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    Ryan Buell: The Man, The Fight, & The Paranormal

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    Friday, September 6th
    10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST
    Exclusive Interview with The Man. The Fight. The Paranormal.....
    Mr. Ryan D. Buell
    One of the most popular paranormal shows around has been A&E’s Paranormal State. While this show is no longer in production, it continues to be a favorite of many. The guiding force behind Paranormal State and the PRS team is Ryan Buell. Ryan has a thirst for finding answers to the things that happen within the paranormal and has strived to help others who need answers.
    Next Friday night is going to be a very special night. Join us as we welcome Ryan Buell to the show. We are going to talk to Ryan, to catch up and see what is new with this amazing investigator. You cannot miss this show.

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    Ryan Buell on Air

    in Paranormal

    Imprompto radio broadcast by Ryan Buell

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    Partnering for Children’s Success: Why Parent Engagement Matters

    in Education

    Tomas Mejia and Jennifer Garcia Rosendo (2nd Year Buell Fellow) are members of the ECE Committee for the State Advisory Committee for Parent Involvement in Education (SACPIE).  Tomas and Jennifer will be joined by guest Alberto Torres and a few parents to share insights into some of the work that SACPIE has striven to implement statewide.  Learn why the group is passionate about supporting parent involvement from Pre-K through Higher Education.  Please join these guests to hear more about the impact of parent engagement on children’s success in school and how the legislature has enacted statues to improve student achievement statewide.  The show is hosted by Sofia Esteve-Sychla, 1st Year Buell Fellow and passionate advocate for parent involvement in education.   

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    Preventing Child Abuse: What is a village to do?

    in Education

    Kendra Dunn, the executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Colorado will share some ideas to prevent abuse and neglect, ideas to show support to parents during stressful times, and how we can advocate for families and children during the year.  Also on this week’s radio show will be Lindsay Sherman, program consultant for Invest in Kids and 6th cohort Buell Early Childhood Leadership program fellow.  She is passionate about supporting parents and teachers to do their very best for young children and to discover effective strategies that result in emotionally competent children and healthy family relationships.  The show is hosted by Linda Carlson, 5th year Buell Fellow and current professional development steward for the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Network in addition to her job as a quality support coach with the Larimer County early childhood council.  

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    Nature Deficiency of Our Children – How can we support outdoor connections?

    in Education

    Susan Schafer, the education & volunteer coordinator for the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas will share some statistics on why children are at a crossroads right now between technology and experiences in nature.  Learn why Susan is passionate about supporting children in nature based environments through many city based programs for parents and families.  6th Year Buell Fellows, Brett Dabb and Matthew Hebard, focused on the critical issue of connecting children with nature for their BECLP Capstone Project last year.  Matthew Hebard, the Early Childhood System Manager at the Office of Early Childhood, will share his experiences with the Schlitz Audubon Society in Wisconsin and the Boulder Journey School in Colorado.  Both Brett and Matt received partial funding from the Buell Leaders Network to continue their action research in July by attending the Forest Kindergarten teacher training at the Cedarsong Nature School in Washington.  Thanks to the U.S. Forest Service and the Arbor Day Foundation, Brett and his team at Warren Village have been able to create beautiful nature based outdoor classrooms for all of their children.  Please join these guests to hear more about the impact of nature deficiencies on children and how nature based learning is truly child directed and beneficial to all.  The show is hosted by Linda Carlson, 5th year Buell Fellow and current steward for the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Network in addition to her job as a Quality Support Coach with the Larimer County Early Childhood Council.

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    Monday, July 22nd: Live with Ryan Buell & Sergey Poberezhny

    in Paranormal

    Join hosts Ryan Buell and Sergey Poberezhny as they talk about all-things paranormal in a brand new edition of "Paranormal Insider Radio." 
    Email your questions and comments to radio@the-prs.org.
    Join the official radio chat at http://forums.pennstateprs.com/index.php?/chat/

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    Next Moto Champion Talks Roadracing with Kyle Wyman and Erik Buell

    in Sports

    Next Moto Champion talks roadracing with Kyle Wyman and Erik Buell.

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    Life of an 11 Year Old with Megan Buell on her 11th Birthday...

    in Paranormal

    A 30-minute interview on Megan's 11th birthday.  Please join us and dial in to wish Megan a Happy Birthday.  We're going to ask her what it's like to be 11, to be Megan Buell and to share some of her favorite memories and dreams...

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    MEN IN ECE: Exploring the Myths and Realities

    in Education

    Why are there so few men in early childhood education? There are many theories and reasons behind the answers to this question. This radio show will engage the audience in a discussion of the challenges of recruiting and retaining male teachers, explore some of the myths and realities of being a male in early childhood education and offer some practical strategies for involving males in the lives of young children.  James Scott, the University of Colorado Denver, Co-Director of the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program will serve as the host of a panel of current Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program Fellows. The panelist will include current Buell Fellows Brett Dabb, Assistant Director, Warren Village Learning Center, Soren Gall, Mentor Coach, Clayton Early Learning, Matthew Hebard, Coordinator for Head Start & CPP, Assistant Education Coordinator, Cherry Creek School District, and Ray Mondragon, Principal, Escalante-Biggs Academy, Denver Public Schools.         

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    The Results Matter Child Care Expansion Project: An Overview

    in Education

    Results Matter is a statewide program that promotes the use of ongoing, developmental, observation-based assessment  in early care and education settings, and serves as Colorado’s child and family outcomes measurement system for ages birth-five.  Through partnership with the Colorado Department of Human Services’ Office of Early Childhood, and funded via the Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Grant, the Results Matter Child Care Expansion Project will increase the number of children included in the Results Matter program by 3,500 during the life of the grant, 2013-2016. Please join Joyce Johnson-Expansion Project Coordinator and Buell Fellow Alumnus;  Sofia Esteve-Sychla- Child Care Expansion Specialist and Buell Fellow Alumnus; and Patty Gardner- Child Care Expansion Specialist to discuss the goals of the expansion project  and its’ role in advancing the field of Early Childhood Education’s use of authentic assessment.  Opportunities to get involved in the Expansion Project will also be discussed.   The show will be hosted by Mary DeLamar, a Buell Fellow Alumnus and Colorado Preschool Program Regional Consultant.

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    Three to Get Ready - Collaboration - "Nest Matters" Parent Advice Column

    in Education

    Three to Get Ready - Collaboration - 5th Cohort Buell Fellows: Cassandra Johnson, Sena Harjo and Dorothy Shapland are collaborating on writing a new monthly parenting advice column in the Denver Urban Spectrum Magazine (DUS) for people of color. The "Nest Matters" focuses on early childhood and brain development from prenatal (the egg phase) through the stages of tweens when children prepare to leave the nest. (the flight phase). Cassandra Johnson, during her capstone research, identified a need to share the latest research finding in child development from experts and doctors in the field with "everyday" parents, caregivers, grandparents, and extended families, especially those caring for children of color.  The "Nest Matter" features a monthly column and an information blog with an extended distribution of relative content and education links. Please join Cassandra, Dorothy, and Sena to learn more about collaboration in creating a much needed parent resource with latest research findings.  

    The show will be hosted by Linda M. Carlson, Buell Alumnus.