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    Brittney Guzman, star, of Little Women

    in Culture

    Join the diva and she talks with Brittney Guzman star of Little Women. Your height doesn't matter it's what's in your heart. We can stop judging people by their size their color their hair and look at them for what they are Britney has done amazing things on and off stage must talk with her today about her life and be encouraged.

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    Consciously Unraveling

    in LGBT

    Today we discuss the Brooks Ayers debacle, Gwen Stefani's love life, Leah Remini's book, and more.

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    in Pop Culture

    *Celebrating 2 Years on Air & over 200 Episodes!*



    Tommy Parker (aka Thomas Lumpkins Aka Mr McClendon) is an L.A. native who has been working behind the scenes in the music industry for over 10 years. He has worked closely with producers such as Darkchild, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and has written and produced  songs for Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland and Justin Bieber. Most recently Tommy co-produced six songs on Janet Jackson’s latest album “Unbreakable.” He is not only a talented producer and songwriter, but an incredibly versatile vocalist. He can sound like almost anyone. He has also vocal-produced for Ciara, Austin Brown, Shontel, Fifth Harmony and all the  artists from 2011 American Idol.

    His credits include
    All Music verified credits for Thomas Lumpkins:
    Machine Gun Kelly MGK,  Janet Jackson,  T.I.  ,98° ,Fantasia  ,Justin Bieber ,  Nelly Furtado ,Britney Spears   Kelly Rowland,  Sonny Pedersen , Jordan Sparks ,Austin Brown  ,Mindless Behavior, Nicelodeon Rags the Movie,.  
    Genres I specialize in:
    Blues, Electronic Pop, R&B-Soul, Reggae.. Singer-Songwriter


    Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus/MixCloud: @MyRealTalkRadio

    Jamel- Twitter: @L3TM3LIV3 Instagram: @L3TM3LIVE

    TUNEIN APP: #MyRealTalkRadio Show

    Derrick Dwayne: Twitter/Instagram: @MrLngHairDntCrr



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    Milling About with Steven Beer: Your Child's Career In Music & Entertainment

    in Entertainment

    Steven Beer, author of Your Child's Career in Music and Entertainment joins host Robin Milling. If your child is contemplating a career in showbusiness; this is the book for you. A former artist manager and currently an entertainment attorney, Steven was inspired by his personal journey as a stage parent when his 13 year-old son got his first role. He tells Robin, 'I realized how a prudent parent needs to approach the business. When it happened to my son it made me take a step back because I realized if I had all these questions I could imagine what other parents with kids interested in pursuing a career in music and entertainment might have.' In the book Steven provides answers to the questions a prudent parent may have; as he says there is no real guide or structure available to teach them the best way to go.

    Steven has felt like a parent in many ways with his extensive experience mentoring and representing multi-platinum music artists, such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jon Batiste and Stay Human; but nothing could prepare him for the hurdles his own child faced getting into the business. Of course he says with success comes a buffet of seductions so it's important for the parent and child to partner with each other and set boundaries. He talks about the challenges of maintaining objectivity when it comes to your own child's career and remaining vigilant every step of the way, along with keeping a sense of humor. He jokes, 'Justin Bieber's parents could probably write their own book from what they've learned! But You Tube has become the launching pad, the new audition room. And because it's so easy to get discovered it's really important for the parents to understand what goes along with that today.'

    For more information visit:


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    KITM/News/Walmart Fight/Britney Griner/What Men & Women Say vs What They Mean/

    in Radio

        Get your coffee cups out, load up on that caffeine, do you smoke?  tch tch tch, you should stop.  Smoking and excessive drinking can lead to poor health - you know what else can lead to poor health?

    Eating improperly.

    Driving way to fast.

    Taking advice from people who don't know what they're talking about.

    Picking a fight with someone stronger and tougher than you physically.

    Trying to out run a lion in Africa.

    Being the target at a gun range.

    Living with a woman who is putting something in your food.

    Turning your back or your best friend and you have a gorgeous wife.

    Listening to KINGS IN THE MORNING!  - Come on, I'm just kidding.

    Eating improperly is not all that bad - isn't that what Americans have been doing?  Now the part about listening to KINGS IN THE MORNING - well.... 347-205-9366.

  • Disrupting Competition Secrets To Success with Jeff Hoffman

    in Entrepreneur

    "A new kind of innovator can wipe out incumbents in a flash. The shock waves from big-bang disruptions emanate far beyond information-based goods and services." These are the statements from Harvard Business Review's article "Big-Bank Disruption" by Larry Downes March 2013. Our Guest today has done exactly that by revolutionizing the travel and Hotel industry as Co-founder of Priceline.com.

