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    Talking Motorcycles with James Rispoli...British Supersport

    in Sports

    Following a most successful but brief career in professional road racing in America, The Rocket Rispoli made the move overseas to compete in the British Supersport Championship taking multiple American Championships with him. His resume is impressive in both AMA Pro Flat Track and AMA Pro Road Racing. James is the only competitor to win the Supersport East, West and National Champinship as well as the coveted Young Gun award.

    Following his 9th place finish for 2014 in the British Supersport Championship he has re-signed with Team Traction Control for 2015 to compete again in British Supersport. He will contest the full season aboard a Yamaha. 

    We discuss his experience in flat track and road racing in America as an amateur as well as a pro. In this epside we will discuss many topics including his thoughts on road racing in Great Britain vs America, the benefits of flat track, sponsorships and his outlook for 2015. Now that he has ridden all the tracks on the tour, is he ready to win a championship?

    Thanks for listening to this exciting episode of Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone powered by SOZO! 


    Twitter: @twowheelb

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    Part 2 at the British & Dominion Club - which 4 BPL teams will finish on top?

    in Sports

    Our panel unanimously agreed that Chelsea will win the Premiership and then the debate began.  Who will they pick for the three additional Champions League spots?  How about 5th and 6th place finishers for Europa League football?  We react to England's so far easy waltz into the Euro Cup knockout round. Rednapp and Callymore say the Scotland vs. England friendly(?) is the biggest match in 10 years - what do our diehard authentic soccer fans think of this heated rivalry and the consequences of the outcome? EPL is back this weekend! We preview Arsenal vs. Manchester United and Manchester City vs. Swansea.  All this and much more live once again from the British and Dominion Social Club!

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    REELTalk with DaDirector : The BRITISH (Film) INVASION

    in Entertainment

    Are British actors the New Leading Males of Hollywood?

    8:10 – weekend recap

    Show Topic(s) -  The British Invasion

    Are British actors better actors than American
    Why are Brits getting all the jobs?
    The New Leading Males are British

    8:15pm Previews

    Film – TMNT

    Star(s)- Megan Fox

    Director- Jonathan Liebesman

    Producer/Studio- Michael Bay

    A group of mutated warriors face off against an evil kingpin who wants to take over New York

    8:30pm- Topic Discussions

    Andrew Lincoln
    Stephen Moyer
    Idris Elba
    Michael Sheen
    Anthony Hopkins
    James McAvoy
    Christian Bale
    Henry Cavill

    Break (song)


    9:00pm – indie film corner. Upcoming film: Clerks 3

    Interview with Brian Ohallaran

    9:15pm  TV Shows Recap

    True Blood/ Hit The Floor Finale

    BREAKING NEWS RIP Robin Williams FOUND Dead in Home.


    Upcoming titles- Expendable


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    Voice of Albion: Shaun Grimsley NF/WMI

    in Politics

    Paul discusses British Nationalism with Shaun Grimsley.

    Shaun has been involved in Nationalism since the early 1990's, being involved with various groups including the National Front (NF), British National Party (BNP) and British Freedom Fighters (BFF).

    Shaun is currently a National Front member and also supports the West Midlands Infidels (WMI).

    Cannock Chase German Cemetary 2013

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    Historicals -- Revolutionary War (American, British, French)

    in Writing

    Join Host Donna Wright on the couch as she unveils some little known facts about revolutionary times. Find out if the new AMC series TURN has had a positive or negative effect on booksales for this time period. Authors Hannah Meredith and Beth Trissel will fill us in on the latest scoop. Mallory Kane will once again be bringing us the latest in Romance News as wel prepare to go into the shopping season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday only days away. How will the latest publishing trends affect our book selections as gifts. All of this and more this week on Hummingbird Place -- Your Home for Romance coming to you live from the Secret Cravings Publishing Studio.

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    Redcoats and Rednecks

    in Radio

    Come join us for this unique show from completely different perspectives.  You have the Sophisticated British Guy and the Country Redneck comparing their views on just about everything.

    Come Join our Custom Chatroom at: www.PRNRadioNetwork.com

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    K Radio - Life and Music in Small Town Southern British Columbia

    in Entertainment

    This episode is brought to you by the Corner Turtles giving you another installment of small town life and local music from the Similkameen Valley in the mountains and valleys of Southern British Columbia.  This week we bring you up to date with Sizzle Fest preparations as the town gets rready to host the Similkameen Sizzle Pepper Festival, the only one of its kind in Canada!  Also this week we will be talking to Roy Colmer, Director ifn the 27th annual South Okanagan Motorcycle Association Toy Run being held in the area.  Join us gfor another glimpse of small town life here in Keremeos, B.C.

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    Voice of Albion: Steve Squire - London BNP Organiser

    in Politics

    Paul interviews Steve Squire who is the BNP Organiser for London.

    Steve became active in the BNP in 2009 and has stood for local elections in Enfield. He was the first on the list for the Greater London Assembly elections in 2012, and also first on the list as a BNP European Parliament Candidate in 2014.

    Steve has consistently kept candidate numbers high in his region and has also recruited young members to the party. Locally the BNP Political stalls and foodbanks have become a regular fixture.

    British National Party main website

    Steve Squire speech – Birmingham 2012

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    Redcoats And Rednecks

    in Radio

    Come join us for this unique show from completely different perspectives.  You have the Sophisticated British Guy and the Country Redneck comparing their views on just about everything.

    Come Join our Custom Chatroom at: www.PRNRadioNetwork.com

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Catholics lead Prayer in Oklahoma

    in Religion

    Deepertruth members led by Dr. Gregory Thompson traveled hundreds of miles to join in the Mass, the processions, and the prayer, against and for those participating in the first openly Government sponsored Satanic Black Mass. This was billed as a free speech issue but this event represents something far more sinister.

    In order for a true black mass to take place, they must have a consecrated Host where they desecrate the Lord Jesus Christ and everything that is holy. Here, they blasphemed the Lord, stomping on the unconsecrated host as if they were stomping on Christ himself. In actual black masses, this act is far more grotesque. Because of the lawsuit filed against the use of a true consecrated Host, the black mass was performed, despite heavy opposition, with a fake host.

    There were an estimated 30-40 participants of this great sacrilege taking place at a small basement theater in the Oklahoma City’s civic center. There was one noted arrest when a lady refused to leave the entrance of the building. Other than that, the heavy police presence restrained protesters who picketed the Satanic service.

    Archbishop Paul Coakley led over 3,000 faithful Catholics in Eucharistic adoration against this black mass. The archbishop told participants that the city “has been targeted by dark forces,” and decried the Black Mass, “which to the shame of our city is allowed to proceed.” But he reminded the faithful that “Christ conquered Satan.”

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