing it correctly and without extra weight, and most of all knowing how to use the gear, are all important aspects of working creating an effective bugout bag.  Join Sam and Shaun as they explore the specifics of this subject.

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    "Bug out" or "shelter-in-place"?

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    If faced with an approaching or developing disaster, what's the best course of action to deal with it?

    Do you hunker down and stay in place, or do you evacuate - aka "bug out" in prepper terminology?

    A lot depends on what the disaster is, and how it's unfolding. 

    We'll take a look at some scenarios, including those ripped from this week's headlines.

    We're not nearly so enamored with the "bug out" option as others in preparedness circles.

    We make our case, share our insights, and welcome your input beginning at one o'clock EDT



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    Drop Those Bags At The Door

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    The Divas are BACK on the scene and we can't wait to talk with you! Welcome to the FIRST MOTIVATION MONDAY of February! We are back with Season 2 of the Brassy(est), Classy(est) and Sassy(est) thing to hit the scene: The ChickSHYT & Real Talk Radio Show, where these Chicks will Sure Have You Thinking!

    Drops Those Bags At The Door is all about letting go of the shyt that has been keeping you from moving forward and finding the peace of happiness in life and love. We'll explore some situations of women that just may be stuck in the doorway of happiness because they won't let go of that baggage! Join us...call in and share you opinion and/or experience. We're here to help with some real views from some real women that have been through some real shyt!!! This is a note-taker, so have your pens and pads ready...cause CLASS IS IN SESSION!

    Our first guest ever and friend to the show, Bumps C will be back in the studio with the Diva's and he's coming with some hot new shyt to bop our heads to. Who knows who else will stop by the welcome the Divas back onto the airwaves. We hope YOU'LL join us. Hey, it's Monday...Ughhhhh...we've had a long day at work!!!  Let's unwind together!

    We've got some other SHYT to share with you that we are just #ShoutOutLoud happy about.

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    A Live call in radio show "Reaching Out" where Spiritual Medium Robert Welch con

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    On "Reaching Out with Robert Welch", Robert takes live call ins and connects them with Loved ones who have passed on to Heaven through the "signs" they show him. our "Angels" ( Loved ones who have passed) Validate that they are always with us every second of every day. Visit Robert's website at robertswelch.com for more information about Robert, where Robert will be having his next public "Gathering of Angels" and how to set up a private phone Reading.

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    Yesterday I was driving along Interstate 285 and I saw a young lady walking with her child down the expressway. She was walkin on the shoulder near the fast lane. That of course was disturbing enough. However, something happened that was the very opposite of disturbing. In fact, it was rather inspiring. What I saw made me very proud of my brothers and sisters. I saw a number of people working together to get the young lady and her child to safety. 


    "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." (PHILLIPIANS 2:4)

    KING G


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    "coldest music out" is a radio show that airs 2 days a week for 120 minutes. its hosted by cold cash and focuses on playing the hottest music worldwide by signed and unsigned artists. it also incorporates caller interaction as well as interviews.


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    The Healthy Woman: Inside And Out

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    Being a healthy woman from the inside and out is a process. It requires a thought, mental attitude and self awareness. March is Women History Month let's start with a new beginning and reconize that we can be healthy women 365 days a year.


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    Chill Out: Your body and YOU

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    How is your relationship with your body?  Yes, we do have a relationship with our bodies but sometimes we forget that...join us this MONDAY, HERE IN THE CHILL ZONE to talk about what's going on with you and your body!!!

    We'll be taking live calls and you're invited to be on our show!

    Woohoo! What would you like to discuss?  COME AND CHILL OUT WITH US!

    Mondays 6:30pm. EST USA


    Guest Call In(323) 375-0849

     PRESS 1 To be in the Q



    Breathe in and chill out!

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    "coldest music out" is a radio show that airs 2 days a week for 120 minutes. it's hosted by cold cash and focuses on playing the hottest music worldwide by signed and unsigned artists. it also incorporates caller interaction as well as interviews.


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