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    Ben Coes Interview: First Strike and the Dewey Option

    in Books

    Ben Coes is the New York Times best-selling author of international political and espionage thrillers that include POWER DOWN, COUP D'ETAT, THE LAST REFUGE, EYE FOR AN EYE, and INDEPENDENCE DAY.

    His next book, which comes out in June 2016, is FIRST STRIKE. http://amzn.com/B017RBWIEK 

    Ben worked at the White House under President Ronald Reagan and was a White House appointed speechwriter to the U.S. Secretary of Energy during the Gulf War. 

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    NC passes discriminatory law and the Clergy Strike Back

    in LGBT

    Earlier this month the North Carolina Legislature passed HB2 a discriminatory law taking aim at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and especially the Transgender communities. There are several things involved in HB2 but the one that has gotten the most attention is the requirement that anyone using a public or school multiuser bathroom must use the bathroom assigned to the gender on that person’s birth certificate.This sweeping law reverses ordinance that Charlotte, NC that extended some rights to people who are gay or transgender and nullified local ordinances around the state that would have expanded protections for the LGBT community.In the wake of the passage of North Carolina’s HB2, nearly 70 clergy from several faith traditions pledged to do whatever they can to overturn North Carolina’s controversial new law. The Rev. Robin Tanner, lead minister at the Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church chairs the interfaith Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice.Joining CAN WE TALK FOR REAL cohosts Teresa (Terry Boi) Jackson and Michelle E. Brown will be representatives from the Coalition to talk about HB2 and their commitment to fight this discriminatory law including Rev. Robin Tanner, Rev. Dawn Flynn and Bishop Tonyia Rawls.The clergy group, which includes two transgender ministers, will organize an anti-HB2 rally on April 24 and have pledged to financially support the lawsuit recently filed by the ACLU to challenge HB2.The Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice, called out to North Carolinians from the shared moral grounding of love for neighbor. The Coalition employs the methods of nonviolence and the practices of peace in the pursuit of justice and equity in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. 

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    Unplugged Live With Claire Kennedy

    in News

    Excited to be back to spill the Tea and round up the beautiful souls for some mass action against the things we hate to see in our news feed continually.SO WE HAVE A PLAN.





    ca't wait to speak with you all, LET'S DO THIS TRUTHERS







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    Beyond The Cover with special guest Allison Brennan

    in Books

    Join Jeff Ayers and John Raab for 60 minutes of great book radio. Today's special guest is NYT Bestselling author Allison Brennan.

    Jeff and John will also talk more books, reviews and other news.

    Allison Brennan: Allison Brennan believes life is too short to be bored, so she had five children and writes three books a year. A former consultant in the California State Legislature, Allison is now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen thrillers and numerous short stories. Reviewers have called her “a master of suspense” and RT Book Reviews said her books are “mesmerizing” and “complex.” She’s been nominated for multiple awards, including the Thriller, RWA’s Best Romantic Suspense, and Fear No Evil won the Daphne du Maurier award. She currently writes two series—the Lucy Kincaid/Sean Rogan thrillers and the Maxine Revere cold case mysteries.

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    Morning Moments With Maia; Dr. Laura Sunn on Integrative Psychiatry

    in Lifestyle

    Maia Aziz P.S.W., C.L.Y.L., C.H.P., writes and speaks on living a life of love and laughter. President-Elect of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Maia is joined each week on Morning Moments With Maia...Conversations of Love and Laughter by an eclectic lineup of guests who live their lives with love and laughter and work to help others do the same.


    Dr. Laura Sunn is a board certified psychiatrist, who is also board certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. She acts as a consulting psychiatrist for Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Zion, consultant for Kenosha Human Development Services and continues to maintain a private practice she founded in 1990.

    Dr. Sunn is a member of numerous organizations, including the American Academy of Child Psychiatry, the American Psychiatric Association, the Wisconsin State Medical Society, the National Association for the Dually Diagnosed and the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, through which she recently received the designation of Certified Humor Professional.

    An impassioned HeartMath provider and Brennan School of Healing certified practitioner, Dr. Sunn is committed to integrating and expanding psychodynamic psychotherapy with solid science and energy healing for patients and caregivers whom she recognizes as the most important part of the healthcare team.

    For Dr. Sunn, the doctor-patient relationship is a privilege that plays a central role in the process of healing mind, body and spirit and one that has led her to honor that her job is not simply to treat a condition, but as with her preferred pastime of gardening, to plant and nurture the seeds of hope.