    Jeff Hoffman-successful entrepreneur,CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, published author, Hollywood film producer, and a producer of a Grammy winning jazz album in 2015. In his career, he has been the founder of many startups,CEO of public and private companies. He's been part of a number of well-known companies including Priceline.com. uBid.com, CTI, ColorJar, and more. Serving on the boards of companies globally and supports entrepreneurs and small businesses on a worldwide basis, serving on the global board of directors of Global Entrepreneurship Week in over 130 countries, the US State Department’s GIST program:Global Innovation through Science and Technology in 49 emerging nations, APEC Startup Initiative a 21-member nation association, and many others. He supports the White House, State Department & UN. Jeff is a frequent keynote speaker on the innovation, entrepreneurship, and business leadership, and author of SCALE, a how-to guide for growing your business. Jeff is a featured business expert seen on Fox News, Fox Business,CNN International, Bloomberg News, CNBC, ABC, and NPR, and publications including Forbes, Inc.,Time, Fast Company, the WSJ, and more. Jeff received numerous awards including the JP Morgan Chase's Champion of Entrepreneurship Award. Producer of movies, musical events including concerts, tours and charity events with such artists as Elton John, Britney Spears, NSYNC and serves on numerous non-profit boards. 

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    Ben Mauro ... Guitarist and Singer/Song Writer

    in Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Guitarist and Singer/Song Writer Ben Mauro to the show!


    Singer, guitarist and songwriter Ben Mauro just finished a major European tour with pop/funk icon Lionel Richie that began in February, 2015.  It was a two month tour of sold out arenas across Europe.  Ben’s extraordinary musical skills and dynamic stage presence has been the reason that he has remained a core member of Lionel Richie’s band for over fifteen years.  Ben has also worked with many other artists including Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Don Felder from the Eagles, John Fogerty, Christina Aquilera, Toni Braxton and also worked on projects produced by Peter Frampton and Prince.

    All Media Inquiries to:
    LaFamos PR & Branding
    Public Relations

  • The Maya Akai Show (Unplugged) featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (8-17-15)

    in Radio

    Starting Monday August 10, 2015 UNPLUGGED WILL AIR Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12p-2p CST

    While the Smooth 90.5FM HD-radio studio is under contruction Maya is unplugging the show and taking it online! Join the Maya and Nikki as they discuss What's Trending, Hot topics, Headlines and more!!!

    Checkout MayaAkai.com for podcasts and more !! 

    Be Sure to Get Social with the Show

    Facebook and Twitter @TheMayaAkaiShow

    Instagram @Maya Akai

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    Naked on Stage & Lady Gaga Tricks of the Trade - Kevin Stea

    in Entrepreneur

    Kevin Stea, a well-known dancers in the industry for  over 20 years has worked as choreographer, model, director, actor and host.  He has worked with some of the world’s top musical artists, directors, photographers and designers. 

    Kevin was associate choreographer, dance captain and dancer on Madonna’s legendary Blonde Ambition World Tour, from which the movie “Madonna:Truth or Dare” was made, and the video for “Vogue”.  

    He performed in Madonna’s unforgettable Edwardian appearance on the MTV Music Video Awards, and won Star Search with the Dance Grand Champions ‘New World’. Soon after, he was working with Gloria Estefan, Prince and as associate choreographer and dancer for Michael Jackson. 

    After performing in movies like Sister Act 2, Showgirls, Newsies and The Birdcage, he toured Japan with Japanese artist Seiko Matsuda, as her dance partner and singer. He then moved to Italy to sing, dance, act and judge on a variety show, Buona Domenica.  After signing a recording deal, he toured with Ricky Martin, promoting “La Vida Loca”. 

    Kevin appeared in more than 50 commercials, including 13 for the Gap and Old Navy, most famously in Khaki-a-go-go. He also appeared in 14 Pepsi commercials, along with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce and Britney Spears

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    Sports Q&A Episode June 11 2015

    in Sports

    Sound Mind Sound Body Camp Coordinator Deon Johnson @johnsD28will be joining us discussing the impact the camp has had in Detroit and across the nation.  Is there a double standard when it comes to domestic violence based upon the gender of the accused?(Ask Ray Rice and Britney Griner) Why is Serena Williams being treated like the jester rather than the queen of tennis? Where does the Triple Crown rate as far as sports feats, how important is it to the sport of horse racing and sports in general?  The NBA Finals are in full swing and LBJ is playing like a man possessed, can the Warriors make a splash in Game 4 or will they be stopped by the King and his merrymen? 

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    Domestic Violence, Hypocrisy?

    in Current Events

    Last week WNBA all-star Britney Griner was arrested for domestic violence agianst her girlfriend, so how come she hasn't received the same amount of critisim as a male athlete would in her situation?