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    TDLP-EP-07-Comedienne Ms. Bubbles

    in Pop Culture

    After a two week hiatus, The D-Lew Podcast is back!!! My guest this week is truly one of a kind. Fresh out of the South Jersey/Delaware area, Comedienne Ms. Bubbles brings her brand of comedy to The D-Lew Podcast. She'll discuss how she got started, what she loves most about the business and also her other business ventures as well. Dont miss this episode!!!!!

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    Bubbles of Joy, Real Tools for Transformation ~ Cyndie Lepori

    in Spirituality

    Got Joy? Need to create a more Positive Safe Space for yourself? Would you like to learn how to transform your life? Cyndie Lepori can show you how to use very quick tools to transform your world using Dolphin Energies and Joy! This Fun and informative show will involve how to feel energies, clear energy, and infuse your life with Positive energies. These are tools that can be used anytime, anywhere and are simple, quick and easy. With her ability to see and transform energys she will also be taking callers if you have questions about the process.

    Cyndie Lepori is a Retired RN, Ascension Reiki Master Teacher. She is currently a Physic Reader, Channel, Medium and Animal Communicator. She teachs Dolphin Bubble Playshops and develop tools for people to use and empower themselves. She is on the Spirit Rescue Team and Radical Joy for Hard Times Team.

    Dolphin Energy Practitioner/Healer Level II. Certified by the Dolphins as an Emmisary to facilitate Dolphin Attunements and transformational Weekends.

    She writes for Species Link Magazine. She wrote this Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker to assist the children and grownups to better understand the gifts spirit and the dolphins have provided for us. She contributor to Whales and Dolphins Forever, soon to be released and a speaker at the 2014 Dolphin Summit in Hi.

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    Carolyn Hamilton"Bubbles" with Boyd and Lucinda

    in Lifestyle

    Carolyn Hamilton aka “Bubbles” is a former Rollin 20’s Blood gang member from Los Angeles, CA. Carolyn is a sister who survived the trenches and harsh realities of the street scene. Carolyn still resides in L. A., her birth place, the place which brought her to the forefront of the struggle. Carolyn is now making a difference as a gang interventionalist alongside others in L.A. She is known for her persistence and dedication in helping curb the violence in her community and works with an organization called Girls In Gangs. Her slogan is: If I save one life, I have served my purpose for the day.

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    The Roc Runna Radio Show(FEAT: MISS BUBBLES & RIVASIDE KO)

    in Radio

    -67th Show
    -Latest News on your Local events, Entertainment & Sports w/ The Health tip of the day & Horoscope(Cancer Season) + The Careers(Jobs) Segment
    -Total Control Gaming:Honoring Sonic The Hedgehog
    -Special Guest: We got Pop/R&B Singer Jae Von AKA Miss Bubbles & Rivaside KO stopping by to roc with us today.
    -Latest Music from Rockland’s finest & beyond
    -Big Vegg & Precice Hostin’
    -Roc w/ US!

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    American Daily Review: Veterans Day & The Madness It Used To Transcend

    in Politics Conservative

    Philae rides the comet; Catalonia refusing to go down with Spain's sinking economic ship; Would just smoking a cigarette when getting out of his limo have been less insulting to the ChiComms than Barack Obama blowing Nicorette bubbles?; Obama is many things, but a "lame duck" isn't one of them; Is Attorney-General nominee Loretta Lynch a "straight-shooter," and how can Senate Republicans stop her confirmation in the lame duck session?; Meanwhile, back in Beijing, Obama atones for his gum-chewing insult by surrendering what's left of the U.S. economy to the new #1 by selling out to the ChiComms on "climate change"; Obama vows to build a communications policy bridge back to the mid-twentieth century by nationalizing the Internet into the new Ma Bell; Meanwhile, in Syria, ISIS, al Qaeda, and the "Free Syrian Army" are now one, big, happy jihadist family; The 6-year Obama Depression has a quarter century left to go; Obama prepares to impose unratified UN gun treaty by Executive decree (or, "Let the gun confiscations begin!"); Democrats try to save Mary Landrieu with Keystone XL feint, but her GOP challenger, Bill Cassidy, beats them to the punch; Obama's Executive amnesty decree inbound and closing fast, necessitating a corresponding GOP red-alert response; The Gruber confession and the GOP's "Gruberization" offensive; The American Left, knowing that it has but a short time, rapidly gathers en masse for the final "fundamental transformation" push; and can Veterans Day really transcend all of the above

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    San Diego Hot Tubs For Sale, Hot Tubs Dealer San Diego

    in Health

    San Diego Hot Tubs For Sale - Hot Tubs Dealer San Diego offering All Portable Spas, Hot Tubs and Swim Spas on Sale. Best Prices, Great Service, Free Hot Tub Test Soaks, 92120, 92108

    Relaxation Made Simple with an In Home Hot Tub

    We can all use a place to go to unwind, relax and sink ourselves into total bliss. Here are a few ways an in home hot tub can bring well-deserved relaxation home. 

