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    No Cookie Cutter Budgets

    in Finance

    In today's episode, we'll discuss why I don't believe in "Cookie Cutter" Budgets.  Many financial gurus try to sell people on a one-size-fits-all formula of financial management, which is destined to fail for most who try it.  I'll talk about why it's important to create a budget customized to your family's situation, needs, and goals.  Yes, there are some overarching guidelines that are good for everyone to follow, but how those play out in your individual life are unique - and that's a good thing!  I'll also answer listener questions about budgeting.

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    American Patriot Radio, Bill Pickle: State Budgets in Turmoil & Chuck Skull

    in Education

    Join Bill Pickle "In the Pickle Barrel at 9AM-11AM EST for a discussions on major issues facing all of us.

    How large would the libray be if every comment, demand, election speech and State of the Union or State of the State Address containing phrases similat to "We need to stop spending, have a workable lean budget before the (State, US, Nation, America, our City) goes bankrupt. Well the new Illinois Republican Governor,Bruce Rauner made a similar comment in his Inaugural Address yesterday in Springfield, Illinois. What does he plan to do? Will it be effective? Will the Democrat State Legislature let support the aggressive plan? 

    Should President Obama have joined the Support Rally in Paris?  Everyone has an opinion, including Bill. These topics and more this morning "In the Pickle Barrel". Join in the conversations in the Chat Room or join Bill live on air by calling 602-753-1822.


    11AM-12PM Chuck Skull presents his entertaining look at our history through The Golden Age of Radio.  Take a mid-morning relaxing trip back to earlier days when you could listen to radio and enjoy a laugh while you work.




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    Summer Travel for all Budgets

    in Travel

    This is the first week of summer and summer travel is on everyone's mind.  Most starting making plans months ago, some are just now starting to look.  There is a way to still enjoy a summer vacation.  Whether is limitless budget or a really limited one, there is still time to have a great time with your loved ones and friends.

    Bucket list destinations according to the USTOA.

    Travel locally within the state or the United States-destinations you dont really think about.

    Local Festivals

    Be ready to pull the trigger when you've contacted an agent-Great specials for short periods of time

    Things to do right here at home-Create your own tour, foodie tour, theme parks, spas, luxury hotels, water parks, etc.


    Look for existing group trips to tag along

    New Trend: Experiential travel-Traveling together and experiencing the destination

    Travel News: The Four Seasons Punta Mita in the Riviera Nayarit has unveiled some new guest activities that go beyond the traditional offerings.

    Are the seas becoming crowded with the mega ships

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    Senior Citizens, the saviors of city, county, State and National Budgets

    in Politics Conservative

    Gray (or grey) hairs, seniors, old farts or whatever you want to call us are literally "Saviors of Governmental Budgets". That's right. Without us there would be no balanced budgets, as many community projects or infrastructure improvements. Remember that the next time you say, or hear someone else give disparaging remarks about the elderly. Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" and get the facts.

    Each and everyday we will try to find a way to get out of the pickle barrel we have all found ourselves sharing. 

              Join me at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/inthepicklebarrel


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    HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR WEDDING - Dealing With Budgets

    in Relationships

    Dealing With Budgets!
    This show is based on the best-selling book by Teri Van Horn, showcasing her 26 years of being a professional wedding planner.
    Teri can help you take your wedding from chaos to Zen instantly, with her calm demeanor, matter-of-fact advice and solutions for every situation.
    Each week we'll cover a different wedding topic, as well as taking questions from listeners.  If you're planning wedding... this is the show you need to listen to!
    Teri's career as a Wedding Planner was fast-tracked when she became one of the first certified Wedding Planners in Houston, Texas.  This designation gave way to write-ups in Modern Bride Magazine, as well as the New York Times within just a few years of beginning her career on a professional level. 
    Now, after all these years, she has written a book documenting some of her most hilarious clients, as well as providing advice to new brides about how to handle different situations and delimmas.  Teri is also working with a production company to create a reality show following her and her team as they create dream weddings for some very lucky brides!
    You can learn more about Teri on her website, www.terivanhorn.com.

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    111314 Live Call In. Municipal Budgets and Cost of Government

    in Politics

    Today's Discussion Centers around cost of government and delivery of service. The liberal use of casino revenue was discussed as well as the inability to contain rising cost.

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    NASA Budgets, Commercial Space and Affordable Care Act

    in Politics

    First 30 minutes is a replay and then 30 minutes of live air on NASA, Commercial Space and Affordable Care Act Flip Flop Question. 

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    I Do! Now What? Wedding planning from the experts!

    in Entertainment

    We  will talk about wedding planning and the bridal industry.  We will hear from two women who were featured on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress!  We will have a bridal consultant, a wedding planner, and a bride weigh in on planning your special day!  From bridezillas to mothers, to pinterest boards and budgets!  After all the theme of your wedding should be marriage!

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    Website Foundation Series: Part 1 Domain Name Selection

    in Technology

    Website Foundation Series: Domain Name, Hosting and Site Building

    Let's get back to basics with this Foundation Series. I teach many social media classes and website building workshops over the years and many times I get asked some fundamental questions about putting together a website. This 3 Part Series will cover the 3 elements that you need to have a website.

    Part 1 Domain Name Selection - Jan. 24th @ 11 am

    We will cover what you need to consider when choosing the domain name for your business website. What options you have if your first choice is taken. Domain names are your virtual business address on the web so let's make them count.

    Part 2 Website Building Options - Jan 31st @ 11 am

    In Part 2 we will run through the various website building options that are currently available on the market. From turnkey options like Weebly or Wix to Wordpress or Joomla CMS, and E-Commerce in between. There is an option to fit all budgets - really there is!

    Part 3 Website Hosting Choices - Feb 7th @ 11 am

    Once you have a website, you need to host the website and Part 3 will cover this topic. In 30 minutes we will cover how to choose your website hosting company. What do you need to consider before you put your website on the web?


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    Franchise Interview with RainTree

    in Business

    We have a great show today - We are meeting with Michael Haith, Chairman of the Board for Raintree.  RainTree is a team of outsourced franchise sales professionals to help emerging, mid-size and mature brands increase unit count with a comprehensive set of services. The Denver-based company provides the industry’s most experienced franchise development staff that generates the quality lead flow that previously only more mature franchisors could afford. The proven systems and processes ensure that limited development budgets recruit the highest quality and the highest quantity of franchisees that best match the culture and profile of the franchisor’s ideal franchisee. 

    In parts 2 and 3, we are going to play clips of interviews we had with several of RainTree's portfolio.  They include Teriyaki Madness and Wag N Wash.  

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    Want Less To Become Happy

    in Self Help

    The crazy thing about beliefs is that they aren’t always based in fact. Just because you think you’ll be happy when you have money, that doesn’t mean you will, especially if you’re used to delaying happiness to some day when everything is perfect.

    Hashtag #MeditativeState On Twitter To Share Your Thoughts http://www.twitter.com/joshuapaulshow

    Joshua-Paul Angell has been an activist in the areas of animal rescue, animal welfare, animal rights, LGBTQ rights and political issues since 1999. He is the host of a syndicated radio show, “The Joshua-Paul Show” which airs live. Starting his show initially as a podcast, he has taken it to new heights and the show is now available on several different options and annually reaches the ears of nearly 400,000 listeners. Angell initially gained political notoriety while working on several different civil rights issues while living in Austin, TX. Touching fame as a fashion designer; his high profile status began to allow him a platform to discuss the "tough" issues.

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