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    Buffs hitting home stretch

    in Sports

    After losing to Utah, it looked like the Buffs could very well fold.  Instead they follow it up with two wins in Oregon including one over the ranked Oregon Ducks.
    Where does CU stand leading up to their highly anticipated rematch against Arizona and how big is this game?
    We will cover everything you need to know.

  • 00:45

    Previewing Buffs Madness

    in Basketball

    Host William Whelan and co-hosts Adam Munsterteiger and Jimmy Wood discuss CU's upcoming Buffs Madness basketball event.

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    Bad News Buffs?

    in Football

    In the third installment of BuffStampede Radio, we tackle all the questions surrounding the Colorado football program.  
    The Buffs fell 50-6 to USC in Los Angeles and have a trip to Eugene, Oregon up next.  Can Jon Embree direct a stunning upset against the top-five ranked Ducks?  What would a competitive showing do for CU...we'll tell you.
    Tad Boyle's basketball program will again get attention only this time, we're talking how they stack up in the Pac-12.

  • 00:22

    Neil Haley Interviews Author Jayne D'Alessandro-Cox

    in Education

    Jayne D'Alessandro-Cox, author of the "exclusive" book about Thomas Jefferson's early years, entitled THOMAS JEFFERSON-FROM BOY TO MAN, a biographical, autobiographical, and historically accurate account of Jefferson's first 31 years and journey to manhood, an era that has been virtually "in the shadows" The book focuses on his childhood, adolescence, family, friends, boarding schools, college years, romance, law, fire, earthquakes, flood, and more! Written in journal form and supplemented with background text to further inform the reader, it includes 60 photos (many rare) to enhance the readers’ imagination. The smooth flowing style makes for an interesting read for a summer read, book clubs, Jefferson enthusiasts, history buffs, and students of colonial history.To purchase: www.jaynedalessandrocox.com or http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0034NWVBG -To view the 15-second trailer: http://youtu.be/vh00T-UKjHc. 

  • 01:01

    Buffs in the pros

    in Sports

    This week's discussion will center around the former CU football and men's basketball players that are competing in the pros. Andre Roberson's falling draft stock will also be discussed.

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    FTH #107 Another year older, another year wiser

    in Video Games

    Special operations 29: Aranea ex Machina enters it's final week, Mayday Parker has swung on the scene, join the FTH team in wishing the Epic Boss a belated Birthday, PokeProf explains two similar buffs, and the King brings a team-up we didn't see coming.

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    Welcome Amazing Spider-Woman - are we Spidered-Out?

    If so, welcome our next PVP hero: A-Bomb

    Spider-Verse 2 wrap-up


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    The Dungeon of Harrow

    in Film

    Tonight, Miss X crawls out unexpectedly to bring you some clips from the Film Dungeon of Harrow, a movie I bet even you old horror movie buffs haven't heard of!    It's the Midnight Monster Movie  with Miss X .

  • 00:38

    The BYGP Locker Room Show (Ben Kelly)

    in Football

    Join us for this informative episode of the BYGP Locker Room Show, with former college football All-American and third round NFL draft choice, Ben Kelly. To become the best you have to be willing to compete and sacrifice. Tune into this episode, to hear the sacrifices that Mr. Kelly made for his dream and his advice for any players that are ready to take their game to the next level. Let's go!


  • 00:13

    Listen to the Sunrise

    in Fun

    Classical music buffs will know why today's show has the title, "Listen to the Sunrise," understand why, and know what to expect. The rest of you will have to listen to find out about it and a few other interesting tidbits you can use to make yourself sound smart today.

  • 00:56

    Was There a Palladian-Luciferian Sex Cult? (re-broadcast)

    in Radio

    The Hermetic Hour, with host Poke Runyon, will present a lively discussion of the great anti-Masonic hoax of the late 19th century, the "Order of the Palladium," allegedly founded by General Albert Pike, 33rd, and conferred, through secret sex magick rites, by the mysterious beauty Diana Vaughan. This French-based tabloid serial was the creation of a self-admitted journalistic "prankster" Leo Taxil, aided by his attractive female secretary Diana Vaughan, and a certain "Dr. Bataille". Working together they concocted the fantastic memories of the high priestess of an international luciferian masonic sex magick cult which sought to secretly initiate the leaders of the Western World in a demonic conspiracy. The repentant Diana Vaughan was said to have converted to Roman Catholicism and to be hiding somewhere in a undisclosed convent. When the Pope asked Taxil if he could visit her and bestow his blessing, Taxil knew that the jig was up. He called a press conference and made an outrageous public confession of the whole affair. The transcript of his confession -- complete with laughter and insults -- has been translated into English and would make a hilarious one-man stage show. Up until recently many anti-masonic conspiracy buffs still believed the Palladians were the real deal (David Icke still does) and there is even a Palladian Skull and Bones chapter at the University of Arkansas. We have a special connection to this mad adventure through our late senior adviser Louis T. Culling, who claimed to be "the Last Palladian." So, tune in and we'll unveil the secrets of the Palladians.

  • 00:31

    Melanie M. Jeschke, "Evasions- The Oxford Chronicles"

    in Books

    A love story spanning generations,

                           from Scotland’s wild Highlands to Oxford’s welcoming arms

    From the Scottish links of St. Andrews to the bombing blitz of London, RAF pilot Eric MacKenzie experiences a dark journey of the soul as he battles the Nazis and personal loss and bitterness. Evading the air raids and her own distressing circumstances, Annie finds refuge and renewed faith at the Kilns, home of Oxford don C.S. Lewis. Eric and Annie reveal their turbulent love story decades later when their daughter Natalie and Lord Stuart Devereux seek wisdom for their own future.

    Unforeseen tragedy, unplanned pregnancy, and undermined faith lead to hope, commitment, and restoration in this compelling prequel to Inklings, Intentions, and Expectations, that will captivate romance readers, history buffs, and Lewis and Tolkien devotees alike.

     “Step back in time and enjoy an enriching tale of Oxford, C.S. Lewis, and the characters Melanie Jeschke brings to life. You will feel as if you know them personally.” - Ruth Graham


    “Melanie Jeschke's meticulous period research is integrated seamlessly into a gripping and delightful yarn of love, faith, and loss set during the horror and terror of war. Playing a small but important part in the central story, C.S. Lewis and his immediate circle in Oxford come to vivid life.” -Colin Duriez Author of Tolkien and C. S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship and J.R.R. Tolkien: The Making of a Legend