    No More Appointments
    When getting a personal massage requires appointments, traveling and scheduling, it’s tough to benefit.  When the same is available right outside your back door, relief is as easy as can be.

    An Escape for Two 
    With massaging bubbles, heat and buoyancy, it’s easy to steal away for some bonding, relaxation and intimacy. Talk about work, about each other, or just relax as you enjoy a personal escape for two. 

    Refresh, Recharge and Enjoy Family Fun on the Weekends 
    Weekends were made for fun, a family dip in the bubbly wins every time. With surround sound, waterproof TVs and more, you can enjoy spending time together right from home.

    To encourage local residents to check out the benefits of using a hot tub to help improve their overall health and well-being, Carddine Spas is providing free test soaks at all their showrooms. We do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute soak call us ahead of time to reserve their spot.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “What You Need to Know Before You Buy” Just give us a call at 866-946-8882 or visit our website at http://www.Carddine.com

    Hot Tubs For Sale San Diego

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    Paul Carafotes is an actor, possibly best known for playing Harold Dyer in the television drama Knots Landing from 1988 to 1990. In 2006 Carafotes directed his first short film Club Soda edited into Stories USA. Carafotes has starred in many films as well as lots of TV and commercials and stage.
    Beginning with a performance at the age of 20 that Variety called, "amazing" for his portrayal of Ralph Morrelli in 20th Century Fox film Headin' for Broadway. He then went on to star alongside Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves as Vinnie Salvucci. A memorable performance in the industry short film Scriptfellas. He has had many television appearances as well as stage. He won LA drama critics for writing "Beyond the Ring", nominated for best actor for that as well. A beautiful story of father and son. He has won several awards and film festivals, including the audience award at the Beverly Hills film festival for Directing and writing Club Soda, which starred James Gandolfini, Lou Gossset, Joe Mantegna, Michael Rispoli. Most recently in 2010 he was back to acting in the Emmy award winning series Damages, where he was a series regular as the very charming and dark character "Man In overcoat", aka Ben De Falco.

    Paul joins Take 2 Radio on Friday, November 7th at 6pm eastern

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    I'm Mowing the air Rand!

    in Entertainment

    Tim and Antonio tonight!

    Talking about current events in entertainment!

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    in Comedy

    Nikki's comedy colleague and pal Tom Brady joins our hyper-caffeinated trio for a stroll through some hot topics: platonic friendships Tom's engagement story, retroactive jealousy, more TSwift talk, soft rock love songs, first love vs future loves, is the first cut really the deepest?, Reba, how non-performers let off steam, break up / make up sex, compulsive snooping, how to know when a break-up was a good idea, social media anxiety disorder, texting bubbles, deal breakers.

    Call in with your questions 347-467-1240
    Follow @nikkiglaser @philmhanley @anyamarina @tomabrady @standupnylabs.

    Visit www.StandUpNY.com to see when Phil and Nikki are performing live at Stand Up NY. Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

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    The Flute Enthusiast! Episode #8: @TheTruffleLady's Vin Du #Champagne Adventure

    in Entertainment

    The Flute Enthusiast! Episode #8: @TheTruffleLady's Vin Du #Champagne Adventure

    Here’s how it goes: our Champagne Sister & Bubbly Enthusiast Kiron, known on twitter as @ChampagneMemori along with her Champagne loving partner in bubbles Amanda AKA @TheTruffleLady, *POP the cork* on 3 bottles of Grower Champagne & share descriptions, insight, flavor profiles, look of the bubbles, sparkle, scent, food pairings & more with us!  Today, they take us through Amanda's adventure of being selected as a finalist for the Vin Du Champagne Awards!

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    Christians Should Look Different

    in Christianity

    I thought this was an interesting topic because a lot of times we as Christians make a lot of excuses. We make a lot of excuses so we can continue to live wordly lives to partake in temporary pleasures and feel we have the best of both worlds. We think that we can mock God by saying we are for him, but no one can tell we are even Chritians. Even worse, other times we might put up fronts in church or elsewhere and end up only fooling ourselves in the end. However, the Bible says in James 4:4, "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." Therefore, we need to fully submit ourselves to God and completely let go of the things against God. The Bible also says in Romans 12:12, "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

    This does not mean that Christians do not go to work, school, use the Internet, go to the park, travel, watch television (some don't lol), listen to music, and more. It is not saying that we cannot live in the world and must live in bubbles where we have no idea what is going on. The opposite is true because how then can we be a light in the world or the salt of the earth? However, we should not be of the world and blend in with everyone else is doing as if we are not called to a higher standard with the holy spirit living inside of us. Remember it is called a narrow road for a reason.

    How should we look? Is this only outward appearance? What standards are we holding ourselves to by lining it up with the word of God?

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