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    Building on Life's Broken Pieces

    in Books

    Author Donna Dandie gets in the flow and shares her new book, "Building on Life's Broken Pieces". In this interview she'll talk about her continual healing and deliverance, and talks about those things that the church is unable to talk about from rape, masturbation, loneliness, and more. Join us for this broadcast on IN THE FLOW LIVE (Full interview will viewable on IN THE FLOW LIVE TV soon! Log on for listings www.lifeintheoverflowmag.com)

    Tune in on Friday, October 23rd at 12:00 PM CT for the interview with Minister Shanica Bell:


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    What becomes of the broken-hearted Pastor Verenda Cobbs

    in Religion

    Join Apostle Lakeisha Grant and A Diamond In the Rough Ministries for monring worship. 

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    Shaken but not Broken

    in Spirituality

    Join me tonight as my guest Evg. Candace Bowe will be joining me in the studio.  Evg. Candace L. Bowe, Founder of Vigorously Reborn Inc. and Author of Broken and Rebuilt for the Kingdom, is an advocate for women and young girls that have experienced adversities in life such as sexual and domestic abuse. Her message speaks volumes to empower those women to take responsibility for their lives, honor themselves, value her own thoughts, take a stand, and empower others; she has a passion for those that desperately want to pursue a life of success and happiness. She has dedicated her life to the mission that God has given her to empower women and help them see the purpose in their pain. Candace is powerful, bold, and anointed. She enjoys watching transformation take place as every women she encounters come into their birthing place. As Cande speaks, women are able to reflect upon their lives, relate to her pain, and build a drive of their own to move forward. She is a phenomenal woman.

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    Episode 2509 - He Heals the Broken Hearted - Alan McManus

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2509 - He Heals the Broken Hearted - Alan McManus 
    Recorded 5-21-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com
    Contact Alan McManus at: wowmcmanus@gmail.com

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    Navigating the Trade: When is the System Broken

    in Finance

    rcmTradingDesk - Your source for all aspects of trade navigation - From building trading systems to managing risk

    Co-Hosts Bret Rosenthal and Bill Jacobs breakdown in graphic detail actual trades occuring in real time and teachable moments of recent vintage. 

    Today's focus: Knowing when your trading system has broken down is a key component to any traders longevity. We will give you a comprehensive watchlist staight out of our playbook. Our aim is to save you valuable time when things go awry as they are want to do for every trader from time to time.  

    Time permitting, we will delve into the disturbing divergence between the S&P500 Index and the High Yield Index SPY vs HYG

    Other topics covered may include:

    An overview of our new website: rcmTradingDesk.com your source on the web for all aspects of trade navigation. You can click on the 'Breakout Session' tab to view charts and explanations of the trades we will be discussing today: Long ILMN Short AAPL & IWM

    Probability vs Absolutes 

    Risk management, Position management

    rcmFibonacci, rcmAverage True Range, rcmPoint of Control, rcmPrice Movement Porfiler

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    The SUNday Morning INspiration with C Maria Wall (Broken Masterpiece)

    in Women

    The Broken Masterpiece

    For many once we are broken we tend to wallow in the broken shards of a life we lived once. Some it was beautiful while others it was absolute torment. Time to choose the best pieces to created a beautiful new masterpiece. Those pieces are the lessons learned not the pains and dissapointments endured. You see when we re create our new self we are rebuilt with the most resilient, beautiful, strong and unique pieces. From your tragedies create you new triumph; from your pains find your new purpose. Pick your best pieces then sweep the rest away! The Broken Masterpiece is ot the end, it is the beginning.

    C Maria Wall
    My 2 Cents of Cerebral

    This Weeks INspiration: 

    Psalm 31:12 

    I have been forgotten like one who is dead; I have become like a broken vessel.

    Psalm 147:3 

    He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.


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    Real and Raw: "Broken-Hearted, Not Hopeless: Loving Again After a Break-Up"

    in Lifestyle

      The relationship ended with the one you love.  If you're honest with yourself, you have to admit that it hurts.  You may even be heart-broken.  What do you do now?  You know that a rebound relationship is not a good move, yet you want to move on.  Join co-hosts, Michael Teague, aka, "Mr. Finesse," and MisterDirect as we share with you our perspective.  As always, we keep Real and Raw!!

    Real and Raw: "Broken-Hearted, Not Hopeless: Loving Again After a Break-Up"

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    How to Mend a Broken Heart. The Marriage Corner: Family Hour

    in Religion

    Family Hour with Dr. Barbara – Thursdays 9:00 am

    Many marital relationships are in trouble. Since we live in a broken world where sin has become the order of the day, every couple should safe-guard the marriage to keep it strong and healthy.

    Faith Restoration Ministries Int'l with Dr. Barbara Stuart holds Weekly Seminars on various topics pertaining to  Marriage, Family, Relationships, and Singleness. The aim is to help individuals cope with painful situations.

    Blog Talk Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/DrBTMC Go to the website for Archives and more information.

    To call into the Program Dial 646 652 4611

    For speaking engagements, counselling, and prayer, dial 678 964 4096
    Online Prayer daily at 6:30 am
    Dial 218 895 0468 ID 927214

    Email faithresmin18@gmail.com

    Look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Linkedin

  • Broken Crayons Still Color

    in Spirituality

    When coloring, children oftentimes discard the broken crayons and select only the whole crayons to color their pictures. But, broken crayons still color! Each of us at some point in our lives have been broken by something-just like those crayons...a divorce, a health issue, a failed relationship, loss of a loved one, a strained family relationship, betrayal, financial loss, rejection, ...and sometimes, even by God. Listen to this encouraging message to let you know that God is still drawing a beautiful picture on the canvas of your life...even with your brokeness. Not inspite of it, but because of it. Do what Paul did in Acts 27:44 after being shipwrecked. Pick up your broken pieces and carry on! (Call in number to listen LIVE at 9 am eastern Friday, October 23rd is (646) 716-4640

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    Prophetess LaShawn Dobbs will be my special guest... Fear, Frustration, & Faith!

    in Women

    Prophtess LaShawn is a mother, wife, & dedicated Woman of God. She is an ovcercomer of sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, low self- esteem, & addiction. She is an author of Broken But Now I Am Healed, I Am Free, & You Have The Power USE IT. After giving her life to Christ and allowing Him to heal her; she shares the love, forgiveness, & healing power of Jesus daily.

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    How to notice Traditions in Broken African American Homes.

    in Education

    In this episode, myself and Tamu P will explore how families can notice talent, skills, and traditions in a broken African American home.