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    Budgets, law firm marketing and business development

    in Legal

    Episode 32 of Building Your Law Practice with Jim Thompson and Nick Augustine

    Budgets, law firm marketing and business development. Why are lawyers so bad at running their firms like successful businesses? One major flaw in the business of law is taking all the net proceeds as profit and zeroing out the year without building a marketing budget and reserve. Many say five percent of projected annual receipts should be allocated for annual advertising, marketing and publicity efforts.

    About this weekly show:

    Referrals are the lifeblood of any business and especially for lawyers, so why is it that lawyers are not getting the referrals they need to grow their practice? Listen and learn to tips you can use today!

    Brought to you in part by Members’ Choice Federal Credit Union in Denton, Texas on Unicorn Lake Boulevard. You may be eligible to join Members Choice if you live, work, worship or attend school in Denton or Argyle, Texas.

    About Jim and Nick:

    Jim Thompson is a retired lawyer who is well-known for helping attorneys get on track to earning more clients through simple cost-effective activities. Jim is the author of "Why Lawyers Fail To Get Referrals and What They Can Do About It"

    Nick Augustine helps lawyers share tips and stories about their practice areas by writing their blog content, managing social media and producing Internet radio podcasts.

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    Titular Tuesday

    in Current Events

    The NewHampshire primary will set the stage for the future of America. Kasich is rising, Rubio is getting the attack. Hillary seems to be losing significantly but the Marxist Democratic Socialist is leading. What does it mean to the future of the Great American experience??? Healthcare is destroying American family budgets!!!! Only Republicans are realistically talking about foreign policy and Immigration and the healthcare debacle.Hillary is counting on the black vote in the south to put her over the top, but many southern blacks are starting to feel the Bern!!!!!  NAACP is looking leftward for their problem solving. 

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    Insurance Policyholders Supporting ERISA Reform

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    How often do we look around and say, how can we help bring change?  We can easily see many people struggling to stand up against the current ERISA Legislation which protects Wall Street Balance Sheets while causing serious damage to the budgets of Main Street.  Insurance denials and terminations placed insured money into the hands of Self-Insured Employers, Private, and Public Insurance Companies.  But is this right? Especially while Insurance Policyholders struggle to meet daily needs because Employee Benefit promised has been delayed, denied, or cut short and given back to corporations?  

    Today lets talk about what we as Insurance Policyholders can do to help bring about change which breaks the cycle of poverty when Employers keep Employee Benefits through ERISA. 

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    Why Low Internet Marketing Budgets Fail

    in Marketing

    How Much Should You Spend On Internet Marketing? If a company invests under $1,000 per month on internet marketing and expects meaningful results, it will be sorely disappointed. Guaranteed. Low budget internet marketing works only if a company has minimal expectations. If your internet marketing goals are more ambitious, rethink your budget.

    Time to wear our big boy pants, and realize, you can’t have the world on a dime – but you can get some good return on a planned growth budget.

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    You Tube Unleashed with Sean K. Michael

    in Business

    Looking for a way to promote your business to millions of people across the globe? We all want this opportunity to be more successful, but our budgets don't always allow it.

    Join me today at 6:30pm when my special guest Sean K. Michael will talk about his upcoming workshop and  training seminar that helps small businesses and entreprenurs better market their services and talents by utiliizning You Tube as a platform. To listen in dial 914 205 5650.

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    You Tube Unleashed with Sean K. Michael

    in Business

    Looking for a way to promote your business to millions of people across the globe? We all want this opportunity to be more successful, but our budgets don't always allow it.

    Join me today at 6:30pm when my special guest Sean K. Michael will talk about his upcoming workshop and  training seminar that helps small businesses and entreprenurs better market their services and talents by utiliizning You Tube as a platform. To listen in dial 914 205 5650.

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    The Money Nerve—Navigating the Emotions of Money..with author Bob Wheeler.

    in Spirituality

    Become aware of your money nerve! Do you feel the heat rise in you every time you pay bills, or feel the aggravation of watching a loved one waste their money? Is your money nerve being pinched. The Money Nerve book is at the nexus of your heart and your wallet and wiil help you navigate your emotional response to money. 

