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    Sapphire JBlue chats with Benjamin J Patterson -Joe Bubbles & Buttons

    in Radio

    Joe, Bubbles and Buttons is the tale of two exhibitionist who accept an offer neither can refuse, finding themselves thrown into a dark world of physical transgressions and exotic 
    entertainment. In hopes of controlling their own destinies, the two will plunge into a life of domination and abuse beyond imagination. This experience will test their personal bond along with their will to survive. The drama and suspense will paralyze you in your seat while your mind races as the story unfolds with unexpected twists at every turn.

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    Fantasy Hockey X: Tanks, Bubbles, And CASH!

    in Sports

    The final days of the NHL regular season are here and 18 days separate us from the break between the regular and second seasons. There will be lots of chaos as we try to break it down tonight on Fantasy Hockey X! Just strap on in because it will be a very bumpy ride. Michael Clifford, Christopher Pacheco, and myself break everything down in a fast paced hour show then dig deeper in the archive for more answers to the questions that impact fantasy hockey players, especially daily fantasy. 

    Tonight's episode digs into schedules, lineup making, what went wrong Monday night and tonight, and then a look ahead to the weekend where there is a mega split slate that has not been seen all year. It is going to be a crazy night as always so why not come to the experts that have been with you the whole way.

    Our phone number as always is 1-347-826-7358. Again, like I said the show starts at 9:00 pm ET and if you download the archive, you will get bonus material to help you in your fantasy leagues.

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    Upbeat with Tom Hayes, Rosemarie Young and Paul Carafotes, Writer, Director,

    in Comedy

    Paul Carafotes was born on March 23, 1963 in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. He is an actor, known for Fight Club (1999), All the Right Moves (1983) and Choices (1981). As a producer, he created the movie short, "Club Soda" with James Gandolfini, Louis Gossett Jr., Joe Mantegna, etc. He is a writer, producer, director and now author a children's book series, "Charlie Bubbles" based on the true life experiences of his own son. 

    He also wrote, produced, directed and acted in a movie short, "The Wolves of Savin Hill." Join us for an exciting show. 



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    Kathryn Louise - Intuitive Medium, Angelic Psychic Guidance

    in Spirituality

    Kathryn Louise has an interesting story in that she has known since she was 2 years old that she could "see" spirits still in their previous human form.  She has further developed her communication skills with Spirit, loved ones, ancient ones and others in the realms beyond.  Kathryn has added many physical healing modalities to her repetoire and is able to help her clients with physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

    Recently, Kathryn has "come out" with her gifts; first to her husband 5 years ago and more recently through her Facebook page.  Since then, Kathryn's business has flourished as she's guided by Spirit in her readings and healings for others.

    Tune in for an episode of awakening, healing and giggles!  Kathryn's effervecent nature bubbles to the surface in all that she does, and you will be grateful for the connection.

    Visit Kathryn's facebook page by clicking here:  Kathryn Louise Facebook

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    TDLP-EP-07-Comedienne Ms. Bubbles

    in Pop Culture

    After a two week hiatus, The D-Lew Podcast is back!!! My guest this week is truly one of a kind. Fresh out of the South Jersey/Delaware area, Comedienne Ms. Bubbles brings her brand of comedy to The D-Lew Podcast. She'll discuss how she got started, what she loves most about the business and also her other business ventures as well. Dont miss this episode!!!!!

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    EPISODE 5 Take 2 Radio Jr with special guest actor & author Paul Carafotes

    in Entertainment

    Take 2 Radio Jr is a kids and teen show hosted by Andrea on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 7pm eastern!  

    We are bringing families back together in front of the radio to listen to their favorite programs.There will be stories, music, fun facts, guest authors to read their children's books, and more! Want your book read on air or do you want to read it on air? Do you sing children's songs or have a recorded songs that you would like played? Email take2radiojr@gmail.com 

    Our host is Andrea who is a singer and future teacher. On twitter @Take2RadioJr & Andrea @callherdreax3 

    In this episode of Take 2 Radio Jr - we welcome actor & author Paul Carafotes who wrote the children's series "The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles" available now on Amazon in paperback and kindle. There are coloring books too! Listen in as Paul talks about how the series came about and he will be reading one of them too on Sunday, Feb. 22nd at 7pm eastern! 

