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    Dear Mr. Fantasy Baseball

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    Chris and the Doctor are joined this week by Michael Pichan from Fantasy Alarm.

    They analyze players based on tweets and emails.

    Players on a hot streak are: Justin Smoak (SEA), Casey McGehee (MIA) and Marcel Ozuna (MIA).

    Players on a cold streak are: Billy Hamilton (CIN) and B.J. Upton (ATL)

    The guys help resolve an issue in a listener’s league during the “Fantasy Judgment” segment.

    Fantasy Baseball Crackerjack of the Week is: Brandon Belt (SF)

    Waiver Wire pitchers include: Mark Buehrle (TOR), Tim Hudson (SF) andAaron Harang (ATL).

    The guys also respond to emails.

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    Dear Mr. Fantasy

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    Chris and the Doctor are joined this week by Michael Clifford (“Slim Cliffy“) from Fantasy Trade 411.   They play a game of “Who’d You Rather?” where they pick between players based on tweets and emails from listeners.   Fantasy baseball “Website of the Week” is Razzball.   Players on a hot streak are: Matt Dominguez (HOU), Adam Eaton (ARI) and Chris Carter (HOU). Players on a cold streak are: Desmond Jennings (TB) and Jimmy Rollins (PHI).   Chris gets “called out” by a listener for his poor pitching staff.   Waiver Wire pitchers are: Andy Pettitte (NYY), Juan Nicasio (COL) and Mark Buehrle (TOR).   They guys also respond to emails and read a review from iTunes

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    Matt Dahl Radio: Welcome to Miami

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    Did that REALLY just happen? The Miami Marlins jump started baseball's offseason with a trade that was one for the ages, by shipping out Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle and others to the Toronto Blue Jays, and Giancarlo Stanton is not the only one who is pissed off.  We complain about Miami and rip every part of the Marlins that we can throughout the show.  We also get to the NFL and completely write off the Jets and the Eagles for 2012, but what about the teams that are actually still in it?  And while WWE Survivor Series is coming up on Sunday, we are basically just excited for WrestleMania 29 after successfully securing our tickets for the show of shows.  We get ready for Sunday's pay per view as well.  Don't miss out, Episode # 89 of MDR, and we have plenty of fun!

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    MIami Heats up, and someting fishy is going on

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    This week my guest will be Dahlia Canes of Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation. Find out the truth about breed bans and hear first hand accounts from residents of Miami-Dade Florida.

     Is an end to the longest standing Breed Ban in the USA on the horizon?  And why is Maimi Marlins pitcher living in Broward County? Get the answers to these questions and more, this Sunday at 3:30 pm pacific!

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    The TB Show: Heartbreak, Heisman, and Holy Henson

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    In the first episode of The TB Show, hosted by Jerod Morris and Kevin Bertolini, the hosts discuss sports (the departure of their beloved Mark Buehrle and the Heisman race), music (Jerod counts down his 15 favorite new songs of 2011), movies (Josh Tinley joins to discuss The Muppets Movie), and life (Kevin presents a host of "lifehacker" ideas that have improved his life and could improve yours too).
    Also they laugh. A lot.

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    Ep. #8 - PCW Owner "Risky Business" Rick Knight, Night of Champions Fallout, Mark Buehrle Perfect Ga

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    AMeck, Noah Halo, and Titan welcome special guest PCW Owner "Risky Business" Rick Knight to the Real Talk Program as they broadcast LIVE at a special start time of 7pm CDT.. Discussed will be Mark Buehrle's Perfect, Night of Champions, Cubs Hot streak, Porter County Fair and MORE!!!

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    TSR Radio remembers 2009

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    On the first day of 2010, TSR Radio reflects on the year just completed. A one-hour special from the TSR HQ in Queens will include discussion of some of the top moments in TSR's world in the last twelve months.

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    The BS Big Show #12 - July 28, 2009

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    After almost a month without any new shows, we are back with a catch-up type of show. It'll be Carl and Chris with you here covering the events of the past month.

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    7/03: ESPN's Jayson Stark

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    ESPN's Jayson Stark talks Buehrle, Dontrelle and Mustaches