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    bridges programming, more propaganda!

    in Energy

    Propaganda!  It never stops!  Every day we are influenced by it, good or bad.  We are constantly deciding if what we hear on radio, tv, internet or read in newspapers, books or the internet is true or false, right or wrong or something in between.  As people of our time in human history this is an activity that is always happening, from the moment we wake up and go out into the world, for what ever purpose.  We are constantly processing incoming messages from many man made sources at once.  And, it has become so much the norm that we are often unaware of this background activity of our minds as we go through our day.  We will have guests this evening to help us explore, some more, the wonderful world of propaganda.  Join in!

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    Burning Bridges (Why sometimes its REQUIRED)

    in Business

    Taurea is going to do a private exclusive call with her Visionary Circle talking about a touchy topic on "Burning Bridges" and why she believes that sometimes its a requirement in order to advance in life. Join us for this touchy topic. Taurea also encourages that you also share with us! 

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    Angela Sclafani and Andrew Bridges of THE REALITY SHOW on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Entertainment

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Angela Sclafani and Andrew Bridges of THE REALITY SHOW to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss not just the experience of the performance but what it's like to see the buzz around it and the documentary BETTER TO LIVE.

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    Bridges programming; Pope tells it like it is.

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    Finally, a Pope who is actually interested in what's going on here on Earth.  And, he is on the right track!  Economics should not control people, climate change is created by our behavior (burning of fossil fuels), people need to make choices that are life sustaining...  This kind of talk could almost make an agnostic, convert!  Almost.  Keep speaking out, Pope Francis!  Don't let the Catholic Republicans in our Congress shout you down.  They just want to hear your ideas on 'family values'.  That's not the whole 'book'.    We hope to have a couple of our regular guests join in at some point.  And will return to the 'Faustian Bargain'.  Which is appropriate, I think, when talking about politicians.

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    Bridges Programming, Bright Solar Systems!

    in Energy

    We will be talking to Alicia Valdes, the CEO of Bright Solar Systems.  brightsolarsystems.com  She is the vibrant and inspired leader of this organization.  Solar PV energy is her specialty and we will talk about how important and varied its applications.     The second half of the program we will return to the writings of Ludwig von Mises.  Taking our cue from quotes in Mark Thornton's book , 'The Quotable Mises'.   Join in anytime.  You are welcome.

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    Burning Bridges

    in Lifestyle

    Facing giants, storms, wars in your life? Need guidance? Questions about your life, relationships, purpose? Seeking revelation? Do you want to better understand what God is saying to you? Tune in to Talk The Talk Radio with your host "The Northern Belle" Playwright Andrea Carr every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Log in www.blogtalkradio.com/faithinme or call 347.857.4339. Thank you!

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    Bridges Programming; Pope Frances's encyclical, continued.

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    Still reading and commenting on Pope Frances's encyclical that calls on everyone, religious or not, to become aware of the diversity and necessity of the diversity of the natural world and the fragility of our human existence on Earth.  We need to honor and protect each other and the creatures and natural resources that share this world with us.  This Pope is down here on Earth with us and has expressed his concerns about the damage we are doing with our economics in a sensitive and informed way.  Please join us as we read and comment and go on to related topics when we feel like it.

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    *The Pageant Hour* Miss Georgia Maggie Bridges

    in Women

    The lovely Maggie Bridges won the coveted title of Miss Georgia last June and went on to compete at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, NJ in September 2014.  

    Throughout her reign as Miss Georgia, Maggie has been committed to her personal platform of “Impacting Others Through Volunteerism” statewide. Maggie has given over 800 hours of volunteer service to a wide variety of worthwhile causes. She is also a Team Developer for the Hands On Network, a national organization headquartered in Atlanta, which connects people to volunteer opportunities in their communities. Maggie uses her speaking engagements, media interviews and personal appearances as Miss Georgia encouraging others to volunteer. She is also a statewide ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the Miss America Organization’s national charitable partner. 

    A scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology, at the conclusion of her year of service as Miss Georgia, she will complete her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a minor in Information Technology. Maggie then plans to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and open her own pharmacy.

    Maggie is a popular vocalist who enjoys performing at events and in churches throughout the state. A personal highlight was singing the National Anthem at Turner Field before an Atlanta Braves game. 

    For more information about the Miss Georgia Scholarship Pageant, visit www.missga.org

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    Bridges Programming; Bonfire interviews Rosalind Peterson

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    Bonifre welcomes fellow researcher-activist Rosalind Peterson for the first hour of Landslide on Friday June 12 from 7-9pm Eastern.


    The health heist!  They'll share observations on the health "care" system where the sick are often convenient pawns in the game of accumulating wealth. Rosalind's focus: live anthrax  and pharmaceutical antidotes. Or: Let's make people sick and then make a buck off of them.  Bonfire will focus on so-called Lyme Disease, the medical/pharmaceutical industry, high-containment labs and insects for weaponized-disease distribution.

    Rosalind's research is found at www.agriculturedefensecoaltion.org. 


    In her second hour Bonfire revisits the Special Operation Forces (U.S. Occupies U.S.) and the Texas governor's request that the National Guard keep its eye on the upcoming military exercises. See The Nation Magazine January 2014.

    And then she talks with Jeff Beller and Susan Caumont about the Human Renewable Energy Measure, a humanitarian idea that could change EVERYTHING (and for the better... for a change). www.hrem.org

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    Bridges Programming, About that Sun...

    in Energy

    Yes, what abou that sun?  Well, for the first half of our program we will be talking to Alicia Valdes, President and CEO of Bright Solar Systems in Tampa, Florida,  and three of her associates about just that topic.  Alecia is young and dynamic and determined to have her company be a big part of creating an energy future fueled by solar.  

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    Bridges Programming, our Constitution, what was the original intent?

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    Leave it to the Constitutional scholars among us, is the usual reactions to a question like this.  But can't the rest of us have an opinion?  Is this more than 200 year old document still serving 'we the people'.  Or are we just used to it and used to being told it is the best constitution of all.  Has respect for this document gotten in the way of improving  it?  Is the original intent of our Constitution still valid?  And what was the original intent?  The writers and signers of the Constitution were steeped in a different social and economic context than we now live within.  There are similarilties but also significant differences.  We don't expect to do justice to this subject in one program and will revisit the topic now and then in the future.  

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