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    So, What Were We Talking About?

    in Current Events

    Not PARTICULARLY briliant for a customer trying your service before deciding to subscribe. First it wouldn't connect via the "direct connect" button. Then they said they were having "Trouble with the Service." So we'll try once more to discuss the Zeitgeist that the Summer of 2015.

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    Friday FARCast: The Future Economy

    in Spirituality

    Over the past three weeks, Americans and even the world was held hostage by both sides of the politcial divide.  Trust in government is at an all time low, while the polarization of party, class and even race gets deeper and wider.  The rift, in a traditional sense may be too big to span ever again, based on current models.  So where do we go? What do we do?  How can we become more empowered, while putting an end to fiscal and metaphysical extortion?
    On today's FARcast, I'll be speaking with two, cutting edge thinkers around the concept of new, economic models and paradigms.
    In the first hour, I'll be joined by Michael Tellinger.  Many people are familiar with Michael's discoveries around megalitths and mounds in South Africa.  But Michael is also hard at work in bringing the concept of "Ubuntu" to the world. Ubuntu is a contribution based, social-economic model.
    We'll find out more about "Ubunu" and how it cane become a useful alternative to our current, economic models.
    In the second hour, noted author, teacher and social theorist Charles Eisenstien ("Sacred Economics," "The Ascnet Of Humanity" and "The Yoga Of Eating") chimes in on our current economic crisis and basically says that it's a spiritual one ahd that we are in a cycle of continued breakdown and entropic decline.
    Please join us for two hours of enlightened conversation with two briliant minds of our time.

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    Episode #94 ~ XFC President; John Prisco & XFC Fighter; Dhiego Lima

    in Sports

    Today is jam packed with XFC awesomeness!
    First up to the mic will be Dhiego Lima. Lima has been just less than briliant in his young career and a proud free agent pick up by the XFC.
    Lima is currently signed to fight Welterweight sensation; Ricky Rainey at XFC:25 (Lima has just a 1 fight contract)
    Secondly but not least in any sense, the man behind the XFC brand; John Prisco (XFC El Presidante) 
    Prisco is a man on a mission and with the XFC being a quaint MMA secret being kept in the shadows has allowed him to build his brand of MMA the way he wanted to without being rushed like many others.
    After the interviews ~ Jay and Jesse will breakdown some matches from the inaugural Fox Sports 1 / UFC Fight Night 26
    And then the fellas will continue their Over  / Under of the NFL, this time with the NFC.

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    Expansions in Physics

    in Science

    In this episode I will talk about FHB Galaxies, Theoretical Physics, and the answer to the P vs NP problem, as well as mentioning my theories.

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    June Edition of FaveCrafts Radio With Host Amy Anderson

    in Hobbies

    June is here and wedding season is upon us! Are you the kind of bride that wants to do-it-herself? Do you see wedding favors and say "I can make that!"? Then this show is for you! We're talking all about wedding crafts and would love to have you join us! Please meet our guests:
    Jen Carreiro, ten years of experience in the wedding industry, amazing DIYer and mastermind behind Something Turquoise Abby Larson, editor and founder of one of the largest wedding resouce sites on the web, Style Me Pretty Heather Mann, briliant budget crafter and editor of the awesome frugally inspired blog Dollar Store Crafts Don't forget to sign up for the FaveCrafts newsletter for your regular dose of craft projects, tutorials, recipes and more.

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    BE Psych'd - A good spontaneous Briliant Essence show

    in Spirituality

    Brilliant Essence communicates; readings, messages, meditations, spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical, inspirational, all in Love and Light, channeling in many ways, shapes and forms through Astrid Stromberg. join Astrid as she mingles life stories with messages and readings from the other many manifestations of spirit and all its gifts it has, within us All. The Brilliant Essence regulars of this hour enjoy the atmosphere of a actively attuned live chatroom, each with their own mixes of spiri

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    Turn Your Child into a Young Mastermind

    in Women

    On Sister Girl News, hosts Candace Bazemore and Felicia LaVette talk about exciting and entertaining topics from a woman's perspective.
    This week's topic "Turn Your Child into a Young Mastermind." This week's guests are Shatavia and Achie with Young Masterminds of Atlanta.  They are talking with us about how their camp is changing the lives of children. Helping turn them into briliant Young Masterminds.  We will be talking to her about how they got started and how we can help your child.
    Other topics being discussed... The Sister Girls Secrets discussion and Hot Topics. Join us on Saturday at 10 am, Sister Girl News, "Where All Women Have a Voice!”

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    Judi L. Hendricks on GPS for Your LIfe Again!

    in Spirituality

    Join Deborah Frueh, Intuitive Coach and Certified Life Coach at Internal Wilderness for a discussion of life, love and everything else. Deborah has been helping others using intuitive tools for 25 years, and welcomes you to call in with your questions and comments. Join Deb in the chatroom, call in and join the discussion, or call in for a mini-reading.
    Judi is an author, a meditation teacher, an energy and crystal healer, and ordained minister who sent me a briliant comment on my blog post about the Law of Attraction. Tune in for the conversation that's gone viral!
    Watch my new INTERACTIVE, INTERNET TV SHOW: "Metaphysics, Marketing and Mini-Readings" on Saturdays on Nappn.net at: http://listen.to/deb
    You can reach Deb off-air at
    Internal Wilderness

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    News For The Heart: Laurie Huston: Jean Adrienne: Who you are & Flexibility

    in Women

    Today at noon EST, Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with Jean Adrienne Miller on Sept astrology, Wayne Dyer and a briliant Quote he made in the movie 'The Shift'. We also discussed our new support group that Let's create the Life you want to live, by receiving the authentic support you need to traverse these times of change! We offered a clearing for people to release to become more flexible. Please check out our new Heart Based Support Group @ Intuitivesoul.com/services/heart-based-support-group. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We're Getting to the Heart of what Matters!