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    High Holy Season ! March Madness ! part 2 - this week 3/5/14 8 pm est. 

    I'll be chatting with New York Brogue as they are releasing their long awaited CD this St. Paddys Season . And also we'll chat with Irish Music Legend Sean McGuinness of the Dublin City Ramblers .

    Anyone want to call into the show and chat or plug your bands gigs call     714-868-0746 

    Jonny Ra with the news at 9:30


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    "SOME GOOD CRAIC " - New York Brogue

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    Wednesday Night 1/2/13 - 8 pm - The first show of the NEW YEAR 2013 !!! Tonight on SOME GOOD CRAIC  My guests will be New York Brogue .
    Started in 2007 by Danny Flinn as a "seisiun-based" concept project, hoping to bring the energy, passion, and carefree feeling of a New York Irish seisiun to an organized show, the making of the EP "Bury Me on McLean" brought Flinn together with Andrew Sharp and Matt Stapleton, two other local seisiun players. By the release of the EP in 2008, the project had solidified as a trio, but culminated in the same ideal; to bring the feel of an Irish-American seisiun to the stage. With Flinn's powerful vocals, delivering a mixture of classic and lesser-known ballads with contemporary songs of many genres; Sharp's passionate and essentric playing over a variety of instruments, covering a wide array of traditional tunes; and Stapleton's vibrant and soothing guitar and harmonies, NYB became a steady presence in bars throughout the Tristate area for the next two years. After a two-year hiatus, New York Brogue performed as the final act at the Blackthorne Resort's Labor Day Festival 2012, in East Durham, NY. After an overwhelming reception to their return to the stage, the Boys of the Brogue decided to make 2013 their year, returning to the studio for a new EP and possible full-length to be released later in the year, as well as a slew of shows throughout the tristate and festivals during the summer. For booking information, please contact NYBrogue@gmail.com.

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    "SOME GOOD CRAIC" - NY Brogue - Andrew , Danny and Matt

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    Wednesday night 11/6/13 8 pm EST . Some Good Craic welcomes back to the show Andrew Sharp from the band NY Brogue. They have a new cd coming out and we'll be chatting with Andrew about it and getting a little sample from it. 

    "New York Brogue isn't a band (well, alright; it is now).

    It isn't me, it isn't you, and it isn't a song. It's everything.

    New York Brogue is the sessiun in the corner of the local pub on McLean. It's the drunk guy swaying home with too much booze and not enough money, pouring the verses of Danny Boy from out of his drooling mouth. It's the little girl you pass by in Woodlawn, humming along to the tune of Athenrye playing in her head.

    It's the cry of pride coming out of the young man's mouth on stage as he drills out the lyrics of Sean South. The feeling you get in your eyes, your heart, your stomach, your throat, and your soul when you walk into a bar and the sound of a fiddle shifting out the sound of The Boatman.

    That's New York Brogue."

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    Just Ask Amish

    in Spirituality

    Happy St Patrick's Day Warm-Up!
    I'll be answering your psychic questions today if you call in with an Irish accent.  You have to give some to get some!
    Tarot is the divination method of the day. 
    Practice your Irish Brogue!

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    Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!!  WWE: The Rock on Raw.  Why does WWE continue to make their champions look weak.  They continue to make their champions seem paper thin.  Take the Diva's chapion Eve, they aren't doing the Diva's division right as we have discussed in the past, but having her walk out of a match to save her title is getting old.  And this crap with The Shield and Punk..before Punk went heel he was presented as a stronge champion.  Now he can't win without the help.  Brad Maddox..PLEASE GO AWAY!!  What are they going to do with this guy?  Why must we continue to suffer through these rehashed  crap?  WWE we dont want more wrestling..we want BETTER quality!!  You know I get tired of "Insiders" thinking that anyone who is not a wrestler, booker, etc..doesn't know anything about "The Biz".  I may have never stepped in a wrestling ring, produced or booked a show..but when I can tell you what is going to happen in the show 5 minutes before it happens..then apparently "the insiders" aren't doing that good of a job.  The fact you get upset is YOUR problem.  I'm a RN have been for 10 + years..you don't see me blow a gasket when David Otunga said he got a contusion/ruptured cervical disk from the brogue kick (which is bullshit..he wouldn't have been in the ring). TNA:  Ok so Bully Ray is suspended on Impact but works a house show..REALLY?  Like the Bully/Brooke storyline..hope they don't mess it up.  The battle between Aries/Roode/Hardy seems interesting..especially since Hardy's win for the Wrestler of the Year.  TNA rant time..1/3/13 was Stings return..he WALKED to the ring..SMH. Gaming: Walking Dead Episode 2, WWE13 Fan Axxess.

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    PWTR: WWE Night of Champions 2012 Review

    in Sports

    PWTR hosts discuss the hottest topics in the world of wrestling, such as:
    WWE Night of Champions 2012 review The Miz’s next challenger Daniel Bryan and Kane’s tag team Antonio Cesaro’s gimmick Is Randy Orton’s character stale? Dolph Ziggler’s status as “Mr. Money in the Bank” State of the Divas division The Brogue Kick Controversy Debating John Cena’s wrestling ability Cena’s own “pipebomb” promo Jerry ‘The King” Lawler’s recovery from a heart attack JBL and JR temporarily replace Lawler on commentary WWE’s Tag division heating up MizTV debuts John Cena injured, recovering from surgery Ryback vs Miz? Jeff Hardy wins the Bound for Glory Series TNA No Surrender recap Bobby Roode and James Storm arrested Samoa Joe taps out (TO JEFF HARDY!) Speculation on Bound for Glory card JayDub announces his leave of absence from "Pro Wrestling Talk Radio"... and more!  
    Pro Wrestling Talk Radio goes LIVE Wednesdays @ 6pm eastern on http://PWFEmpire.com
    For business inquiries (such as sponsorship/advertising interests, partnership opportunities) contact us at contact@pwfempire.com

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    Audie Award Winner Phil Gigante

    in Entertainment

    Join us for an evening with Phil Gigante!  An Audie award-winning actor who has recorded audio book narration for numerous New York Times Best Selling authors: Karen Marie Moning, M.J. Rose, Harry Harrison, Andrew Vachss, Ed Greenwood and  many more.

    Phil was born with a gift: a voice that is pure magic, from Scots brogue to trailer trash, it's rich, complex, clear, evocative, beautiful.

    Also an experienced stage and film actor, Phil will soon be appearing in Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy this May.

    "Narrator Phil Gigante’s skill and versatility are easily apparent in two very different Earphones Award-winning mysteries: He’s utterly believable as Texas sleuths (SAVAGE SEASON) and international spies (THE DEFECTOR)."

    “Gigante handles a smorgasbord of accents and intricate narrative with the same level of professionalism as the spies who are willing to kill and to die for their countries." -2009

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    Naughtilicious: Phil Gigante, Man with the orgasmic voice

    in Entertainment

    Lunapic Photo Editing Phil Gigante is a hidden treasure, you may not know it, but you've probably heard his golden voice if you've ever listened to an audio book. Phil is well known for his Scottish brogue in Karen Marie Moning's Highlander series. He gives Adam Black and each of the MacKeltar brothers a signature sound, each one able to melt the panties off unsuspecting lasses at a meer whisper. In Karen's Fever series, he is the mysterious and incredibly sexy Jericho Barrons... still again melting the readers into submission. And finally, to my delight he is also Gabriel Allon, always undercover fine art restorer and assassin to Israel's government....ummmm still sexy. Well, Candi Fox & Kelly "DemonLover" Oakes have cornered him for the show and are keeping him captive to delight you. I wonder if he'll wear his kilt?

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