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    Samuel Brock Flynn Show

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    Brock LaRobb/Roundtable

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    Brock LaRobb joined the panel of discussion tonight and we had a global problem-solving summit on the program. First we discussed the current problems with the rising gas prices and what would need to be done to lower said prices:
    Stop exporting our own oil to Europe; keep some for ourselves Force members of Congress to buy their own gas; hitthem in the wallet for best results Drill in Canada and set up a pipeline We then talked about the Republican primary and the four hopefuls left, the consensus here seems that Mitt Romney will most likely become the front-runner and everyone agreed that the Republicans can take back the White House so long as they use wise decisions to do so. Of course, keep you informed, there was no-holds barred discussion regarding the multiple issues in the Middle East; The Syrian Rebellion and the issue with Iran manufacturing nuclear weapons for the sole purpose of removing Israel from the globe.
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    The Return of Brock LaRobb

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    The Return of Brock LaRobb
    Our friend, couch potato, author and political analyst Brock LaRobb joined us tonight on the show to discuss a variety of things that have been brewing in politics such as the recent Solyndra Scandal, which could bring about the demise of our president (hopefully) and this was interesting because Brock made a prediction in 2008 and stands by it that something like this would rock the presidency. With a year or so to go in the current administration Brock believes that this is very much still a possibility.

    Also, we all seem to agree that Donald Trump could make a very good president as far as business matters are concerned with getting the country back to a respected and respectable nature. We also seem to like Herman Cain; there are not too many stand out stars yet in the arena vying for the presidency.

    Of course as we always do when Brock is aboard, we spent some time discussing Fantasy Football and of course America's past-time, baseball.

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    SS Filmmaker Spotlight with Brock Riebe

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    Join hosts Jason R. Davis and Anita Nicole Brown as we talk with filmmaker Brock Riebe


    Brock is a filmmaker, actor, writer, singer/songwriter from Madison, WI. He has earned a degree in Communications from the University of WI at Madison. Incall is both his feature film acting as well as directorial debut.

    His goal as a filmmaker (and actor) is to create stories, characters and scenarios that deal with issues, not readily or honestly explored by mainstream media, in a fresh, innovative and entertaining way. He has lived and worked in New York City, San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago.

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    Samuel Brock Flynn Show

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    SAMUEL BROCK FLYNN SHOW with Chris Free and Samuel Brock Flynn


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    Rock vs Brock Set for WrestleMania 32?

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    Talking the possibility of The Rock showing up tomorrow night to set up Brock vs Rock at WrestleMania 32. Let me know your thoughts. Rumors have been running wild.

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    power of perception film tv with Taylor Brock and the NEXT series team

    in Spirituality

    Taylor Brock, Executive Producer
    Taylor Brock has performed in several roles on Film and T.V.  Some of her favorite roles include a recurring one on CRIMINAL MINDS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, a feature film with Martin Sheen entitled WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, the part of Sarah in BEAU JEST at The Geffin Playhouse, and many more. She recently performed in the Off Broadway, GLAAD nominated, six year hit, SEX, RELATIONSHIPS, AND SOMETIMES… LOVE.  Taylor most recently produced and acted in the BATCC nominated play, The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? and performed in shows at The Geffen Playhouse, Playhouse West, Actors Playpen and many others. She has studied acting for many years with Richard Seyd among a multitude of other instructors. Taylor is excited to be producing and acting in NEXT, this web series.

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    Sasquatch Watch Radio Welcomes Bill Brock

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    Join us Tuesday night March 3, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we welcome Bill Brock to the show!  Bill Brock is a Cryptozoologist that has been researching Sasquatch and other Cryptids for years. Brock is the Team Leader on Destination Americas Television show Monsters Underground. Brock and his team travel the country to check out sightings of cryptids like the Mapinguari and the Draco. Since Monsters Underground aired Brock has not slowed down. He put together Team Rogue in Maine to continue the search. Recently Team Rogue investigated the Turner Bigfoot Sighting. This sighting is very interesting as it seems too good to be true. But is it? The team is still getting sightings in Turner, Maine. All this confirms something seems to be in the woods of Turner, Maine. Team Rogue spends more time in the field than any other research group. The team just returned from a 10 day road trip researching cryptids in the Ohio Valley. Brock has contributed Possible Sasquatch tracks found in the Chain Of Ponds area in Maine to the Cryptozoology museum in Portland Maine. The tracks can be seen at the Museum. Brock is also a film maker with multiple projects going on including a film about a Crypto/Paranormal Road Trip taken across the country.  Team Rogue will investigate cryptids such as the Mothman on this film. Be sure to check it out, Crypto-Paranormal Road Trip.

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