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    Uplift! Secrets of a Top Personal Trainer

    in Spirituality

    Do you struggle with low energy? Have you tried EVERYTHING when it comes to diet and exercise but the scale won't budge? Do you know how your sleeping patterns affect your weight? Personal trainer-Jody Castiglione-Trierweiler debunks several popular fitness and nutrition myths on this eye-opening episode of Uplift: Amazingly Powerful Secrts to Conquer Stress, Boost Happiness, and Create an Extraordinary Life!

    Call in 646-378-0378. www.bodymindspiritradio.com Visit Jaime on the web at http://jaimepfeffer.com

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Party Season Do's and Don'ts

    in Fitness

    Ah, you're ready for your HOLIDAY PARTY...FIRST, when making your guest list, consider your budge and venue....best to send paper invitations via mail...makes your party more personal.

    Guest list-co-workers-family and friends who are constant in your life, then invite 'people you love...people who you want to get to know better or people you would kick out of meeting.  You may need to host several parties.

    Doesn't matter if the party is for an intimate dinner party or a giant wedding...remember EMOTIONS RUN HIGH!

    Consider the mix, choose guests who will get along and might share interests.


    Reconsider reciprocity...etc.

    Paper invites beat technology...etc.

    Consider your budget...etc.

    Don't let other bully you...etc.

    Look who's at the door...etc.

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    Exits and Collaborative Designs: Chatting all things Days and BB!

    in Entertainment

    This week, we will be covering both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful and we have A LOT to discuss!

    On Days, we finally know what Sami Brady's exit story is and it definitely wasn't what anyone was expecting. Does it leave the door open for a return or do you think it could have been handled better? Also, just as Jordan's story was starting to take off (or so we thought) it was announced this week that Chrishell has wrapped up her time at Days. We are saddened to hear Chrishell is leaving and wonder if Days once again passed up an opportunity to create a great story and utilize a great talent. Where will they take Jordan's story now and how will she exit? What does this mean for Rafe?  We also will be discussing the interesting dynamic that is Kristen and Dr. Dan and what is about to happen next and much more!

    The Bold and the Beautiful has also had some great twists and turns as Caroline and Ridge can no longer deny what's happening and Hope refuses to budge on her stance on Quinn. We want to hear everyone's thoughts on Hope/Wyatt/Liam/Ivy and more. Join us in the live chat or call-in!

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    walter williams can not make it tonight but he will be on next week

    in Science

    So tonight we will be debunking vol 1 of ea walis budge book of the dead then I will open the lines up as me and omo shongo dig into hagia sophia debunking those who use coptic to translate we have took it upon our selves to introduce a new system so by debunking coptic and explaing sopi or sophy You will not find medu neter and the a alphabet under it the confusion ends today with me mdakonu a.k.a emunrakati and omo shongo

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    Tbe Nikki Rich Show Live New Segments @HairbyChelynn @TheeMisshampton

    in Entertainment

    @MsNikkiRich  producing 2 New Radio Segments with New Hosts on the @NikkiRichShowla Network airing Mon-Wed 5-7 PST 8-10 EST THENIKKIRICHSHOW.COM CALL # 323.580.5749

    1..HairbyChelynn Misty h. " Beauty on a Budget" Monday Nights @hairbychelynn

    2..Sakia Hampton " Spenders Resloutions" Monday Nights @theemisshampton

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thenikkirichshow/2014/07/10/music-wednesdays-encore-new-segment-hosts-1#ixzz37TqqQKzI

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    Vincent Price loves tacos

    in Religion

    Stop the presses, there seems to be a shortage of marijuana now that it is being sold in retail stores.  An Ohio man gets arrested after little boy plays hookey from church.  I'm way too lazy and would just get a haircut but a New Zealand teenager isn't.  New death museum opens in New York, and everyone's dying to get in.  In fast food news, the food is still crappy but scandals still abound.  My top 3 Satanic movies revealed and a squatter nanny doesn't budge.  Listen already

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    Key Budge, Fraud Investigator, L.A. County Sheriff’s Department

    in Current Events

    Detective Key Budge is a major fraud investigator with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

    Key has been recognized by the financial sector for his work in this field.

    Detective Budge has traveled across the United States training law enforcement, the banking industry and the public regarding fraud trends.
    Key is also an on air personality with a local radio station sharing his knowledge of fraud crimes with his listening audience.


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    Political Candies

    in Politics

    Is it really possible that the House and the Senate have reached a 2 year budget agreement? With the 2014 mid-term elections coming up...of course they have. But what's in it? And do churches need legislation protecting their rights because the First Amendment is no longer enough? Sen. Mike Lee of Utah thinks so. Join us as we discuss these topics and more, as well as the upcoming TEA Party Conference being held in Marietta, GA this weekend. As usual I'll be playing some excellent Christmas tunes performed by Liberty minded artists during the breaks. You don't want to miss this one!

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    3 Most Commonly Overlooked Tests for Determining Hormone Imbalance

    in Health

    Hormone imbalance is an epidemic that people face all over the world every single day. The ravaging effects on a person's health can range from unexplained mood swings to severe insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and panic attacks, low libido, depression, brain fog, and stubborn weight that won't budge, especially around the abdomen.

    There are actually dozens of hormones required to help the human body to regulate properly. 

    Some of these hormones include insulin (blood sugar, from the pancreas), cortisol (the stress hormone, from the adrenals), and leptin (helps to regulate your body to know when its had enough food to eat), the all important thyroid hormone--and so many others.

    Suffice it to say, if all focus is placed only on the sex hormones and not on the "every day" hormones, then it stands to reason that health care providers would commonly overlook certain tests to determine these imbalances.

    Ironically, correcting imbalances via nutrition and natural means will often have the added benefit of organically balancing the sex hormones without the need to resort to the extreme of hormone replacement therapy.

    Is your health care provider overlooking these tests? Or, if you are a practitioner, are you overlooking them for your clients?

    Listen in and have your notepad ready as Dr. Ritamarie reveals the three most commonly overlooked tests for evaluating hormone imbalance.

    Dr. Ritamarie is hosting a 3 day live conference to train practitioners called Scientific and Holistic Investigation of Nutritional Endocrinology (S.H.I.N.E.) and it is an event like no other.

    Scientific and Holistic Investigation of Nutritional Endocrinology (S.H.I.N.E.)

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    NABWIC Talks Radio - Raynelle Deans Grace

    in Current Events

    Raynelle Grace is President and CEO of Abex Systems, a technology consulting firm with federal government contracts. Abex Systems merges Raynelle’s engineering background with her business savvy to help large corporations and government clients achieve cost savings and process efficiencies, often via information technology automation. On one project, she helped a client save over $13M in one year by streamlining their technology purchases. Through Abex, 

    Raynelle also helps other small businesses learn how to pursue government contracts. Raynelle is also Managing Director of Rdeans Realty. Her firm provides real estate sales and property management services. She is affiliated as an Associate Agent with Redfin Corporation, a real estate company that is changing the game in real estate by using technology and transparency to delight its customers.

    Raynelle received her undergraduate degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia; her master’s degree in Systems Engineering from George Washington University; and her graduate certificate in Budge & Finance from Georgetown University. In parallel with running her thriving businesses, she is also currently working on her Master of Business Administration at The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania).

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    Episode six... It's time to start shopping baby!!!

    in Hobbies

    We are going to search the internest so you don't have to and name off some of our favorite places to save money in bunches on all things hobby this holiday season.

    If there is a gamer in your life and you are on a limited budge DONT MISS THIS EPISODE.  And if you're lucky enough not to be on a budget, check it out anyway cause let's face it, you're having fun with us, right?