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    Trump Or Hillary? Does It Really Matter For Us? Legacy of a Nation

    in Lifestyle

    There is a lot of fear about what the next president will bring to the table when they are elected. many believe that Donald Trump will be terrible for race relations if elected. Hillary Clinton has a long storied history of pandering to the Black community during campaigns. Can she be trusted by us?

    Bearing in mind thatno president has ever directly developed policies that have directly benefitted us, what should we expect from either of these candidates?

    Will we finally be forced to fend for ourselves?

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    Trump vs Cruz: A look at the Indiana primary with Chris Corbett

    in Politics

    Guest:  Chris Corbett, VP of Communications of First Liberty, an organization that defends religious rights....we will at polls about the Cruz-Trump race in the Indiana primary........how close is Mr Trump to the nomination?   will Mrs Fiorina bring any electoral value to Senator Cruz' campaign?    how will the endorsements play out?   the boycott of Target over bathrooms has thousands of followers......and more stories of the week............

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    Shattered Lives: Will Marling Raising the Bar in Campus Safety

    in Current Events

    Will Marling, D.Min. is the Interim Senior Director for Operations and Programs atVTV Family Outreach Foundation explains the 32 National Campus Safety Initiative™ (32 NCSI™). It is a landmark program of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation that empowers college and university campus communities to make more informed decisions about campus safety.


    Developed by a team of leading experts, this free self-assessment survey tool is presently available to institutions of higher education. Colleges and universities can use the survey to conduct an objective analysis of a full range of institutional safety and security facilities, policies and procedures.

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    Chicago Teachers Strike- Reinvention Of Education (619-768-2945)

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss the Chicago Teachers Strike. Some of the questions that we shall ask are:

    Is there a need for a Chicago Teachers Union ?
    Is the Public School system in Chicago educating or miseducating the students ?
    Is the current "Educational Learning Model" the Appropiate Learning Technology for today ?

    Visit our website at itsmyhouseradio.wordpress.com

    Call to listen to It's My House Radio @ 619-768-2945

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in Politics

    Happy Friday!

    On April 19, 2016 the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security conducted a hearing on the topic, “The Real Victims of a Reckless and Lawless Immigration Policy: Families and Survivors Speak Out on the Real Cost of This Administration’s Policies.” That hearing served as the predication for two of my most recent articles.

    On April 25th FrontPage Magazine published my article, “President Obama: Accessory to the Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens?- The grim findings unveiled by a House congressional hearing.”

    Today, April 29 Californians for Population (CAPS) posted my article, “The Real Cost of the Administration’s Reckless, Lawless Immigration Policies.”

    There is nothing “compassionate” about not securing our borders and not enforcing our immigration laws from within the interior of the United States. Our borders and immigration laws are our first and last defense against our adversaries including transnational criminals and international terrorists.

    Be a part of my “Bucket Brigade of Truth” and tell your friends and neighbors about my program- and my website- remember Democracy is not a “Spectator Sport!”

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    Wrestling 2 the MAX # 192 Pt 2: WWE Payback 2016 & NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2016

    in Wrestling

    Sorry we are a day late, but this is one of those rare times that our schedules didn’t work out on the normal day.

    Either way, we are here to deliver a WWE Payback 2016 Preview and a Wrestling Dontaku 2016 Preview as well.

    We start with the Wrestling News in “Quick Hits” discussing a big potential change to the WWE Network and how we feel about WWE cracking down on multiple device logins. We also talk about a potential ROH and WWE relationship, Eric Young’s debut on NXT, Sinclair interested in buying TNA, WWE releasing Kyle Edwards and Rich Brennan in the matter of days, Kamaitachi done with CMLL and more.

    We then get into our WWE Payback 2016 Preview here.

    After that we move onto discussing NXT and Lucha Underground

    Next is our Wrestling Dontaku 2016 Preview

    Finally, we end things on TNA Impact Wrestling and of course our W2M Power Rankings.

    ------------- Time Stamps ------------

    (8:30-42:35) Wrestling News: WWE Network possibly adding a Premium Tier and doing away with multiple logins, Sinclair possibly buying TNA, Kamaitachi done with CMLL and headed stateside and more.

    (42:35-1:14:30) WWE Payback 2016 Preview & Predictions
    (1:14:30-1:27:15) WWE NXT
    (1:27:15-1:34:00) Lucha Underground
    (1:34:00-1:52:18) NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2016 Preview
    (1:52:18-2:05:57) TNA Impact Wrestling
    (2:05:57-End) Superstar of the Week & Plugs