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    Budget Cuts!

    in Lifestyle

    How do you make your budget?  Can you go to someone else for money to get by until payday?  Why should you have to look to another to get by?  Why should one adult control another?
    Who do you know with the last name of Taxes?  Who is this fictitious character anyway and why doesn't he or she show up at work instead of only appearing on payday?  What can we do to see where our money goes?   Divorces happen over finances, what are you waiting for?  Are you happy where you are?  Are you prospering?  Who is?  Raise your hand please!!!
    Do you know anyone with the last name (Surname) of Taxes?  Then how can he or she get paid?  How did he or she get a social security number?  Hmmmm...   Let's play!  You are so smart!

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    Transformational Ministry at LBC@CUTS

    in Education

    Tonight will be an interview with the LBC@CUTS President of the Student Council as well as an interview with Admissions Director, Dr. Ron Whitaker.

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4U

    in Self Help

    Updates and readings from my recently published book - New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable, including excerpts from my most recent teleseminar= Your Wedding Pathway: Ask the Experts.

    This is special time this week because I will be traveling during my regularly scheduled show.

    Create your wedding with the assurance that no matter your budget you can have all of your dreams come true. We will discuss the best ways to create that wedding with resources from my book: New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable.

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    Analyzing Matt Barkley trade, Arizona Cardinals roster cuts, practice squad

    in Football

    We are finally here. It is Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season. The Arizona Cardinals made their final roster moves. They inexplicably traded for quarterback Matt Barkley, made their final cuts to get to 53 players, formed their 10-man practice squad and have a new depth chart. That's a lot to go though. 

    Hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox go through each. They give their thoughts on the trade for Barkley and question giving up on Logan Thomas so early, especially since he was seen as a project and he did seem to show progress and improvement. 

    They play a little GM and explaoin what they would have done differently with the final 53-man roster. Then they talk about the practice squad, waivers and the first depth chart. 

    Have a listen to the show. Then head on over to Revenge of the Birds to keep the conversation going. 

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    Washington Insiders Are Lying Again About Budget Cuts

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ tells about the lies hidden in budget cuts.

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    Ladies & Gentlemen: Budget for Business!!!

    in Finance

    LIVE from our Studio . .  It's "Budget For Business" YOUR Financial Solutions Talk Show with Giovanni Wade.

    Yeeaaah!  That's right we are now LIVE on the RADIO!  And I am excited about all the people we will be helping over the next days, weeks, months and years to come.  We have this Radio Show (http://BudgetRadio.money) our Business, "Budget for Business, LLC, our Websites (by request), LIvE Conference Calls and YES, LIVE Meetings, Seminars and one-on-one Counseling sessions.

    All this and a whole lot more to help you OR someone you know who is struggling with this needed and mandatory tool called MONEY.  With Budget for Business, WE will help you get it all together:  Credit Repair (possibly FREE!), Budgeting, Money Management, Living, Giving, Saving and Growing Money with our popular 70-10-10-10 Principle.  We are set and ready to go!  LIVE Radio, Community Outreach, Family Meetings, Church Seminars, Individual consultations, YES! Stay tuned for our first and many, many, many more shows.

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    Who's On The Bubble For The Final Cuts This Weekend ??

    in Football

      I LOVE the choice of Jamil Douglas at RG.  Billy Turner shows flashes, but no consistency in that spot...and my faith & trust in this organization's draft picks have grown to where I believe in their decision to replace him, and Turner is now a #2!  But...Can we say the same for Rishard Matthews??  He has looked brilliant in pre-season and Kenny Stills has missed a lot of time due to his calf injury...  What to do, what to do... Even Matt Hazel has stepped up and been a reliable target for Matt Moore.  I do NOT envy the coaches decisions, and with that, I foresee lots of grumblings after the final cuts are made.   This usually un- inspiring 4th pre-season game against Tampa Bay is now looking like make or break time for some key positions!!  Safety, CB, WR, and more!!  Do you think some big names go, too?

       Lets hear what ya got to say this Thursday and EVERY Thursday at 6:30PM est when you call in  (516) 453-9433  Also, a chance to discuss who will win the fantasy football challenge for Cohen...We will let you meet the team owners and suggest players to draft for their prospective teams, with ALL proceeds going DIRECTLY to The "Team Cohen Dale" foundation for this amazing 5 yr old leukemia DOLFAN!!

    Seeya then &....  GO DOLPHINS!!!

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    Divatosity: Game Day Food On A Budget

    in Food

    Join the Bougie Girl as she offers up suggestions for serving up game day food on a budget.


  • Celeste M. Mumford - Let's Talk Skin

    in Women

    Celeste was unable to join me this eveing, so I read from my book 11 Secrets From New York City Budget Weddings instead. 

    I am sure Ms. Mumford will be able to join me in the near future. 

  • "The Comeback" 1st Show in 4 years

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's episode will be very interesting, we'll be discussing topics about Baltimore City and around the world. The main topic would be about how could we strengthen our communities and the people who live there. Is religion the solution to our problems?

    We'll also be discussing the Freddie Gray trial briefly. Police brutality is a very big issue especially in the lower income neighborhoods. Another topic is gonna be about the "Violence" in our communities, (when will it stop) why do we hate each other so much?

    What is the best way to raise your children? With the iron fist or do you give them options? Do you be more of a friend than a parent?

    What's going on with the education system in Baltimore City? Are the teachers underappreciated and very well under paid?

    What about the up coming elections? Who are you with? What will actually happen? Who is for us?

    What keeps you healthy? How much do you practice what you preach? Are you willing to step out of the box to better yourself ands the people around you?

    These are just some of the few topics we will be discussing ton tonight's show. There will be laughter and emotions on edge, but we are all grown so keep it positive and respectful

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    MMSRS #26 - Looming Budget Cuts, will they hurt you?

    in Military

    Host Dave Etter opens the lines up to the military male spouse to discuss/argue/rant concerning the upcoming congressional budget cuts and what we can do about them. Probably going to get heated, so, put on your cussword shield, things look rough today!  (516) 453-9167 to call in and play!

    MMSRS is a weekly 2-hour web-based radio show, hosted by Dave Etter, focusing on the needs of men married to serving military members, both men and women. Male Military Spouses are a small niche of military spouses, comprising of only 7%-8% of all military spouses. We feel left out, usually, at support functions - especially those designed with the spouses being identified as "wives"! We get cajoled at playgrounds where our kids play, from the mommies there who think we don't belong. We are proud SAHDs, who gave up our careers to follow our spouses as they dedicate thier lives to defend our country! Here, on this show, we come together and share beer recipes, diaper changing techniques, financial discoveries - manly things, for men! Airs Fridays at Noon CT, rated R for the cussing that can occur, and available for download (podcast) immediately following each show if requested.