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    MLA Radio - Broom Show #5 - I'm On Everything!

    in Video Games

    MLA Radio returns this weekend with a jam packed show for the MLA Masses! As always we will take your phone calls on the MLA Radio Hotline so be sure to tune in and dial up to get in the game! I'll be hosting an hour long show tonight covering ALL MLA LGS since Darth will be unavaliable tonight!

    Super Bowl Interviews - We'll talk with as Many SB Champs as possible! Spurs (DBC) DD (GGFL & SNB) and any other Champs that wann FLEX... (They KNOOOOOOWWWWWW better!)

    MLA Quick Hits - Recap DBC SB/Off Season, SNB SB, GGFL Playoff Race & FYC returns to MLA!

    Taking Shots - I personally have 3 more shots to take since airing my laundry out last week... We're taking your calls and listening to your shots as well! (Get your syrup ready cus we're heading to Wafflehouse!)

    NFL Playoff Predictions - Let us know what will happen in the NFL Playoffs!

    MLA Sports Book - Broom's is making it RAIN! Check the lines... pick a side... and SHOW ME THE MONEY!


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    7.12 Stuck in the Closet with Vanna White

    in Comedy

    Jim and Mike find themselves trapped in a closet with someone who may or may not be the famous letter-turner from Wheel of Fortune.

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    "Trapped In The Closet" - Free Yourself Friday

    in Motivation

    Listen to my show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mynextisnow/2015/03/27/trapped-in-the-closet--free-yourself-friday - Join Dr. "J" as she explores the subject "Trapped In The Closet". Tune in at 347-945-7725

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    MLA Radio Broom Show #2

    in Video Games

    MLA Radio returns this week with our 2nd Weekndend of our new double block hr our MLA Radio! We will have MLA Broom Show @ 10pm cst and MLA Darth Show following right after!

    MLA Broom Show @ 10 cst:

    * MLA Fantasy Football LG Update!

    * MLA Breaking News... PHMLA joins the community!

    * DBC S3 Draft Talk and Season Recap!

    * SNB S3 Draft Talk and Season Recap!


    MLA Darth Show @ 1030 cst:

    * Recap GGFL Playoffs

    * Recap GGFL S3 Rookie Draft

    * MLA's Taking Shots (Shit Talk & Shout Out Segment)

    * Anything Your Little Heart Desires!

  • "Trapped In The Closet" - Free Yourself Friday

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. "J" as she explores the subject "Trapped In The Closet".  Leadership Gone Wild....uh oh! 

    It is time for our nation to return to Prayer.  Tune in at 347-945-7725

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    MLA Radio - Broom Show #6 Darth & Broomy On Da Weekends!

    in Video Games

    Once again back is the incredible! That's right join us again this Saturday night as Darth returns to the 1's and 2's and joins forces on a 2 hr show with Broom for this weeks installment of MLA Radio! We will have plenty of topics to discuss and phones lines open so yall be sure to tune in and dial up to be heard by the masses!

    On Deck For Tonights Show:

    * Da Champions Round Table - A discussion with 3-5 MLA Champs on a variety of different subjects!

    * MLA Quick Hits - Who's Hot & Who's Not across the MLA Landscapes... DBC, GGFL, SNB & FYC!

    * MLA Sportsbook - Still waiting to take yall's money!

    * MLA Taking Shots - I have a few to take myself... how bout you? Call in and take your shots!

    * NFL Playoff Predictions - Conf Games and SB Champ who you got? Let us know!

    * #CFMMovement! - We'll discuss the new website geared towards bettering our experience! http://cfmmovement.com/

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    Closet is very deep for gay college basketball coaches

    in LGBT

    Fear. Depression. Anxiety. Thoughts of suicide. These are some of the emotions gleaned from closeted gay and lesbian coaches Outsports talked to during the men's Final Four in Indianapolis. Despite the progress society has made on gay issues, these coaches feel that their careers would be over if they ever came out publicly. So they hide or contemplate quitting the sport they love. One female coach said she knows of 50 closeted lesbian coaches. There are no openly gay male or female Division I coaches in the U.S.

    The podcast also interviews writer Erik Hall, who has profiled several openly gay athletes, his latest being a college cross country runner.

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    My Prayer Closet - Protestant Prayer Vigil

    in Christianity

    Protestant Prayer Vigil every Tuesday Evening at 6:00 PM EST here on the Holy See of Antioch Celtic Cross Radio Network. Hosted by the Most Rev. Dr. Andrew Manley of the HSACCFM.

    Send us your Special Intentions at (info@celticcrossministry.com). And we will pray for you.

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    MLA Radio Broom Show #1

    in Video Games

    MLA Radio Returns! We will have a bnew lineup of shows to make them free and will be going over all things DBC & SNB LGs during MLA Broom Show. MLA Darth Show will follow MLA Broom Show and will cover all things GGFL! Tune in and call up to GET IN THE GAME!

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    Finding Space-Organizing The Closet

    in Self Help

    Tired of wasting time looking for something to wear?  Dream of having closets that are organized and you are able to find things when you look for them?  Join me and returning guest expert Felicia Wallace Benton as she shares strategies to organize your closet.

    Felicia’s firm Designing Your Vision is a full service Interior Design Firm that provides “One of a Kind” interiors for residential and commercial spaces. Her team feels your home or business is more than just a space – it is a reflection of you.  Designing Your Vision, helps you to see the full potential and the most effective way to use your space. 

    This podcast’s sponsor is Audible.com a leading provider of audio entertainment and information.  Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30 day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/getorganized


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    Gems of Wisdom-Mary Magdalene

    in Spirituality

    The stories of Brigid’s Place, a Soul Sanctuary for Women, inspire the hearts, minds, and lives of women through art, charity and community.

    Our Guests today are Sandy Castillo and Sarah Gish, co chairs of the Many Faces of Mary Magdalene festival which kicks off July 7. They will discuss the Mary Magdalene Art Show, the art show reception, and the highly anticipated Featured Event, with Dr Kayleen Asbo.

    The event is sponsored by the Christ Church cathedral, the Jung Center and Brigids Place.

    Tickets and sponsorship information here, BrigidsPlace.org

    We feature women in the arts who nurture Creative and Abundant Living for all religions, communities and forms of spirituality.