• BeSimply...Sound&Silence {Breath)

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    Join 'She' for a 15 minute Guided Meditation. Sound and Silence Meditation...Open the heart! Explore finding your inner retreat!

    During this segment: Guided meditation to connect you to the your 'Breath, your CENTER' ...with Water!

    Sound, Breath Practice and Silence! Re-Connecting to your Peace, Voice and Heart!

    Music By SHE...

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    Suzanne Toro

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    Talking about A Breath of Freedom

    in Lifestyle

    This morning we are speaking with Raymond Miller, Director of Vets Place Northwest, who is hosting a movie debut in Seattle called A BREATH OF FREEDOM. 

    A two-hour Smithsonian film narrated by thespian Cuba Gooding, Jr., starring
    Seattle Judge Charles Johnson, General Colin Powell and Congressman John Lewis.
    These G.I.’s are among the many black combat veterans interviewed about how,
    when implanting equality, democracy and freedom in Germany; these true-truths
    came home to free African- Americans.

    A documentary film about African-American soldiers in Germany explains how in translating freedom and democracy to Europeans: black vets learned the power of liberating human suffering lifestyle experiences in apartheid America.

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    Your Path to Fresh Breath & a Healthy, Sexy Smile

    in Health

    Who do you know with dry mouth, bleeding gums or persistent bad breath? Are you ready to have your pearly whites be pearly white without the side effects of commercial products? Dial 347-850-8486 at 8p ET/7p CT on Wednesday December 3, 2014 to learn which teeth & gums problems are red flags about the bigger health challenges down the road and take even better care of your gorgeous mouth.   

    Root Cause Radio gladly welcomes back therapeutic scientist, professor, author, and the founder of Symptometry - Dr. Maxwell Nartey. 

    Tonight's expert health panel will also feature Elizabeth Wanek, MD, LSym and Dr. Charlie Abbott, OMD, LAc, LSym & Director of Administration at the AMERICAN SCHOOL OF SYMPTOMETRY - first training institution producing therapeutic scientists in root cause therapeuticsTM.

    Root Cause Radio  -  Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health - www.RootCauseRadio.com

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    Straight Talkin Ep 7: Counting Your Blessings

    in Christianity

    Straight Talkin with Vincent Crow is a hard hitting podcast where we talk about God, politics, important news of the week, and whatever I want. On the show we will talk about how important it is to count your blessings from God. 

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 137: Counting Down with Jon Erkkila

    in Sports

    In this episode of the Bless You Boys podcast, HookSlide catches up with BYB staff writer Jon Erkkila to talk about Brad Ausmus, Max Scherzer, James Shields, the new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, and more!


    in Culture


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    CB: In Need of a Breath

    in Spirituality

    Our topic today: Against the Wall & in Need of a Breath - with Special Guest Darryl Aiken-Afam.   How do we make sense of the Eric Garner Case? So the officer who performed an illegal chokehold was not prosecuted, but the man who shot the video was? 

    How do we talk to our family and the kids who struggle make sense of the daily injustices we face?  Eric Garners last words, "I can't breathe", are words many of us resonate with.  Let's talk more... join for a Cafecito Chat

    About Darryl:  Founder of Meridian Touch, "The Art of Letting Go" 

    Born in Chicago and refined in Brooklyn, Darryl Aiken-Afam has over 25 years experience in the fitness, movement, healing and martial arts worlds. He is an active lecturer on Oriental Medicine & Movement and Meridian Exercise theory, and has spoken at Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Kinesiology Department, and also at various training, fitness and dance centers in the US and abroad.

    Join Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten every Monday at 11am for a Live Cafecito Break Chat. 

    Learn more: Rosangel's blog: http://lashamanessa.com/ Ruthie Guten: http://www.ruthieguten.com/


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    Losing Fat 4 Life No dieting or calorie counting allowed

    in Health


    SHOW DESCRIPTION: Have you been bamboozled by the billion dollar weight loss industry? If so, you are far from alone! What if everything you have ever heard or read about losing weight was wrong? What if dieting is actually making you gain even more fat? You should not even think about starting yet another diet before hearing what Brad King has to say about why diets don’t work long term. Diets cause destruction to your fat burning engine—your metabolism—making it harder and harder to lose weight with each passing year. You will never need to go on yet another diet ever again and will be given the tools to retrain your metabolism to burn fat effortlessly 24 hours a day for life. Brad will share proven strategies with you that will need to live a lean life with the abundant energy that you so richly deserve.


    Your host of Transforming Health with Brad King is a highly sought after authority on nutrition, obesity, longevity and one’s health and he has been touted as one of the most influential health mentors of our time. He is the creator of the life-changing Abundant Health System and the Losing fat 4 Life System. He is an Award Winning Nutritional Formulator who was honored with the Best in Canada Award for Health Motivator/Educator and Public Speaker in 2010. Brad was inducted into the Canadian Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame in 2003 and sits on the board of Directors for CHI the premiere sports nutrition education center. He is the author of 10 books including the international bestseller Fat Wars, the award winning Beer Belly Blues and the newly released 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before... Losing Fat 4 Life!


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    A New Breath of Life Prayer Line

    in Spirituality

    A New Breath of Life Prayer Line was established in September 2012. A New Breath of Life was named by Prophetess Ellen Bynum when God had given me a second chance to a new breath of life. I became hospitalized  with lungs after moving to Raleigh, North Carolina. Being attach to a oxygen tube in my nose daily and still to this present day, I was graceful to God that he gave me a new breath of life. In a dream the Spirit of the Lord showed me these words written: "A New Breath of Life Prayer Line." Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. (Genesis 2:7)

    A New Breath of Life Prayer Line has an anointing of healing and deliverance through the Holy Spirit. The prayer line first thirty minutes will be the prophetic release of the Word of God by a scripture reading, open testiomony, and open telephone line and chat room prayer. Then follow by a prophetic semon of the Word of God. Come join your Host: Prophetess Ellen Bynum on Blog Talk Radio live with A New Breath of Life Prayer Line every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. 

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    Gluten and GMO: The Toxic Reality for 18 Million and Counting

    in News

    It is still a fairly new-recognized and rapidly increasing reality. Gluten intolerance has become a primary health concern for millions of consumers around the world. However, in the face of such an epidemic, the biotech industry is in aggressive pursuit of genetically manipulating a relief for this affliction, one they seek undoubtedly to capitalize on. If brought to fruition, the result of such a genetically engineered response may in actuality cause more grave consequences to consumers than it will provide them help. Revealing the latest research and what it says about gluten intolerance and the dangers involved with GM alternatives currently under development. If you are one of the millions suffering from this affliction, please don't miss out on hearing the important information brought to you in this broadcast.

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    Counting down.....The Power Circle unites!

    in Comedy

    As we come to the close of yet another year, Fomerlot Entertainment, Dcity Radio, and Fluent Motion come together as the Power Circle and discuss this years major events and milestones. Join us for some laughs and entertainment as we reminisce!


    In conclusion, we ALL want to thank each and every listener for tuning in every week and supporting us! We love you and look forward to a new year full of new experiences!





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