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    How to create a home that is healing

    in Motivation

    Counselor Mandy (Eppley)Bird speaks with Jill Angelo, a business woman and author of “Sacred Space: Turning Your Home into A Sanctuary.” When Jill was in her early 30’s she and her fiancé bought a house together that they were going to refurbish, she had a great job, she was looking forward to getting married and having children – she had her life plan all mapped out…or at least she thought. Several weeks after they had bought the house her fiancé was in a fatal car accident. The “plan” that Jill had mapped out for her life was instantly changed with this traumatic loss. She says that one of the greatest gifts from this loss was cracking her heart open to develop a relationship with God. She also knew that she needed professional support and she found a caring therapist that helped her work through the grief process. From this deep work she is able to say “I am so proud of what I have become.” Her book was born out of her life experience and the process of fixing the house – she wanted to go “within” and as she rebuilt the house she asked herself “what nurtures me?” She incorporated these things into the house which helped her to heal as she created her sacred space. Mandy says this communicates to your psyche “I love you.”

    Jill Angelo is author of Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into A Sanctuary. She has more than 25 years of experience in business and operations management, an education in marketing and design, and a background in psychology and the mystical arts. Her fine-tuned abilities and out-of-the-box approach to life have uniquely prepared her for creating sacred spaces for people with wide-ranging interests and budgets. She is also an animal lover and hopes one day to have an animal sanctuary. And she is active in the White Lion conservation project in Africa. www.jillangelo.com

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    No Cookie Cutter Budgets

    in Finance

    In today's episode, we'll discuss why I don't believe in "Cookie Cutter" Budgets.  Many financial gurus try to sell people on a one-size-fits-all formula of financial management, which is destined to fail for most who try it.  I'll talk about why it's important to create a budget customized to your family's situation, needs, and goals.  Yes, there are some overarching guidelines that are good for everyone to follow, but how those play out in your individual life are unique - and that's a good thing!  I'll also answer listener questions about budgeting.

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    Kevin Carrera – Super Bowl Sunday 10K

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is Kevin Carrera, Vice President of Events for Spectrum Sports Management.

    Kevin joined Spectrum in 2006 as Director of Events and over the years, has been promoted to his current position. He oversees all running and triathlon events – from hiring staff and vendors, to the actual set-up and management of the event, as well as establishing goals and objectives, timelines and budgets. He also handles the company’s largest clients and manages the front office. Kevin is a native of Southern California and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from Point Loma Nazarene University and an M.A. in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco. He has continued his education through attendance at Running USA Conferences, Trail Running Conferences and professional development.

    This morning, Kevin is going to tell us all about this year’s Super Bowl Sunday 10K, the largest running event in the South Bay, taking place Sunday morning, February 7.


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    Get an A+ in COUNTRY, a better President, with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clintonr

    in Elections

    IF YOU NEED THIS: YOU NEED ME: I am curtisclinton: c2: 2B President: after listening to the OWN UP/ DENY DOWN /ATTACK FEST - the Republican Jeopardy (TRADE MARK* ) TV Show 1/14-16, I, as ‘ a all of us’ President, receiving 120,000,000 2016 Presidential Write-In Ballots: on ‘if’ Inauguration Day 2017, I will 1.) Immediately meet with Congress, Party Leaders & Justices to enable Congress to Legislate; @.) Initiate a complete revision of the IRC; 3.) Implement IRS tests for all Charities and Not For Profits to end all fraud and sham organizations; 4.) Implement instant confirmations of all Medicare & Medicaid claims to prevent fraud & deception & identity theft; 5.) Rewrite all U.S. Military Operations to eliminate servicemen & service dangers & risks; 6.) Mandate that all Vets receive instant & permanent care from active duty; 7.) Authorize Government wide audits of mission budgets and utility; 8.) Redefine unemployment correctly and not the BS we hear from the White House & Labor Dept; 9.) Start a Study on work, Jobs, expiring & continuing to determine work & jobs of the future for Americans; 10.) work everything else that you didn’t read today which should be in tomorrow’s blog all the ways to 100 item my 1sr day in the White House: victims, all genders, Law, homeless, orphans, animals, economy, education, health, immigration, Air Marshalls, Law Enforcement/Other Actions before Lethal Force, pollution, an economy that can allow for raises in Minimum wage, wages for Fire-Rescue-EMS-eachers-Public Servants-Private Sector pay approaching Corporate CEOs-Athletes-Celebrities: NOT Social EngineeringI; 27.)... we can do this, it's your vote - don't waste it on Politicians and Political Party Promises NEVER SEEN or REVISITED AGAIN.  

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