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    the ups and the downs of breakups and how to deal to deal with it

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    Breakups and Gelato

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    Breakups suck and gelato a great way to kill the pain.

    Tell me you're problem's I'll either tell you mine,  help you or do both. Honestly I'm here because someone need to talk about all the things people are afarid to say.  Why not let me do it!

    Most of you are likely wondering why should I listen to some rando about love well first off I'v been through hell back with the whole love thing and I just want to make sure that I'm not the only perosn who eats ice cream and watches all the Meg Ryan movies while crying and screamig FINALLY HARRY LOVES SALLY.  Anyway I'm here let's talk 

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    Birthdays, Breakups, Country Music Award Recaps

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    I am back after a two week abscense.  I hope that your week was great, and that you missed me.  Tonight I want to talk about Birthdays, Breakups, Country Music Awards, and if we have time to play my favorite segment of would you rather. The show goes live every tuesday night, from 9pm-10pm so feel free to call into the show, and who knows, you may just learn something. Feel free to call in, to vent, bitch, gripe, or what ever you want to talk about, this show is about you.  

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    Breakups to Makeups

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    Springtime!  The season of flowers, sunshine and.....breakups!  Tune in as Kay and Chrissy talk abt horror breakups and more.
    Call -in: 714-88-7410
    Twitter: #ladiesunscripted

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    Cheating & Trusting Your Instincts

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    Every time I ask a client who’s been cheated on if they knew, no one has ever told me, “No, I had no idea.”

    We always know.

    We don’t like the answer so we turn our eyes away from it.

    We don’t want to turn our lives upside down, so we suppress that inner knowing.

    We want to trust our partner, so we believe their stories.

    We don’t want to feel that pain and that betrayal and of course, we never want to impact our children.

    But deep down, somewhere in our souls, we know when something isn’t right.

    Let's talk about that knowing and how to trust it.

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    How One Woman's Breakup Became a Breakthrough

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    Pamela Elaine Nichols, the mother of four children, like many mothers put the wants and needs of others first and ignored her own. When her marriage ended, she set out to heal herself and on the way discovered a 4-part “Resilient Beauty” practice for health and happiness, and now shows other mothers how to bounce back after a breakup. Through her business, Destined for Greatness Enterprises, Inc., Pamela Elaine inspires mothers with motivational music, lessons and videos as a singer, author and producer. 

    Pamela, who has appeared on Dr. Oz, is the author of Muddy High Heels: 14 Lessons Learned From My Breakdown, Breakup & Breakthrough. She'll be on She Struts Radio Thursday, April16, 6:30pm ET. Don't miss it. It'll be informative, dynamic and fun. 


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    themanmindset.com friendszone show

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    its been a while lets do a friends zone show

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    Single Doesn't Have To Equal Lonely Pt.3

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    WELCOME, welcome, everyone! The Divas are BACK with Season Two of The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show!

    Tonight, we'll be talking about Phase 3 of the "Single Doesn't Have To Equal Lonely" series: Searching for Answers

    If you've been tuning in, then you already know what we're talkin about...but, for those that need a bit of reminder, the Divas have decided to dive in, head first, to discussing the journey of enlightenment for the newly single.

    We've gotten through Phase One: Depression By Way of Self Doubt

    We've run through Phase Two: Bitterness Towards the Opposite Sex

    ...and now, it's time to disect Phase 3: Searching for Answers

    The Divas'll be sharing our own experiences with this phase and we'd LOVE to hear from you. Join us...it's another note taker.

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    The Puzzling Maze of Breakups

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    The church does not talk much about breakups which is interesting because so many of us have gone through some type of breakup. Some of us have gone through a situation from a breakup with a person we were getting to know to the pain of a divorce. It isn't a competition about which hurts more, but about the peace that one needs and the understanding of where one goes from there. One might wonder if this is the end or just space that is needed to grow together. Also, it is important to see signs of when to breakup and gaining the strength to do so or to accept someone else breaking up with us. Through experience and the Word of God I will share what I can because there might be someone trying to get over a breakup now and/or need tools to have preparation for the future.


    I will have Joshua joining me from Twitter (@king__Joshua) and I am excited to hear what he has to say on the topic. He is around the same age as me so getting a young man's point of view is helpful and will bring insight.


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    Delete Overwhelming Stress & Anxiety On the Spot!

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    Based on the BOOK: Delete Stress and Pain On the Spot

    Ranked #1 International Amazon Best Selling book
    in “Psychology and Medicine”


    Specific Overwhelming Negative Experiences That Are Addressed:

    Delete everything that stands in the way of resolving stress and anxiety
    Delete Financial Stress (Taxes)
    Stop all the negative chatter about MONEY constantly going on in your mind 
    Delete Relationship Stress (Divorce) delete toxic relationships that cause you mental anxiety or stress!
    Delete feelings of hopelessness, ineptitude, instability, and lack of certainty, decisiveness, confidence, motivation, fulfillment, and direction.

    Delete Negative Mental Pain and Stress:

    Everything that stands in the way of resolving stress and mental illness will be deleted completely to give everyone a new, fresh start with a genuinely clean slate, without resorting to suppression, denial, numbing, or shutting down mentally and physically.
    Serious and non-serious mental illnesses
    Psychopathic, sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorders
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Fears and phobias, on the spot
    Grief, sadness and sorrow, on the spot
    Negative emotions, reactions and sensations attached to your past, current and future problems will be totally deleted from you, ensuring they no longer impact your daily life.
    All life pains from traumas and abuses

    No Problem Is Too Large or Too Small:

    Change all violent behaviors
    Delete suicidal tendencies and urges

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    Just Be A Man/Woman About It, Discussion w/Dr. Kenneth Patterson,author

    in Entertainment

    Where is the social disconnection? Why do we not believe in face time anymore and everything is a text? You texted me to say THIS?!!! Just Be a Man/Woman About It. Join in on the conversation with my Special 'Guest' Dr. Kenneth Patterson, author of 'I Am Too', which can be bought on Amazon.com. Also, please join in as we send an Angel back to be with the Lord, Esperanza Hope Jackson, 8yrs young. Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/eftradio2 or call in to listen/take part in on the conversation at 713-955-0783. This all goes down April 9th @7pm EST.

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