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    9/21 Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers Post Game Show

    in Football

    The only Buffalo Bills post game show that will let you speak your mind

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    Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears All Access post game show

    in Football

    Post game show for Buffalo Bills fans to start immediately at the conclusion of the September 7th game. speak you mind, no opinion turned away

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    Buffalo Pagan Chat - (Test Broadcast)

    in Spirituality

    New Buffalo Pagan Society talking about their up and coming plans, discussions with with guests and a call in segment! All during a half hour test show.

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    Storming Off To Buffalo

    in Football

    The Packers face a tough road test in Buffalo.  Can the Defense rebound after a pathetice second half against Atlanta?  Will Eddie Lacy be recovered enough to provide a consistent ground game?  Will Buffalo native James Starks have to pick up the slack?  

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    Buffalo Football Fromthe300level

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    With another week and less time to make the postseason, we've got you ready to go for Week 16 of the NFL season on Buffalo Football Fromthe300level! 

    Today, Derek has a lot to go through. We'll start off with everything Buffalo Bills with BillsMafia.com's Jason DeHart. From last week's stunning 21-13 win over Green Bay to this weekend's matchup with the Oakland Raiders, Derek and Jason will talk Bills to start the show. 

    Later, fellow Fromthe300level writer, comedian and Hall of Fame college coach Monte Perez joins the show to talk about the rest of the NFL's playoff races. From the AFC playoff shuffle, to the 7 team power struggle of the NFC, Derek and Monte get down to business with the rest of the playoff race and will try to guess "Who's In and Who's Out? 

    Got a question for Derek, Jason or Monte? Feel free to call the show at 347-934-0157 or go hit them up on Twitter! 

    @DerekKramer49     @montetjwitter     @jaytdehart

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    Buffalo Football Fromthe300level

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    Due to a massive snowstorm and Thanksgiving Day in successive weeks, it's been a while for Derek Kramer and Buffalo Football Fromthe300level. But we are back tonight with a new show! 

    We've got a lot to go over, from the Bills being in the thick of the AFC playoff race, to the tight races for almost every division in the NFL at the 14th week of the season. 

    Derek won't be going through the show alone, welcoming back BillsMafia.com writer Jason DeHart! 

    Have a question for Derek or Jason? Call 347-934-0157 to let it rip!

    @fromthe300level   @DerekKramer49    @jaytdehart

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    Buffalo Water Cooler- NFL Draft Preview

    in Sports

    G-Money is Back!!!!  Welcome to the new Buffalo Water Cooler Sports Radio Station on the Trenton White Sports Network and TW Sports Media!  We are excited to be your one stop shop for everything BUffalo Sports!  Join G-Money from 8pm - 9:00pm as he previews the NFL and specifically what the Bills should do in this years draft to take the next step towards the playoffs!  Call in with your takes on the 2014 NFL Draft @ 646-915-9969! Welcome to future of Buffalo Sports Radio!

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    Buffalo Football Fromthe300level

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    With Week 7 about to start and a whole bunch of Bills talk to get to, welcome back to Buffalo Football Fromthe300level! 

    Today, Derek Kramer gets into what is wrong with the Buffalo Bills, who lost last week to the New England Patriots. Is it time to give up on Bills coach Doug Marrone? Also, Derek will look into everything going on around the league, from the Thursday Night Patriots/Jets to marquee matchups in Week 7! 

    Derek will be joined by #BillsMafia.com writer Jason DeHart once again to talk about everything Bills. From Bills/Patriots last week, to Doug Marrone, C.J. Spiller, Mike Williams, the guards struggles, Bills/Vikings and more! Call 347-934-0157 to get Derek or Jason a question! 

    Follow us on Twitter! 

    Derek- @DerekKramer49   Jason- @jaytdehart   @fromthe300level

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    Conversation and Poetry with Fred Whitehead

    in Poetry

    Welcome to the podcast of poetry and conversation with Buffalo poet Fred Whitehead. Fred Whitead has a poetry blog at this link. There he says: "I turned to writing poetry as a creative outlet a couple of years ago. In that time I’ve become the host of a poetry series in my neighborhood in South Buffalo, NY. I released a chapbook called songs.cradled in early 2010, an illustrated volume of poetry, Protected by Paradox in 2011 and Orbs in March of 2012. I try to write daily, if only a little. I try to read daily, as much as I can. I live daily, a lot."

    Fred also hosts Dog Ears 4th Friday Poetry Series at Dog Ears Bookstore at 688 Abbott Road, Buffalo, NY, 14220. Readings start at 7:00 PM, have slots for open readers, and are sometimes held on the third Friday of the month due to conflicting holidays/events.

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    Buffalo Football Fromthe300level

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    Week 5 is in the books in the NFL! Houston plays Indianapolis tonight! There is tons of football to talk about, but only one hour to do so! 

    In Buffalo, Terry Pegula's tenure as the owner of the Buffalo Bills has begun! With that momentum alone, it would be a crazy week for Buffalo, but the New England Patriots are also in town for a pivotal AFC East division matchup. So, of course, BillsMafia's Jason DeHart joins the show again to talk everything Bills. 

    Fromthe300level.com's Derek Kramer prepares for your calls and tweets from 6:30-7:30 tonight. Call 347-934-0157 to get your opinion to Derek and the show! 

    Follow us on Twitter! Derek- @DerekKramer49   Fromthe300level.com- @fromthe300level

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