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    God,Elections, and Government

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    Well a busy morning of sorts for me, so this will be one of those shows in which I went back to an old reliable, Newsforchristians.com, and saw what some of their featured articles were and I'll run with, share, and comment on some of those.  What stands out, unsurprisingly, is presidential politics and elections.  They'll be a lot of Donald Trump talk as well as a lot of talk about faith in politics, pastors and politics, and at least one court case about the so called separation of church and state in North Carolina.  Faith and politics often collide or maybe for others often coincide this time of the year and in election years, and particularly in Iowa.  I'll talk about that today on American Faith Today, live at 4:30 Eastern time and archived after that.

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    The Return Of SFV Radio/Islam Unchecked/2016 Elections/Open Lines

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    A triumphant return back to the air waves for SFV Radio! After a few months of host Matt4America being extremely distracted, he's ready to get back and mix it up! He'll be joined yet again by the Red Fox of the Great White North, Kel Fritzi! The conversation will cover many different problems throughout the world, but they all have a very common affect on all of us, no matter where you're from.

    It woulkd seem that that the progressive left (as defined in America) now controls much of what used to be a fledgling pursuit of real freedom, and is hindering the evolution, and greatness of what humanity could be. It seems that the newest idea that man has ever tried (freedom) has been swept aside after just a couple hundred years, and the ideas of old (tyrannical rule) that have plagued the planet for thousands of years are once again being implimented. Through the last seven years of Barack Obama, we've seen the world's best chance at freedom turn into a sniveling, and weak nation. We've also seen what appears to be a complicit, and emboldening effort by the U.S. and other nations to aid our enemies. A blind eye has been turned to the evils of an ever growing Islamic takeover in the name of understanding and tolerance, all while innocents is being raped, murdered and wiped out of existance.

    We'll also be talking about the upcoming elections in the United States. This program has said for a very long time that, if things don't begin to turn the tide back towards constitutionality, America will die. In our opinion, this death has now occurred. The Constitution is now irrelevant. The standards are out the window. America is dead. The good news however is, the body isn't cold yet. We have one more shot to try and regain some footing, and correct the devastation that has been put upon this country.

    Join us to put the pieces together!

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    BTR TEST 020216

    in Christianity

    Christian BTR Test

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    American muslims and the presidential elections

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    We have a verry wide reange of presidential canadets that are running for president. Who should muslims support? what if he had anti muslim statments? should we blame that candate? what should muslims do to support the so called  "muslim issues" ? shold muslims have "muslim issues"? Should Sharea Law be applied in the United States? what is "sherea law"?


    We may cover all issues or not as time permits. We may also cover other related issues. 



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    Become a United States, Register to Vote, and Vote in the 2016 Elections

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    Become a United States, Register to Vote, and Vote in the 2016 Elections

    As a United States citizen (USC) voting is a basic right that we all should exercise. Too many of us ignore that basic right that we have. Please keep in mind that some people in some countries do not have the basic voting rights we have as USC. Please note, the 15th Amendment gave African American men the right to vote. Second, the 19th Amendment gives women the right to vote.  The 15th Amendment prohibits the state and federal governments from denying our rights to vote. If you are 18 or older and you are a USC, register to vote early and vote. If you are going to be out of your voting station for any reason, you may vote using an absentee ballot or you may vote early. In some states, State of Minnesota as an example, you may register to vote and vote on Election Day. Also your employer should accommodate you on Election Day, so that you may exercise your right to vote. If you vote for one candidate and that candidate did not win, that is fine. You would have made a statement that as to who you think should govern. If you feel that you qualify to become a USC, please give us a call 1-(763) 425 5447 or visit us www.m-jlawltd.com

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    Is There Democracy in the West Indies? Vote Buying and Fraudulent Elections

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    Is There Democracy in the West Indies?  Vote Buying and Fraudulent Elections seem to be the order of the day during elections in the West Indies.  Most recently, however, is the situation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    "The Democratic rights of the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines had been gravely violated on 09th December, 2015. The general election process which was supposed to be a free and fair one, was severely compromised by several reported allegations of irregularities and fraudulent activities, in which a microscopic few had hijacked the electoral process in favor of the incumbent party, despite numerical evidences from votes showing that the major opposition party had won the election in those constituencies."  Change.Org

    Sheri Veronica  Alex Mitchell  Naked Departure Radio and http://nakeddeparture.com

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    Venezuela in turmoil about upcoming elections with Comandante Cazorla

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    Guest:  Comandante Cazorla from Venezuela joins us for a discussion of the upcoming elections and turmoil........there are reports of violence, intimidation and harassment of opposition leaders...........what impact did the elections in Argentina have in Venezuela?   how will President Maduro react to the results?   The state of US-Venezuela relations..........reaction in Venezuela to the arrests of individuals close to The First Lady.....And more stories from Venezuela....

    Click to support some of our friends....




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    BTR Radio: I want my Kayfabe back

    in Wrestling

    Join us tonite as we discuss the current WWE product and how the non existence of Kayfabe have affected the current WWE product and storylines.  

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    BTR Guest: Former JW Dr. Charles Trombley author of "Kicked Out of the Kingdom"

    in Religion

    Saturday 2/06/16 1pm ET/12pm CTRL/11am MTN/10am Pac Call in and listen, share comments or ask questions at 1-347-934-0379 or online at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingxoutreach/2016/02/06/btr-guest-former-jw-dr-charles-trombley-author-of-kicked-out-of-the-kingdom

    You can also listen via Six screens telenetwork at (712) 432-8710 When prompted dial 9925. Have a comment would like to talk with us press *1 to unmute yourself or by video suite at : http://www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com/telenetwork/telenetwork-directions.php

    Dr. Charles Trombley is one of the pioneers of ex-Jehovah's Witness activism who is the author of the landmark book "Kicked Out of the Kingdom"  He is listed in the 1979 edition of Contemporary Authors, the l979 edition of Personalities in America and the l980 edition of Who’s Who in the South. All proceeds for any book sales from his website go to support an orphanage in Malawi, Africa. here:http://charlestrombleyministries.com/index.html

    And the Malawian orphanage site is listed here:http://www.victorychristianchildrenshome.org/

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    BTR Debate: The Justification Debate

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    Special Debate! Saturday 12/19/14 2pm ET/1pm CTRL/12pm MTN/11am Pac Call in and listen and be prepared to ask questions during the Q and A segment of the debate at 1-347-934-0379 or online at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/healingxoutreach/2015/12/19/btr-debate-the-justification-debate

    Today we have a two hour radio debate between Reformed Apologist TurretinFan and Catholic Apologist William Albrecht debating on the heart of the dispute between the Catholic church and protestants during the reformation. How is man justified before God?

    TurretinFan is on facebook and like his page and you can also find out more at his blog and You Tube pages at:




    William Albrecht has a B.A. in theology and is a member of the Catholic apostolate, the Catholic Legate. You can find out more about him at his You Tube page and on facebook at: