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  • 2D Sports Radio Network Presents: PWR SLAM! Babes of Brutality

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    Join your hosts "Sadistic" Sean David, "The Dean of Wrestling Referees" Steve Cain, & "Khaotic" Katie on Wendesday Nights at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST for PWR SLAM! on the 2D Sports Network Each & Every Wednesday Night. Chat Opens 30 Minutes before we inivite everyone to join in on the live chat discussion during the live show by joining BTR (FREE of charge). We also invite all of our listners to call in with their questions and comments by using the blue handy dandy skype button or by calling in via phone at (347) 826-9418 ***ALL CALLERS SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS***  Tonight Once again, it's Ladies Night, but we're NOT being sweet and petite, we're being brutal. We have three ladies that are so tough, Sean and Steve are afraid of them! And once again, controversy raises its head and we do not shy away from it. Last time out, Randi West's name was brought up as the reason another guest cancelled. We're going to explore that with no limits when we talk to the 2015 Queen of The Death Matches Randi West. Kathy "The Butcher" Owens returns from last month when we were unable to be heard so now you will definitely be able to hear what she has to say about the business and how she feels she fits in it. Finally we also bring in someone we're looking forward to talking to, just because it's taken forever to get her, a woman with a more OLD SCHOOL look and approach to this business simply known as Thunderkitty. Join Sean, Steve & Katie and bring your questins. We invite everyone to join us for PWR SLAM'S! "Babes of Brtuality" Ladies Night! You're not going to want to miss this it's going to get heated we promise you that. We also promise it will be 3 FULL hours of FANDEMONIUM! http://www.facebook.com/pwroundtable

  • Debut Episode of The Blitz with Bryan and TB!

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    Tonight on the debut episode of The Blitz with Bryan and TB, Bryan Nolen and TB look at the Mountain West teams and what we should expect from each squad. We will also speak with Raja from BNN as he will join the program to talk about the expectations regarding Boise State for the upcoming season. We will also ask Raja the question of the show:

    Should Boise State be in the College Football Playoff if they go undefeated?

    We will also have Kevin McGuire from NBC’s College Football Talk come on the program to look at the Washington vs. Boise State game. What should we expect from Coach Pete’s guys after an 8-5 season last year? Kevin will tell us tonight!

    Top headlines and more as we are LIVE from the BNN Studio!

  • 2D Sports Radio Network Presents: RAMPAGE RANTS

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    When we tell you we embrace controversy we are not pulling your leg and tonight we address some major controversy involving a former big star.
    We will begin with our friend Pat Buck from Pro Wrestling Syndicate in the New York/New Jersey area who not only had a major run in with a former big star, he got quite a shock after the show was over.
    We'll discuss the NJPW star who suffered a serious injury at Ring Of Honor, the NXT show where TWO titles changed hands and of course the controversial finish of the Summer Slam main event.
    Also, a legendary performer made some comments that have caught the wrestling world by surprise. We will discuss his comments and the potential backlash they may have on his future.
    Sean, Steve and Katie will voice their opinions, but we want to hear what you have to say. You can ask your questions and voice your opinion via chat, Skype or phone at 347-826-9418. As always, questions will be screened for content and used as time permits.

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    Sports Debate Network Radio: NFL Rundown preseason special

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    Please join Sports Debate Network Sunday August 9th at 8PM Eastern standard time. SDN staff will discuss NFL training camps, Major league Baseball, Tom Brady's futile attempts at redemption, and the issue of ticket prices in sports.

    You can stream the show right here!

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    Sports Debate Network Radio

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    Sports Debate Network Radio will return to the airwaves Sunday, June 28th, at 8PM Eastern Standard time. A full panel, and some surprise guests will debate the NFL, MLB Baseball Alex Rodriguez, NBA Free agency, Bryce Harper, and the future of the New England Patriots.



    Feel free to call in!

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  • BDSIR NETWORK: The Soul-n-Sports With Mike Knoxxx on Fox Sports 1340 AM

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    We are your source for the latest news and events. We make sure you are kept up-to-date and in the know on everything that takes place in the world you live in. BDSIR Network covers local and regional news and features radio programming that highlight the issues that are most important to our communities and much much more. From wrestling to sports and entertainment to music, arts and politics – we got it covered in Tha Barbershop. Our reporters are experienced journalists with strong ties to the local area and long-time residents of the community. With a passon for talk radio like no one. Are you a business owner looking to advertise on our site? Or a local resident interested in becoming a guest blogger? Please contact us for more ?information.? LOOKING FOR AUTHENTIC BARBERSHOP AND SPORTSBAR-STYLE INTERACTION?? LOOK NO MORE!! BDSIR NETWORK IS MADE UP OF REAL PEOPLE, SPORTS, WRESTLING FANS AND YOU THE PEOPLE NOT JUST PEOPLE WHO SIT AROUND QUOTING STATISTICS AND PREJUDICES. WE HAVE PEOPLE OF ALL KIND, HUMOR, ENTERTAINMENT AND MAKE-YOU-THINK MOMENTS AT ANY GIVEN TIME! THIS IS THE PLACE YOU WANT TO BE EACH AND EVERY DAY AND NIGHT!!! JOIN MIKE KNOXXX-THE C.E.O THE MILLION DOLLAR HOST AND THE NETWORK AND BECOME A PART OF THE MILLION DOLLAR AUDIENCE. AND TOGETHER, WE'LL CREATE THE MILLION DOLLAR CONNECTION! COME ONE COME ALL MIKE KNOXXX THE NETWORK INVITES YOU ALL TO THE FASTEST RISING MOST SUCCESSFUL SHOW IN TALK RADIO

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    America's Deadly Sins - The Bruce Story, Part IV - Syndicated News Network

    in Politics

    Join us today at 5 p.m. CST as we continue on with the Bruce travesty in family court.  Let's get this!

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    2D Sports Radio Network Presents: RAMPAGE RANTS

    in Wrestling

    Last night we were handed a story about a promotion in Georgia called APW that is apparently having underage children wrestle. In the two hours we were on and throughout the day this story has turned into a powder keg with charges of not only child abuse but of names being falsely advertised, but of fraud and sexual harassment. Tonight Sean, Steve and Katie will talk to Chris Nelms and Priscilla Kelly who have both worked for APW. We may have others as they can get to us. We invite you to join us, ask questions and give us your opinion by joining in on the live chat by joining Blog Talk (FREE of Charge) and by calling in using the blue handy dandy skype button or by calling in via phone at (347) 826-9418. Don't miss this. http://www.facebook.com/pwrroundtable

  • Business Blitz with Quenjana Adams, Non-Profit Entrepreneur

    in Business

    We did not want to miss the opporutnity to speak with one of Chicago's hometown heroes! On this episode of Business Blitz, co-host Danielle Wright chats with non-profit entrepreneur, Quenjana Adams, founder of SummerLeagueChi and Pro/Looks.

    SummerLeagueChi is a main source of news and information on Chicago's summer basketball leagues, tournaments, games and more! Pro/Looks provides youth the networks, knowledge and guidance they need to become successful adults working in sports --- on the fields of competition and beyond! Adams has spent her career in athletics and is driven to provide her hometown with programming to build a stronger, safer community.

    Connect with Quenjana:




    Email: summerleaguechi@gmail.com



    Twitter: @ProLooksChi


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    The Rank Top 5 Sports Talk Network 2015 College Football Preview Show

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    Join Rank Top 5 Sports Talk Network as we kick off our 2015 College Football Preview Show. Find out who will be the top college football teams and players in 2015. Special guests; Coach and Player Magazine Chris Franklin and staff writer Michael Mankoff will join the RT5 Studio to breakdown the upcoming 2015 season and unveil the Coach and Player's Magazine Top 25 College football teams.

    Chris is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and writer for Coach & Player Magazine.  He is currently a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the Professional Football Writers of America.  Follow Chris on Twitter @chrisfranklincp

    You don't want to miss this show!! Follow us on twitter@ranktop5sports


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    Sports Debate Network Radio

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    Please joins Sports Debate Network Radio Tuesday, June 16th, at 8PM Eastern Standard time. SDNR will examine the World Champion Chicago Blackhawks, the NBA Finals, The AFC East, the NFC East, and the legacy of Peyton Manning.

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