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    My debate with Paul Krugman (kind of) and what's going on with the Dollar and Gold?

    in Politics

    Justin talks about the most recent Paul Krugman piece and tears it apart!  Justin also explains what's happening with the dollar and gold right now and why Paul Krugman is wrong about it all!

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    Clinic III Injections

    in Education

    Welcome to Clinc III Injections. Please be sure to have the proper materials and text books to be best in this class. After the class please send your attendance flag word to your Instructor to receive the proper attendance credits.



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    Milling About Bang Candy Company

    in Entertainment

    Milling About visits Bang Candy Company in Nashville, Tennessee where handmade gourmet marshmallows are the bomb! There's all types of confection creations designed by owner Sarah Souther. Sarah came to Nashville by way of Ireland and the idea for her candy company started over dinner with a friend when her dessert contained a handmade marshmallow. She tells host Robin Milling, 'I thought, wow, people make marshmallows! I went home and I messed around in my cupboard and I found some cardamom and some rose. I thought, ooh I'll make a rose cardamom marshmallow! It's very simple; gelatin, some syrup and you whip it up until it gains volume, cools, traps the air bubbles and then you have this lovely spongy substance.'

    A big hit at a potluck party, Sarah was convinced she could make a business out of her designer marshmallows and she did. She jokes how she first would 'deal marshmallows' to friends in parking lots but then expanded to a 'shed on wheels' to cart her sweets around town called The Cocoa Van. Their home now is a former car factory for Marathon Motor cars right next door to the Antique Archeology shop where American Pickers began.

    There are literally endless ways to flavor a marshmallow and Sarah has tried them all taking full advantage of her neighboring distilleries including black currant absinthe, maple bacon bourbon and spicy margarita, as well as chocolate chili and toasted coconut almond; then dipped one by one on a diagonal in chocolate. Sarah says it's time consuming but well worth it and encourages anyone to try making marshmallows at home. Recipes are at http://www.bangcandycompany.com/

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    in Sports

    The brackets are out and some teams bubbles got bust and some have put on a slipper. Can the show and let us know who you think will be the Cinderella of tourney and who will challenge Kentucky for a shot at being the best team in the land. Free agent frency is upon us and some are shocked at some of the moves that happened in the streeets of the NFL. Kyrie went for 57 primetime against the Spurs whatda streets are saying about that performance. Come get in the asylum with ya hosts El-Boogie and T.Ro. "Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a whole bunch of girlfriends."

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    Sports Betting Weekly w/2nd Half Chas Covers This Weekend's Action On The Board

    in Football

    Listen in as SportsBettingWeekly covers all of this weekend's sports betting options

    There's a full card both Saturday and Sunday

    Conference tournaments will decide who dances and what schools see their bubbles burst

    The tourney starts Thursday and we'll be reporting LIVE from the 2nd/3rd rounds in Pittsburgh

    UFC 185 is has a dozen bouts scheduled Saturday

    We'll have a special guest as Billy V joins us to cover the card and where he sees opportunities

    MLB is on the way w/ NBA & NHL Playoffs on the horizon

    Mo, Sloppy, Tommy, Johnny D who shows up is TBD

    Yet as always we'll have as many opinions as one hour can handle

    Sports Betting Weekly is the only place where you get the winners before the games are played

    This is must listen to radio if you're betting even one football game this weekend.

    Our panel of Wagering Experts break down the Games for both Teams and Under/OVERS

    Every Week one of the panelists is on fire

    Who will it be this week

    You'll need to know if you want to...

    Always Be Cashing

    www.SportsBettingWeekly.com    www.2ndHalfChas.com   www.SixBetsAGame.com

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