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    Emmy Nominated Producer Brett King On The Power Of Visual Aids For Manifestation

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    Brett R. King is an Emmy-nominated producer/director whose visual expertise has spanned nationwide tv series, commercial production, and brand consultation. Through writing, speaking, and international workshops, Brett is passionate about sharing the significance of visual communication and its influence on behavior. Most recently, Brett is producing top career podcast, The Art of Likability, hosted by Arel Moodie. His work, writing, and workshop information can be found at brettking.com. Brett can be found at www.brettrking.com . 

    Show Sponsor: DreamItAlive.com is a global community guiding users to create their “dream life” with scientifically proven visualization tools, dreamboards® and personal development content.

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    FREQUENCY OVERLOAD: Sound Trip w/ DJ Brett Eclectic

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    Reality Insider w/ Caleb Reynolds, Yaz Jade, Austin Everard N Brett Hammond

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    Welcome to Get Real LoL Reality Insider! This week we will look Inside the upcoming event in Florida to benefit Ashley & Samantha. We will have a true look inside Reality with Yaz Jade, Caleb Reynolds, Austin Everard & Brett Hammond as they discuss the upcoming event for local S Florida Twins Battling Leukemia! This is the Christmas season & right now is the time we should have our hearts open even more than ever & its time we give back & why not to this worthy cause?

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    Brett Watson Memorial Service by NLMC

    in Paranormal

    Brett Watson Memorial service will be conducted by many tonight. Jerry Williams, Yasmin, Belinda,Gavin and many more. Brett was a true inspiration to a lot of people in this field. He was a great loving father to Torrin and Azura. He was so Dedicated to his misson of The School CRISEDU and wanted to do more to help people even though some didn't recieve. Brett will be missed his journey has come to an end here on earth but his spirit lives again through all his passions and work. Please tune in and listen there will be no chatroom

    God Bless the family of Brett Watson....

    All CRISEDU funds will now go to his children. also Yasmin has set up at     http://www.gofundme.com/g6oqns

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    Violet ReikiRadio - Guest Brett Bevell , Energy Worker and Author

    in Spirituality

    Brett Bevell is author of several books, including Energy Healing for Everyone, New Reiki Software for Divine Living, The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement, and Reiki For Spiritual Healing. A poet and performance artist, he is also author of America Needs a Woman President and America Needs a Buddhist President, a poem that initially aired nationwide on NPR’s All Things Considered.

    Since receiving his Reiki master initiation in 1995, Bevell has dedicated himself to discovering new Reiki techniques that work collaboratively with the higher self. These simple techniques are not only highly effective, but also shift Reiki into a practice of daily living that can transform even the most mundane aspects of our lives into works of healing.

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    Live in the Cage/Butcher's Block Party: Gilbert Reyna, Brett Sbardella

    in MMA

    The Acslive.tv podcast network is back at it again tonight, inside the starsmuskegon.com virtual studios, powered by Baker College, and brought to you by Genco boots of Jackson, MI. for this Tuesday night edition of "Live in the Cage", followed by the Butcher's Block Party Live. Joining Dave "the Butcher" tonight is co-host Eric Ivey "The Jeans Behind the Scenes", and they will start off by speaking with "The Gilatene" Gilbert Reyna, who's competing this Saturday in Jackson, MI for PCFL vs. last night's guest Lamar "The Abomination" Foster. Next up, we finally catch up with Brett Sbardella of the 10th planet Jiu-Jitsu Clare Hotbox, and the matchmaker for this Saturday night's SSFL event in Midland, MI. THEN, the Butcher's Block takes over, and it's a party! James Lee will be joining us at some point, and look for anything and everything to be fair game for conversation. Produced by Jason Mugg. 


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    Monday Morning Motivations-with Brett Steinocker, Sales Manager Schuneman Equip.

    in Entrepreneur

    Bob and Casey interview Brett Steinocker, Sales Manager Schuneman Equip.

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    Energy Healing for Everyone with Brett Bevell

    in Self Help

    Coach Café is THE Self-Empowerment place to meet every Friday morning, with your hosts, certified Law of Attraction Life Coaches Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin.

    This week we are delighted to be speaking with Brett Bevell, Reiki Master and author of the book, Energy Healing for Everyone.  Brett advocates listening to the Divine presence that exists in all forms of energy healing. Through his own journey for self-healing, Brett has developed some of the most innovative Reiki techniques since Reiki's founder Mikao Usui. Brett also discovered other forms of energy healing, most notably, Light of the Eternal One, an extremely powerful energy healing practice inspired by the ancient Essenes that anyone can learn. He'll be speaking with us about his own journey into energy healing, the nature of and benefits of energy healing, and how he discovered the form of energy healing he calls "The Light of the Eternal One."

    Brett teaches at the Omega Institute in New York as both a workshop presenter and weekly facilitator. Learn more about him and his other publications at www.brettbevell.com  and  www.magicalawakening.org  You can also find Brett on Facebook .

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    Hope: The Great Gift of Christmas

    in Spirituality

    What was the great gift given at Christmas...? Hope! 

    Christmas time is a time of joy, hope, and reflection, but for many it can be a time of loneliness, regret, anxiety and even depression. 

    Join internationally-known intuitive Dr. Douglas James Cottrell and his co-host, Robert Appel as they discuss the spiritual rules for living your life at this time. Learn how to deal with unfinished business, difficulties, shortcomings,  and how to prepare for the new year. Learn how to build on your trials and your triumphs to make next year YOUR year! Let's move forward from here in a spiritually-mindful way.

    Call in with your questions 718-766-4421 or Skype in from the show page.

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    Ask the Psychic about Home Remedies

    in Spirituality

    Join internationally-known intuitive Dr. Douglas James Cottrell and his co-host, Robert Appel as they discuss topical spiritual issues, world events, and future predictions. Tonight's topic is home remedies. Do you have a home remedy for stress, anxiety, or losing weight? Listen to Rebecca's secret remedy for getting rid of leg cramps at night. It really works!

    As always, Dr. Douglas will also take your questions about health, relationships, reincarnation, and more. Call in with your questions 718-766-4421 or Skype in from the show page.

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