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    The Audible Bible Continue with Jeremiah 24- Chap 30

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    The Audible Bible continue with Pastor Michel, Dominique is designed to help keep the word of God alive in the hrearin of believers as well as unbelievers. We started it, we will finish it. On the mission with an undivided, fully committed purpose to read the entire Bible by end of the year. For all the previous episodes from Genesis through Jeremiah Chapter 23 as well as The gospels through Acts of the appostles, that is Matthew thorugh Acts go to my website at wwww.harvestrevivalchurch.com or www.blogtalkradio.com/dominiquemichelministries. We are left with Jeremiah 24-Malachi and Romans through Revelation. Listen and be blessed!




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    You Are "The One" Essay Contest Episode 24

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    Good evening everyone, happy to have you back with us 2nite, April 8th, 2thousand15, for Episode 24 of ‘You Are “The One” Essay Contest… and how was your Resurrection Day weekend?  Call in and let us know how it was!!… Ok… we’re steppin’ back in time for this Episode again as we introduce songs from “The Essentials of Chris Jasper.” Compose an essay 500 words or less relating to an experience of yours (past, present or future) to a song of your choice on the new CD release “The One” by Chris Jasper, recognized scholar, multi-talented producer, composer, singer, song writer, musician, Hall of Fame Inductee, former member of the Isley Brothers & Isley Jasper Isley Groups & recipient of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Hear It Now Live Radio airs snippets off the album “The One” randomly throughout the contest opening & closing date. Features include songs from Chris Jasper’s personal vault.  Essays in video format must be on disc, no links accepted. Discs are subject to virus/disc analysis. A disc/electronic submission containing a virus, malware, spyware or malicious code will be disqualified & may be subject to civil/criminal action. Details/Official Entry Form will be posted on entertainmentenclosed.com and the link is available on chrisjasper.com, we will show case your talent & let’s have fun.  Entries will be submitted to the official email address:  youaretheonecontest@gmail.com or to the official physical mailing address: You Are “The One” Contest, P.O. Box 90055, Columbia, SC  29290. No mailing costs will be reimbursed. Strict adherence to the Official Rules will be followed. Good Luck Everyone!!

    Much Happiness and Much Love…

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    WAYNE MESKER is a wonderful man and another friend  whose acquaintance i made on the Internet!

    Wayne says: "I'm C.E.O. of Worldstock Entertainment , a spiritually guided, socially concious, philanthropically focused company based in Cleveland,Oh.
    Worldstock has no interest in what we can GET,only in what we can GIVE

    I’m Founder of the ONE Heartbeat R.O.C.K.S. Initiative
    ( Reaching Our Children with Kindness & Sensitivity )
    Started on the day of the School Shootings  at Chardon High School in Chardon,Oh. on February 27, 2012.
    There are so many organizations fighting Bullying / School Violence most recommending measures that need to be taken as The difference between ONE Heartbeat ROCKS & those others is that WE find that UNACCEPTABLE !
    Our MAIN purpose is to achieve a social / educational culture among our children & Communities that builds a World where “ALL” are loved, respected, accepted & PROTECTED.

    I also founded  the Rock Against Dementia project after seeing Alive Inside at the Cleveland International Film Festival in March of 2014. We are now getting ready with the help of our fellow  Global Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Ambassadors to produce:

    The world's biggest dementia awareness raising event. We have called this the World Rock Against Dementia "On March 19, 2016, no matter where in the world you are at any event you can organise. We already have six or seven different countries involved in this and really want to get as many charities, organisations, venues and bands to join in with this as possible."


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    Spring Cleaning Your Mind

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    When people think of spring cleaning, they tend to think of the physical clutter they need to remove from their homes or apartments. Did you know that your mind can become cluttered with negative thoughts and beliefs? When your mind is cluttered, you can't reach your full potential--you're not able to focus and are easily distracted, and your thoughts are limited and cause you to feel weighed down; as a result, you're constantly stressed out and feel as if you're not able to accomplish anything.  Tune in as we discuss how our minds become cluttered and the types of solutions for removing the clutter from your mind.

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    Affinity 24 Female Friday

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    Affinity 24 Female Friday

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    Gilbert House Fellowship #24: Exodus 11-15

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    WE PICK up the story of Moses as the Lord prepares to visit his final plague upon Egypt, one that requires an act of faith and obedience on the part of the Hebrews. What follows is a classic adventure story: Just as it appears the Hebrews are finally free, Pharaoh changes his mind. A dramatic chase across the desert culminates in the Egyptian army at the bottom of the Red Sea.

    Join us live Sunday morning at 10:30 AM Central Daylight Time (UTC -5). 

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    Major Sports Talk Episode 24

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    Today we are talking about the Raiders signing Michael Crabtree, the Celtics making the playoffs, and the Royals record!

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    Dirty After Dark #24

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    This show like all the others are a listener driven show.. Their grown & sexy topics will be discussed with a mature audience..No HOLDS barred on the mature tip. So sit back and get ready to be entertained and informed... 924 network Baby!!!


    Rough Rugged & Raw

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    MMATorch Livecast Tuesday Conversation - 2/24/15

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    MMATorch Editor Jamie Penick and Torch Columnist Shawn Ennis are back with a brand new livecast on the latest in the world of MMA. This week, they'll discuss last weekend's UFC Fight Night 61 event from Brazil, the UFC's intention to drug test their entire roster, some massive fight signings for UFC 187 and UFC 189, and this weekend's UFC 184 event. Additionally, they're expected to be joined by twin bantamweight fighters out of Minnesota, Melvin and Marvin Blumer, who fight next week on AXS TV at RFA 24.

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    Daily Bible Reflections - Genesis 3:22-24

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    I want to warmly welcome you to the Daily Bible Reflections Class where each day a verse is given from God's Word that allows us the opportunity to comment on or share the meaning of His Word with other Believers and with those who are new in their faith and need understanding regarding Scriptural meaning and interpretation. Along with the invitation to share a personal interpretation there is also a Thought to Consider reference that encourages us to apply the verse to our own personal lives. All comments are welcomed from all faiths with Jesus being the common denominator and love being the standard for each of our comments to one another. Let's now begin our discussion of God's Holy Word. We have been talking about the Fall of Man in this week's episode as we explore the Book of Genesis and its meaning in regards to our Christian faith. Today's Bible verse comes from the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3, verses 22-24. 

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    God's desire to bless us in the area of finances

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    Pastor Brad Morgan of New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison, TX continues speaking about miracles and provision; specifically about God's desire to bless us in the area of finances. God wants to bless us in all areas of life.  In Genesis 24: 1 it says, "Now Abraham was old, well advanced in age; and the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things."

    As we look for blessings in our life, we look to Jesus.  In Luke 2:52 says, "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." When you increase in wisdom you increase in all areas. If we are to be like Jesus, God wants us also to increase. 

    Pastor Brad provides teaching as to how to achieve this in our lives.


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